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Researchers in alphabetical order

List of researchers and their research interests.



Adelmann, Kent
Adelmann, Kent

Listening, listening reception, talk in interaction, dialogue; The theory and practice of teaching and learning swedish; Interdisciplinary research; Science and education

Afzelius, Maria
Ahlgren, Camilla
Ahlgren, Camilla, universitetslektor/övertandläkare


Ahlstrand, Roland
Ahlstrand, Roland, senior lecturer

Sociology; Work sciences

Albér, Cathrine
Albér, Cathrine, researcher

Natural sciences; Chemistry; Physical chemistry; Surface and colloid chemistry; Biophysical chemistry; Biochemistry; Medicine; Chemistry; Biochemistry

Aleksejeva, Olga
Aleksejeva, Olga, doctoral student

Alenezi, Ali Ayed Fahed
Alenezi, Ali Ayed Fahed, postdoktor

Odontology; Implants, drug release, local drug delivery, bone

Alftberg, Åsa
Alftberg, Åsa, lecturer

Disability studies, ageing, ethnography, cultural analysis

Alkhabbas, Fahed
Alkhabbas, Fahed, doctoral student

Alm, Jens
Alm-Roijer, Carin
Alm-Roijer, Carin, prefekt/universitetslektor

Medicine; Caring sciences

Alstergren, Per
Alstergren, Per, klinikchef/prodekan/professor/övertandläkare

Alvén, Fredrik
Alvén, Fredrik, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Humanities and religion

Alvstad, Erik
Alvstad, Erik, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion

Alwall, Jonas
Alwall, Jonas, enhetschef/universitetslektor

Sociology of religion; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Humanities and religion; Sociology

Ameri, Arman
Ameri, Arman, universitetsadjunkt/övertandläkare

Odontology; Oral prosthetics

Amhag, Lisbeth
Amhag, Lisbeth, senior lecturer

Social sciences

Anderson, Lotta
Anderson, Lotta, senior lecturer

Special education, inclusive education; Special school; Alternative and augmentative communication (aac); Interactional ethnography, videoanalyses; Assessment for learning; Students with disbility in higer education

Andersson, Annica
Andersson, Annica, professor, biträdande


Andersson, Catrine
Andersson, Catrine, studierektor/universitetsadjunkt

Social sciences; Social policy; Sociology; Gender studies; Marriage; Sexuality; Queer

Andersson, Claes
Andersson, Claes, senior lecturer

Andersson, Gabriela
Andersson, Gabriela

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Integration, migration, human

Andersson, Irene
Andersson, Irene, senior lecturer

History and philosophy subjects

Andersson, Jan Anders
Andersson, Jan Anders, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Subject representative for social sciences

Andersson, Lena
Andersson, Lena, lecturer

Andersson, Lisa
Andersson, Magnus
Andersson, Magnus, senior lecturer

Economic geography; Spatial analysis; Internationalisation, emerging markets, sustainable development, gis; Real estate studies

Andersson, Mika
Andersson, Mika, doctoral student

Social sciences; Criminology; Victimology; Hate crime; Interdisciplinary research areas; Theory of science

Andersson, Niclas
Andersson, Niclas, senior lecturer

Andersson, Nils
Andersson, Nils, senior lecturer

Andersson, Tommy
Andersson, Tommy

Technology; Emc, rfid

Andersson, Torbjörn
Andersson, Torbjörn, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Sports

Ankarloo, Daniel
Ankarloo, Daniel, senior lecturer

Social sciences

Annersten Gershater, Magdalena
Annersten Gershater, Magdalena, senior lecturer

Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas; Internal medicine; Nursing; Health and medical services in society; Orthopaedic surgery; Patient education; Diabetes nursing; Vascular surgery; Wound care

Apelmo, Elisabet
Apelmo, Elisabet, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Sociology of the body, sociology of sports, phenomenology, feminist theory, gender, intersectionality, critical disability studies/queer theory, visual methodology and analysis; Gender studies

Appelqvist, Maria
Appelqvist, Maria, senior lecturer

Sociology; Asylum policy; Models of refugee reception

Arnebrant, Thomas
Arnebrant, Thomas, prodekan/professor

Surface and colloid chemistry; Biophysical chemistry; Chemistry; Natural sciences; Medicine; Chemistry; Physical chemistry

Arvidsson, Per
Arvidsson, Per

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social policy; Social anthropology/ethnography; Social work; Disability research; Interdisciplinary research areas

Askanius, Tina
Askanius, Tina, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Humanities and religion; Media and communication studies; Social movement media practices, media and collective action/ activism

Axelsson, Malin
Axelsson, Malin, senior lecturer

Caring sciences; Nursing; Personality; Adherence to medication treatment; Health-related quality of life; Obstructive lung disease; Recovery after colorectal cancer

Axelsson, Thom
Axelsson, Thom, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Axelsson Yngvéus, Cecilia
Axelsson Yngvéus, Cecilia, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion

Axtelius, Björn
Axtelius, Björn, researcher

Odontology; Social sciences; Motivational interviewing


Backman, Jyri
Backman, Jyri, lecturer

Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence; Sports

Baeten, Guy
Baeten, Guy, professor

Bahtsevani, Christel
Bahtsevani, Christel, vicedekan/universitetslektor

Caring sciences; Evidence based practice; Medicine

Balldin, Jutta
Balldin, Jutta, senior lecturer

Education; Children\'s geographies; Children's rights

Becktor, Jonas
Becktor, Jonas, universitetslektor/övertandläkare

Odontology; Surgical research; Physiology; Stomatognathic physiology; Dental implants

Bengtsson, Mariette
Bengtsson, Mariette, studierektor/universitetslektor

Medicine; Caring sciences

Bengtsson, Peter
Bengtsson, Peter, senior lecturer

Physics; Natural sciences

Bengtsson, Sverker
Bengtsson, Sverker, lecturer

Sports; Other social sciences

Bentsen, Beint Magnus Aamodt
Bentsen, Beint Magnus Aamodt, doctoral student

Migration; Ethnicity

Berander, Patrik
Berander, Patrik, senior lecturer

Computer science; Software engineering

Berg, Martin
Berg, Martin, professor, biträdande

Sociology; Human communication; Technology and social change; Information technology; Design theory; Social anthropology/ethnography; Media and communication studies; Informatics, computer and systems science

Berglund, Sara
Berglund, Sara, senior lecturer

Bergman, Lotta
Bergman, Lotta, senior lecturer

Bergman, Magnus
Bergman, Magnus, doctoral student

Humanities and religion; History subjects; Modern history; History and philosophy subjects; Memory, temporality, heritage,

Berlin, Henrik
Berlin, Henrik, universitetsadjunkt/övertandläkare

Odontology; Paedodontics

Berndtsen Gotfredsen, Katrine
Berndtsen Gotfredsen, Katrine, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion

Berthelsen, Hanne
Berthelsen, Hanne, researcher

Public health science; Work sciences; Health and medical services in society; Community dentistry; Management and organisation; Interdisciplinary research areas

Bevelander, Pieter
Bevelander, Pieter, professor

; Business and economics; Interdisciplinary research areas; Work sciences; Social sciences; Migration

Bissmont, Mimmi
Bissmont, Mimmi

Interdisciplinary research areas; Waste

Bjerkén, Christina
Bjerkén, Christina, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Technology; Engineering physics; Engineering mechanics; Solid mechanics; Materials science; Construction materials

Bjärsholm, Daniel
Bjärsholm, Daniel, doctoral student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sports research; Sports

Bjärstorp, Sara
Bjärstorp, Sara, prefekt/universitetslektor

English language; Literature; Humanities and religion

Björk, Fredrik
Björk, Fredrik, lecturer

Björkhagen Turesson, Annelie
Björkhagen Turesson, Annelie, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Social work; Family research; Infant; Attachment; Resilience; Systemic perspective; Youth; Prison; Home based intervention

Björklund, Sebastian
Björklund, Sebastian, lecturer

Chemistry; Physical chemistry; Biophysical chemistry; Surface and colloid chemistry; Analytical chemistry; Functional materials; Biochemistry; Natural sciences; Electrochemistry; Biomaterials

Björkner, Annika
Björkner, Annika, docent, avdelningsföreståndare, universitetslektor

Odontology; Endodontology

Blomqvist, Jakob
Blomqvist, Jakob, senior lecturer

Mathematics; Technology; Natural sciences

Bohman, Helena
Bohman, Helena, senior lecturer

Business and economics; Economics; Human geography, economic geography; Statistics

Bolmsjö, Ingrid
Bolmsjö, Ingrid, professor

Medicine; Older people and ageing; Caring sciences; Nursing; Ethics, palliative care; Palliative care

Bolter, Jay David
Bolter, Jay David, visiting professor

Bondemark, Lars
Bondemark, Lars, professor/övertandläkare


Book, Karin
Book, Karin, senior lecturer

Sports; Cultural heritage and cultural production

Borglin, Gunilla
Borglin, Gunilla, studierektor/universitetslektor

Caring sciences; Older people and ageing

Borgström, Benedikte
Borgström, Benedikte, senior lecturer

Business studies; Transport management

Bouakaz, Laid
Bouakaz, Laid, senior lecturer

Migration; Education; Bilingualism

Braian, Michael
Braian, Michael, lecturer


Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine
Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Children; Health and medical services in society; Caring sciences; Postoperative recovery; Pediatric pain; Medicine

Brogårdh-Roth, Susanne
Brogårdh-Roth, Susanne, universitetslektor/övertandläkare

Odontology; Oral hälsa

Brunnström, Pål
Brunnström, Pål, postdoctoral research fellow

Brännmark, Johan
Brännmark, Johan, senior lecturer

Bugeja, Joseph
Bugeja, Joseph, doctoral student

Buhre, Torsten
Buhre, Torsten, senior lecturer

Occupational physiology; Natural sciences; Biology; Medicine; Sports

Bunescu, Ioana
Bunescu, Ioana, postdoctoral research fellow

Migration; Ethnicity; Asylum, return, inter-ethnic relations, identity politics, the roma people in europe

Burheim, Madeleine
Burheim, Madeleine, doctoral student

Natural sciences; Physics; Atomic physics

Buza-Vidas, Natalija
Buza-Vidas, Natalija, forskningshandläggare


Cardenas, Marité
Cardenas, Marité, researcher

Natural sciences; Chemistry; Physical chemistry; Biophysical chemistry; Surface and colloid chemistry; Neutron reflectometry; Small angle neutron scattering; Biology; Soft condensed matter; Life sciences

Carlbom, Aje
Carlbom, Aje, programledare/universitetslektor

Social sciences; Multiculturalism, ethnic and religious segregation, gender and sexuality, islamism, integration

Carlson, Elisabeth
Carlson, Elisabeth, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Caring sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Nursing; Kliniska lärandemiljöer, professionsforskning, pedagogiska modeller.

Carlsson, Anna
Carlsson, Anna, senior lecturer

Medicine; Child accident, prevention, internationalization in higher education

Carlsson, Bo
Carlsson, Bo, lecturer

Law/jurisprudence; Other law; Social sciences; Sports

Carlsson, Carl-Magnus
Carlsson, Peter
Carlsson, Peter, universitetslektor/övertandläkare


Carlström, Charlotta
Carlström, Charlotta, lecturer

Sexology; Gender studies; Social work; Social anthropology/ethnography; Sociology

Cederberg, Margareta
Cederberg, Margareta, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Education; Social work; Youth research; Sociology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Children; Social innovations; Human-animal-interaction; Social sciences

Cervin, Cecilia
Cervin, Cecilia, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas

Chaib, Josef
Chaib, Josef, doctoral student

Political science; Public sector research; Government; Local politics

Cheng, Yuanji
Cheng, Yuanji, senior lecturer

Applied mathematics; Mathematical modeling; Mathematical biology; Dynamical system

Chrcanovic, Bruno
Chrcanovic, Bruno, postdoctoral research fellow

Odontology; Oral implants; Oral prosthetics; Biomaterials

Christell, Helena
Christell, Helena, st-tandläkare

Christensen, Jonas
Christensen, Jonas, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Social research, educational science; profession, organizational learning, social welfare and aging, participatory research, resilience, international social work, teaching languages: english, german,swedish

Christersson, Cecilia
Christersson, Cecilia, vicerektor/universitetslektor/övertandläkare


Chrysoulakis, Alberto
Chrysoulakis, Alberto, lecturer


Claesson, Ragnhild
Claesson, Ragnhild, forskningsassistent


Clavier, Berndt
Clavier, Berndt, senior lecturer

Modernity; Postmodernity; The subject-object distinctioin; Race; Citizenship; Cosmopolitanism; Social cohesion; The politics of truth; Heidegger; Foucualt; Historical a priori; Literature; History and philosophy subjects; Humanities and religion; English language; Philosophy subjects; Social sciences; Ethnicity

Cory, Erin
Cory, Erin, postdoktor

Cuadra, Carin
Cuadra, Carin, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Security, risk, vulnerability, crisis management, policy, accessibility, trust

Cuartielles, David
Cuartielles, David, lecturer


Dabaieh, Marwa
Dabaieh, Marwa, senior lecturer

Vernacular architecture, passive design, earth buildings, sustainable building conservation, zero emission buildings, participatory design, transdisciplinary action research

Dackert, Ingrid
Dackert, Ingrid, senior lecturer

Dahlbeck, Johan
Dahlbeck, Johan, senior lecturer

Philosophy of education; Ethics; Humanities and religion; Spinoza

Dahlskog, Steve
Dahlskog, Steve, programledare/universitetsadjunkt

Computer science; Game development; Technology; Artificial intelligence

Dahlstedt, Inge
Dahlstedt, Inge, lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Danielsson, Ravi
Danielsson, Ravi, senior lecturer

Danielsson Malmros, Ingmarie
Danielsson Malmros, Ingmarie, senior lecturer

History and philosophy subjects

Davidsson, Paul
Davidsson, Paul, professor

Computer science; Artificial intelligence, simulation, data mining, information systems; Technology

Davies, Julia
Davies, Julia, professor

Odontology; Medicine; Oral microbiology; Cell and molecular biology; Biochemistry

DeBono, Daniela
DeBono, Daniela, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence; Migration

Delacour, Laurence
Delacour, Laurence, lecturer

Mathematics; Matematik; Mathematics, curriculum, discourses

Denskus, Tobias
Denskus, Tobias, senior lecturer

Dikec, Mustafa
Dikec, Mustafa, visiting professor

Diogo Löfgren, Christina
Diogo Löfgren, Christina, universitetslektor/övertandläkare


Dittmar, Jakob
Dittmar, Jakob, senior lecturer

Djampour, Pouran
Djampour, Pouran, doctoral student

Social sciences; Social work; Migration; Gender studies; Ethnography; Youth research; Feminism; Postcolonialism; Critical border studies; Odontology

Du Rietz, Rickard
Du Rietz, Rickard, senior lecturer

Nuclear physics

Dychawy-Rosner, Irena
Dychawy-Rosner, Irena, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Participatory action research; Internationalisation of higher education; Older people and ageing; Social welfare/social pedagogics


Economou, Catarina
Economou, Catarina, senior lecturer

Edgren, Monika
Edgren, Monika, professor

Gender studies; Narratives of sexual violence; Postcolonial perspectives; Gender studies

Edström, Ann-Mari
Edström, Ann-Mari, senior lecturer

Aesthetic subjects; Higher education; Visual arts

Edvik, Anders
Edvik, Anders, senior lecturer

Egard, Hanna
Egard, Hanna, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Disability, social interaction, autonomy, participation, personal assistance, ; Interdisciplinary research areas

Ehrlin, Niklas
Ehrlin, Niklas, doctoral student

Materials science and chemistry; Nanotechnology; Engineering

Einarsson, Anneli
Einarsson, Anneli, lecturer

Pedagogy; Dramapedagogik; Estetiska lärprocesser; Samhällsvetenskap; Tvärvetenskap

Einegard, Rikard
Einegard, Rikard, doctoral student

History of medicine; Modern history; Contemporary history; History of science and ideas; History of science; Theory of science; Cultural anthropology; Ethnography

Ek, Anne-Charlotte
Ek, Anne-Charlotte, lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Gender studies; Pedagogical work; Media and communication studies

Ek, Ann-Sofie
Ek, Ann-Sofie

Interdisciplinary research areas; Sexology; Medicine

Ekberg, EwaCarin
Ekberg, EwaCarin, professor/övertandläkare


Ekberg, Jan-Eric
Ekberg, Jan-Eric, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Sports

Ekelund, Nils
Ekelund, Nils, prefekt/professor

Natural sciences; Biology; Växtfysiologi; Ecosystem services

Ekelund, Robin
Ekelund, Robin, senior lecturer

History; Modern history; Historical cultures; Contemporary history; Ethnology; Gender studies

Eklund, Ulrik
Eklund, Ulrik, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Software engineering; Computer science; Systems engineering; Software architecture; Embedded systems; Industrial research & development

Ekman, Jörgen
Ekman, Jörgen, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Natural sciences; Atomic and molecular physics; Nuclear physics

Eliasson, Per
Eliasson, Per, seniorprofessor

History; Miljöhistoria; Humanities and religion

Elmerstig, Eva
Elmerstig, Eva, senior lecturer

Sexology; Gender studies; Obstetrics and gynaecology; Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas; Obstetrics and women's diseases; Reproductive health; Public health medicine research areas; Sexual and reproductive health

Elmfeldt, Johan
Elmfeldt, Johan, administrativ assistent

; Comparative media studies

El-Schich, Zahra
El-Schich, Zahra, postdoktor

Biology; Morphology, cell biology, pathology; Microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases; Natural sciences; Medicine

Elsrud, Torun
Emilson, Anders
Emilson, Anders, senior lecturer

Interaction design; Social innovation; Sustainable development; Service design

Emilsson, Henrik
Emilsson, Henrik, researcher

Social sciences; Migration policy; Integration policy; Migration

Engberg, Maria
Engberg, Maria, senior lecturer

Computational media; Locative media; Media theory; Media aesthetics; Digital culture; Interdisciplinary research areas; Humanities and religion; Artistic research

Engblom, Johan
Engblom, Johan, professor

Natural sciences; Medicine

Enggren, Gabriela
Enggren, Gabriela, senior lecturer

Microbiology; Medical microbiology; Immunology; Oral microbiology; Periodontology; Lactic acid bacteria, lactobacilli, lactobacillus reuteri, probiotics, oral health

Englander, Magnus
Englander, Magnus, senior lecturer

Phenomenology; Qualitative research methods; Psychology; Social work

Engstrand, Sandra
Engstrand, Sandra, doctoral student

Enö, Mariann
Enö, Mariann, senior lecturer

Education; Sociology; Gender studies

Ericson, Dan
Ericson, Dan, professor/övertandläkare

Odontology; Cariology

Ericson, Magnus
Ericson, Magnus, prefekt/universitetslektor

Eriksson, Håkan
Eriksson, Håkan, professor

Immunology; Adjuvant; Vaccine; Medicine

Eriksson, Inge
Eriksson, Inge, lecturer

Local history; Historical culture; International history; Nationalism; Cultural studies; Twentieth century europe, central- and eastern europe; Social sciences; Other social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; European studies

Eriksson, Jeanette
Eriksson, Jeanette, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Software engineering; Other information technology; Game development; End-user development; Technology; Tailoring

Eriksson, Kjell E
Eriksson, Kjell E, redaktör

Social sciences; Sports

Eriksson-Sjöö, Tina
Erlandsson, Magnus
Erlandsson, Magnus, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Skolpolitik; Regeringskansliet; Organisation; Ledarskap

Ewald, Göran
Ewald, Göran, senior lecturer

Natural sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas


Fabijan, Aleksander
Fabijan, Aleksander, doctoral student

Computer science; Software engineering; Agile methods; Controlled experimentation

Fabri, Anna
Fabri, Anna, lecturer

Social sciences; Sports

Falk, Anders
Falk, Anders, universitetsadjunkt/övertandläkare


Falk, Magnus
Falk, Magnus, postdoktor

Natural sciences; Analytical chemistry; Biochemistry

Farkas, Johan
Farkas, Johan, doctoral student

Social sciences; Media and communication studies; Interdisciplinary research areas; Humanities and religion

Farran-Lee, Martin
Farran-Lee, Martin, professor, adjungerad

Fehland, Margareta
Fehland, Margareta, lecturer

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work

Fernandez, Christian
Fernandez, Christian, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences

Finnbogadóttir, Hafrún
Finnbogadóttir, Hafrún, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Caring sciences; Nursing; Obstetrics and women's diseases; Victimology; Pregnant and exposed to violence; Family research; Medicine; Gender studies

Fisk, Martin
Fisk, Martin, senior lecturer

Construction materials; Other processing/assembly; Induction heating; Other materials science

Fonseca, Claudia
Fonseca, Claudia, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Political science; Human geography; Neoliberal urbanization; Critical urban theory; Mexico

Font, Jose Maria
Font, Jose Maria, senior lecturer

Forssell, Rebecka
Forssell, Rebecka, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Cyberbullying, cyberharassment, work life

Fransson, Helena
Fransson, Helena, universitetslektor/övertandläkare

Endodontology; Odontology

Fransson, Jonas
Fransson, Jonas, utvecklare av forskningsstöd

Fransson, Ola
Fransson, Ola, researcher

History of science and ideas

Franzén, Cecilia
Franzén, Cecilia, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt


Fred, Mats
Fred, Mats, doctoral student

Organizational change; Project organizing; Evaluation; New public management; Organizational theory; Porous organization

Friberg, Torbjörn
Friberg, Torbjörn, senior lecturer

Social anthropology; Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography; Social sciences; Ethnography; Social work; Ethnography, policy and organisation

Fridriksson, Helgi-Valur
Fridriksson, Helgi-Valur, senior lecturer

Social sciences

Frölich, Emilia
Frölich, Emilia, doctoral student

Contemporary history; Ethnography; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Sociology; Intersectionality; Postcolonialism; Youth research

Fundberg, Jesper
Fundberg, Jesper, senior lecturer

Other humanities and religion; Humanities and religion; Sports; Ethnicity; Gender studies


Galli, Silvia
Galli, Silvia, postdoktor


Gegner, Harald
Gegner, Harald

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Evidence-based practice; Professionalization; Controlling of social work; Organizations; Social service

Geisler, Martin
Geisler, Martin, postdoktor

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Gerell, Manne
Gerell, Manne, lecturer

Social sciences; Criminology; Human geography; Geographic criminology

Germundsson, Per
Germundsson, Per, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Collaboration; Social representations; Disability studies; Vocational rehabilitation

Gjörloff Wingren, Anette
Gjörloff Wingren, Anette, professor

Medicine; Morphology, cell biology, pathology; Microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases; Immunology; Immunobiology

Gkouskos, Dimitrios
Gkouskos, Dimitrios, postdoktor

Social sciences; Information technology; Design theory; User experience design research

Glaser, Joakim
Glaser, Joakim, doctoral student


Godhe, Anna-Lena
Godhe, Anna-Lena, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Grander, Martin
Grander, Martin, doktorand/projektkoordinator

Social sciences; Political science; Housing research; Urban development; Sociology

Graziano, Maria
Graziano, Maria

Humanities and religion

Greiff, Mats
Greiff, Mats, professor

Modern history; History; Gender studies; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; Popular music

Grundström, Karin
Grundström, Karin, senior lecturer

Civil engineering and architecture; Settlement studies; Aesthetic subjects; Gender studies; Sustainable urban development; Social sciences; Development studies

Grönvall, Ylva
Grönvall, Ylva, doctoral student

Sexology; Social sciences; Social work; Interdisciplinary research areas; Gender studies

Gudmundsson, Petri
Gudmundsson, Petri, senior lecturer

Clinical physiology; Medical technology; Medical laboratory science; Echocardiography; Medicine; Physiology and pharmacology; Physiology; Caring sciences; Education

Gunnemyr, Per
Gunnemyr, Per, lecturer

Guoqing, Pan
Guoqing, Pan, postdoktor

Gustafson, Niklas
Gustafson, Niklas, senior lecturer

Gustafsson, Stefan
Gustafsson, Stefan, senior lecturer

Quantum calculations; Mathematical modeling

Götrick, Bengt
Götrick, Bengt, universitetslektor/övertandläkare



Hajer, Maaike
Hajer, Maaike, visiting professor

Hajinasab Razlighi, Banafsheh
Hajinasab Razlighi, Banafsheh , projektassistent

Computer science; Information technology; Software engineering; Agent technology; Simulation models; Transportation simulation systems

Halilovic, Mujo
Halilovic, Mujo

Social sciences

Hall, Emma
Hall, Emma, doctoral student

Contemporary history; Migration; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Intersectionality; Oral history; Narrative analysis; Identity

Hall, Patrik
Hall, Patrik, professor

Hallberg, Peter
Hallberg, Peter, senior lecturer

History and philosophy subjects; Social sciences; History of ideas, philosophy, political theory; Humanities and religion

Hallin, Per Olof
Hallin, Per Olof, researcher

Human geography; Social sciences

Hamidi, Zahra
Hamidi, Zahra, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas

Hansen, Anne-Marie
Hansen, Anne-Marie, senior lecturer

Interaction design; Human communication; Technology and social change; Sports; Older people and ageing; Health and medical services in society; Social innovations; Interdisciplinary research areas

Hansen, Christina
Hansen, Christina, doctoral student

Activism and resistance; Urban restructuring and inequality; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Anthropology; Migration

Hansson, Cecilia
Hansson, Cecilia, lecturer

Humanities and religion; Literature; Sociology of culture, social and cultural fields, modernism/modernity

Hansson, Fredrik
Hansson, Fredrik, senior lecturer

Languages and linguistics; Education; The theory and practice of teaching and learning swedish; Bernstein

Harju, Anne
Harju, Anne, senior lecturer

Hartman, Henrik
Hartman, Henrik, biträdande prefekt/universitetslektor

Atomic physics; Atomic astrophysics; Physics; Atomic and molecular physics; Astronomy

Hartsmar, Nanny
Hartsmar, Nanny

Education; International education; Social sciences

Harvard, Åsa
Harvard, Åsa, senior lecturer

Cognitive science; Interaction design

Hasslöf, Helen
Hasslöf, Helen, senior lecturer

Subject didactics; Environmental education; Social sciences; Natural sciences; Ecology

Haxha, Vjollca
Haxha, Vjollca, doctoral student

Hayashi, Mariko
Hayashi, Mariko


Hedemyr Törnqvist, Marika
Hedemyr Törnqvist, Marika, doctoral student

Interaction design; Embodied interaction; Choreography; Public space

Hedenborg, Susanna
Hedenborg, Susanna, vicedekan/professor

Social sciences; Humanities and religion; Sports; Gender, childhood studies, sport studies

Hedin, Astrid
Hedin, Astrid, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Political science

Hejman, Ulf
Hejman, Ulf, programledare/universitetsadjunkt

Applied mathematics; Numerical analysis; Physics; Other physics; Surface engineering; Construction materials; Other materials science; Corrosion

Hell, Anna
Hell, Anna, doctoral student

Hellberg, Therese
Hellberg, Therese, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Literature; Gender studies; Media and communication studies

Hellborg, Anna Maria
Hellborg, Anna Maria, doctoral student

Hellén-Halme, Kristina
Hellén-Halme, Kristina, universitetslektor/övertandläkare


Hellman, Peter
Hellman, Peter, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Human communication; Nursing; Education; Interdisciplinary research areas; Technology; Medicine; Information technology; Informatics, computer and systems science; Microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases; Caring sciences

Hellström, Anders
Hellström, Anders, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Humanities and religion; Interdisciplinary research areas

Hellström, Lisa
Hellström, Lisa, senior lecturer

Education; Children; Bullying, mental health, health promotion

Hellström Reimer, Maria
Hellström Reimer, Maria, professor

; Interdisciplinary research areas; Design action; Representation and performativity; The philosophies of practical knowing; Artistic research; Design theory; Humanities and religion

Hemer, Oscar
Hemer, Oscar, professor

Social sciences; Anthropology, creative writing, communication for development; Artistic research; Interdisciplinary research areas; Literary translator friom spanish

Henningsson-Yousif, Anna
Henningsson-Yousif, Anna, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Pedagogical capital, contributions of analyses, the tool of sketching., ; Development of methods, development of theory, the role of theory in school development efforts.

Herbert, Mikaela
Herbert, Mikaela, doctoral student

Social sciences; Political science; Human geography, economic geography

Hermansson, Carina
Herz, Marcus
Herz, Marcus, programledare/universitetslektor

Social work; Gender studies; Ethnicity; Youth research; Ethnography; Migration; Refugees

Heyer, Clint
Heyer, Clint, senior lecturer

Interaction design

Hilfling Nielsen, Linda
Hilfling Nielsen, Linda, doctoral student

Hillbur, Per
Hillbur, Per, prorektor/professor, biträdande

Human geography, economic geography; Environmental science; Agricultural extension; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Urban development; Innovation systems

Hillgren, Per-Anders
Hillgren, Per-Anders, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Humanities and religion; Technology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Artistic research; Design; Social innovation; Living labs

Hjortsjö, Maria
Hjortsjö, Maria, biträdande prefekt/universitetslektor

Holm, Hilma
Holm, Hilma, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography

Holmberg, Lars
Holmberg, Lars, doctoral student

Holmberg, Ylva
Holmberg, Ylva, senior lecturer

Children; Aesthetic subjects; Education; Music education; Subject didactics; Gender studies

Holmgren, Johan
Holmgren, Johan, enhetschef/programledare/universitetslektor

Optimization; Agent technology; Machine learning; Simulation; Transport and traffic modeling

Holmqvist, Mona
Holmqvist, Mona, professor

Education; Special education; Educational sciences; Educational work; Social sciences

Holmström, Charlotta
Holmström, Charlotta, avdelningsföreståndare/universitetslektor

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Holmström Olsson, Helena
Holmström Olsson, Helena, professor, biträdande

Information technology; Information technology; Computer science; Agile

Holst, Marie
Holst, Marie, senior lecturer

Holst Hansson, Annette
Holst Hansson, Annette, doctoral student

Health and medical services in society; Caring sciences; Ethnicity; Oncology; Gender studies; Radiation therapy; Medicine; Migration; Family centered nursing

Hommel, Ami
Hommel, Ami, senior lecturer


Hoszek, Anders
Hoszek, Anders, universitetsadjunkt/övertandläkare


Hudson, Jean
Hudson, Jean

Linguistics; English language; Idiomaticity; Construction grammar; Discourse analysis; Corpus linguistics

Hutcheson, Derek
Hutcheson, Derek, senior lecturer

Political science; Research on europe; Elections; Russia; Citizenship; European studies; Migration; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sustainable urban planning; Political legitimacy

Hylén, Mia
Hylén, Mia

Medicine; Surgery; Anaesthetics and intensive care

Høg Hansen, Anders
Høg Hansen, Anders, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Interdisciplinary research areas; Memory studies; Ethnography

Håkansson, Julia
Håkansson, Julia, doctoral student

History didactics; History; Use of history; Historical culture; Historical consciousness; Collective memory; Populism; Nationalism; Narrative; Historical narratives

Håkansson, Peter
Håkansson, Peter, senior lecturer

Häggman-Henrikson, Birgitta
Häggman-Henrikson, Birgitta, lecturer


Hänsel Petersson, Gunnel
Hänsel Petersson, Gunnel, universitetslektor/övertandläkare



Iantchenko, Alexei
Iantchenko, Alexei, professor

Mathematics; Natural sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Ideland, Malin
Ideland, Malin, professor

Ethnology; Commodification of education; Swedishness; Environment and sustainability; Science and technology studies; Gender studies

Idvall, Ewa
Idvall, Ewa, professor

Surgery; Surgical research; Obstetrics and women's diseases; Oncology; Caring sciences; Nursing; Medicine; Psychiatry; Children

Ingman, Sissi
Ingman, Sissi, senior lecturer

Human communication; Technology and social change; Philosophy subjects; Organizing, projects, participation, hannah arendt

Ingvad, Bengt
Ingvad, Bengt, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Care work; Personal interaction; Social relationships; Home care services; The formal organization for home care services; Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Older people and ageing; Interdisciplinary research areas

Ion, John Christopher
Ion, John Christopher, senior lecturer

Materials science; Mathematical modelling of phase transformations; Laser material processing; Materials selection; Technology

Irastorza, Nahikari
Irastorza, Nahikari, postdoctoral research fellow

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; International migration; Integration; Labour market; Intermarriage

Isacsson, Malin
Isacsson, Malin, senior lecturer

Isma, Gabriella
Isma, Gabriella, lecturer

Medicine; Caring sciences; Nursing

Ivert, Anna-Karin
Ivert, Anna-Karin, postdoktor

Criminology; Children and adolescents; Child and adolescent psychiatry; Fear of crime; Ethnicity; Migration


Jacobsson, Andreas
Jacobsson, Andreas, dekan/universitetslektor

Technology; Computer science; Information systems; Spyware and malicious software; Privacy and information security; Interoperability and collaborative media; Internet of things; Smart homes

Jakobsson, Anders
Jakobsson, Anders, professor

Natural sciences; Pedagogy

Jakobsson, Jenny
Jakobsson, Jenny, senior lecturer

Caring sciences; Surgery; Medicine; Surgical research

Jalaliniya, Shahram
Jalaliniya, Shahram, postdoktor

Technology; Computer science; Gaze interaction; Multimodal interaction; Wearable computing; Mixed reality

Jallow, Sabina
Jallow, Sabina, lecturer

Jansson, Alexander
Jansson, Alexander, doctoral student

Sports; Migration; Ethnicity; Education; Social sciences

Jansson, Tulsa
Jansson, Tulsa, doctoral student

Janzon, Ellis
Janzon, Ellis

Social sciences; Medicine; Women; Myocardial infarction; Smoking; Physical activity; Migration; Culture; Behaviour

Jarhall, Jessica
Jarhall, Jessica, doctoral student

Humanities and religion; Social sciences

Jedemark, Marie
Jedemark, Marie, senior lecturer

Jevinger, Åse
Jevinger, Åse, senior lecturer

Computer science; Information systems ; Intelligent goods

Jingryd, Ola
Jingryd, Ola, senior lecturer

Law/jurisprudence; Interdisciplinary research areas; Real estate law, property law, real estate science; Social sciences; Real estate brokerage, real estate agents, housing market

Jobér, Anna
Jobér, Anna, senior lecturer

Education; Sociology; Social sciences; Educational sciences

Johansson, Christina
Johansson, Christina, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Humanities and religion; Migration

Johansson, Magnus
Johansson, Magnus, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Education; Social innovations; Education; Sustaianbel urban developmnet, collaboartive planning and management, community work, action reserach; Social sciences

Johansson, Monica
Johansson, Monica, lecturer

Social sciences; Sociology; Gender studies

Johansson, Roger
Johansson, Roger, avdelningsföreståndare/professor


Johnsdotter, Sara
Johnsdotter, Sara, professor

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Johnson, Björn
Johnson, Björn, biträdande prefekt/professor

Political science; Social work; Public sector research; Mass communication; Other social sciences; Health and medical services in society; Social sciences; Social sciences

Johnsson, Christina
Johnsson, Christina, prefekt/universitetslektor

Law/jurisprudence; Constitutional law, human rights, minority rights, non-discrimination

Johnsson, Kent
Johnsson, Kent, senior lecturer

Jonsdottir, Fanny
Jonsdottir, Fanny, seniorprofessor

Interdisciplinary research areas

Jonsson Malm, Carolina
Jonsson Malm, Carolina, forskningshandläggare

History; Contemporary history; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Gender studies; Ethnicity

Järvstad, Kristin
Järvstad, Kristin, senior lecturer

Literature; Gender studies; 20th century swedish literature, sexuality, marriage, motherhood

Jönsson, Daniel
Jönsson, Daniel, universitetslektor, adjungerad

Medicine; Odontology

Jönsson, Karin
Jönsson, Karin, senior lecturer

Jönsson, Kutte
Jönsson, Kutte, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; History and philosophy subjects; Sports; Gender studies

Jönsson, Per
Jönsson, Per, biträdande prefekt/professor

Applied mathematics; Atomic and molecular physics

Jönsson, Sandra
Jönsson, Sandra, prefekt/universitetslektor

Psychology; Work sciences


Karlsson, Annika
Karlsson, Annika, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Translanguaging; Education

Karlsson, Erik
Karlsson, Erik, doctoral student

Karlsson, Leif
Karlsson, Leif, senior lecturer

Subject didactics

Karlsson, Lennart
Karlsson, Lennart, programledare/universitetslektor

Applied mathematics; Atomic physics; Nuclear physics; Materials science; Engineering physics; Natural sciences; Physics; Atomic and molecular physics

Kauppinen, Asko
Kauppinen, Asko, senior lecturer

Literary studies; English studies; Literature; Governmentality; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Technology and social change

King, Henry
King, Henry, senior lecturer

Kinnby, Bertil
Kinnby, Bertil, senior lecturer

Kirkegaard, Ane
Kirkegaard, Ane, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Migration; Peace and conflict ; Development studies; Feminist gender theory; Post colonial studies

Kjellberg, Sara
Kjellberg, Sara, bibliotekschef

Other social sciences; Information studies

Klingberg, Gunilla
Klingberg, Gunilla, dekan/professor/övertandläkare


Klinge, Björn
Klinge, Björn, seniorprofessor

Odontology; Periodontology

Knez, Kelly
Knez, Kelly, senior lecturer

Knutsson, Kerstin
Koch Svedberg, Gion
Koch Svedberg, Gion, senior lecturer

Software engineering; Computer engineering; Automatic control; Telecommunication theory; Technology and social change;

Kocherbitov, Vitaly
Kocherbitov, Vitaly, professor

Natural sciences

Kock Kobaidze, Manana
Kock Kobaidze, Manana, senior lecturer

Kolfjord, Ingela
Kolfjord, Ingela, senior lecturer

Law/jurisprudence; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Criminology; Sociology; Sociology of law; Sports; Gender studies; Children; Ethnicity

Korsgaard, Morten
Korsgaard, Morten, lecturer

Kottorp, Anders
Kottorp, Anders, dekan/professor, kallad

Kouns, Maria
Kouns, Maria, senior lecturer

Språk- och kunskapsutvecklande undervisning ; Språk och lärande; Designforskning; Languages and linguistics; Education

Kozel, Susan
Kozel, Susan, professor

Phenomenology; Dance and somatic practices; New media; Artistic research; Interaction design; Aesthetic subjects; History and philosophy subjects

Krantz, Gunnar
Krantz, Gunnar, enhetschef/universitetslektor

Krantz, Oskar
Krantz, Oskar, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Disability research; Community medicine; Sociology; Disability; Assistive devices; Interaction

Krona, Michael
Krona, Michael, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Media and communication studies; Film; Rhetoric; Literature; Technology and social change; Mass communication; History and philosophy subjects; Humanities and religion

Kronkvist, Karl
Kronkvist, Karl, doktorand/universitetsadjunkt

Criminology; Social ecology of crime; Fear of crime; Crime prevention; Social sciences

Kroona, Liv
Kroona, Liv, doctoral student

Odontology; Oral pathology and forensic odontology; Oral microbiology

Kumlien, Christine
Kumlien, Christine, professor

Caring sciences; Medicine; Vascular disease; Chronical illness; Evidence based practice; Quality of life; Screening program; Implementation; Surgical research; Nursing

Kvist, Martin
Kvist, Martin, doctoral student

Social policy; Social sciences; Youth research; Social work; Labour market research

Kärrholm, Mattias
Kärrholm, Mattias, professor

Civil engineering and architecture; Built environment; Planning and urban design; Public space; Aesthetic subjects; Settlement studies; Social sciences


Lager, Anders
Lager, Anders, programledare/universitetslektor/övertandläkare

Odontology; Cariology; Oral microbiology

Lagergren, Lars
Lagergren, Lars, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Other social sciences; Sports; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Leisure studies

Lalander, Philip
Lalander, Philip, professor

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Criminology; Sociology; Sociology of law; Social anthropology/ethnography; Youth research; Gender studies; Illegal drugs; Alcohol; Gambling; Youth criminality; Gang criminality; User involvement; Heroin; Migration; Refugees

Landeman, Marc
Landeman, Marc, doctoral student

Private law; Law/jurisprudence; Interdisciplinary research areas

Languilaire, Jean-Charles
Languilaire, Jean-Charles, senior lecturer

Business studies; Work/non-work experiences, work-life balance, leadership, human resources

Lansheim, Birgitta
Lansheim, Birgitta, universitetsadjunkt, senior

Special education; learning in mathematics

Larneby, Marie
Larneby, Marie, doctoral student

Sports research; Social sciences; Education; Social anthropology/ethnography; Interdisciplinary research areas; Education; Children; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Sports; Sport for children and young people, gender, power, physical education

Larsen, Henrik Svarrer
Larsen, Henrik Svarrer, senior lecturer

Larsson, Camilla
Larsson, Camilla, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Sexology; Migration; Gender studies

Larsson, Christel
Larsson, Christel, universitetslektor/övertandläkare

Odontology; Ceramics (zirconia), implant-supported prosthodontics, dental manufacturing techniques

Larsson, Helena
Larsson, Helena, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Health and medical services in society; Caring sciences; Nursing; Older people and ageing

Larsson, Jesper
Larsson, Jesper, senior lecturer

String algorithms and data structures; Data compression; Algorithm engineering; Database systems

Larsson, Per
Larsson, Per

Other civil engineering and architecture; Urban commons; Urban development; Co use

Larsson, Therese
Larsson, Therese, lecturer

Social sciences; Education; Theory of science

Leckner, Sara
Leckner, Sara, programledare/universitetslektor

Information technology; New media, media evolution, cross media, media management, usability, media theory

Leijon, Marie
Leijon, Marie, senior lecturer


Leisnert, Leif
Leisnert, Leif


Lelinge, Balli
Lelinge, Balli, lecturer

Social sciences

Lembrér, Dorota
Lembrér, Dorota, lecturer

Leppäniemi, Henriikka
Leppäniemi, Henriikka, doctoral student

Lettevall, Rebecka
Lettevall, Rebecka, dekan/universitetslektor

Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; History of science and ideas; Cosmopolitanism, peace, citizenship, idealism, immanuel kant

Li, Yujing
Li, Yujing, senior lecturer

Material science; Systems analysis; System thinking; System modelling; Building moisture damage; Building biology

Lidström, Isak
Lidström, Isak, doctoral student

Liedholm, Rolf
Liedholm, Rolf, postdoctoral research fellow


Lilja, Peter
Lilja, Peter, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Education; Humanities and religion; Philosophy of education

Lilja Karlander, Eva
Lilja Karlander, Eva, universitetslektor/övertandläkare

Liljefors Persson, Bodil
Liljefors Persson, Bodil, professor

Humanities and religion

Lill, Linda
Lill, Linda, prefekt/universitetslektor

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Sociology; Demography; Interdisciplinary research areas; Work sciences; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Older people and ageing

Lind, Jacob
Lind, Jacob, doctoral student

Lindberg, Matilda
Lindberg, Matilda, doctoral student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Pedagogical work; Sports research; Education; Children; Sports; Artistic research

Lindberg, Pia
Lindberg, Pia, universitetslektor/övertandläkare


Linde, Per
Linde, Per, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Linde-Laursen, Anders
Linde-Laursen, Anders, dekan/professor

Ethnology; History and philosophy subjects; Other social sciences

Lindh, Anders
Lindh, Anders, senior lecturer

Aesthetic subjects; History and philosophy subjects; Education; Humanities and religion

Lindh, Christina
Lindh, Christina, seniorprofessor

Odontology; Radiological research

Lindh, Christina
Lindh, Christina, doctoral student

Lindh, Liselott
Lindh, Liselott, professor/övertandläkare

Interfacial phenomena ; Saliva and salivary films; Barrier functions salivary films; Dry mouth patients; Salivary substitutes; Odontology; Oral prosthetics; Biomaterials; Medicine; Wound healing; Zirconia; Overdentures; Implants; Fixed prosthetic reconstructions

Lindholm, Susan
Lindholm, Susan, senior lecturer

Ethnicity; Cultural studies; Popular culture; Youth culture; Gender studies; Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Lindquist, Hans
Lindquist, Hans, seniorprofessor

English language; Linguistics

Lindqvist, Sylwia
Lindqvist, Sylwia, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence

Lindström, Fredrik
Lindström, Fredrik, senior lecturer

Lindström, Kristina
Lindström, Kristina, senior lecturer

Interaction design; Artistic research

Lingärde, Svante
Lingärde, Svante, lecturer

Social sciences; Disability research; Social work; Social sciences; Public sector research; Other social sciences; Children; Interdisciplinary research areas; Economic history; Modern history; History of technology and industry; History subjects; History and philosophy subjects; Humanities and religion

Lisberg Jensen, Ebba
Lisberg Jensen, Ebba, senior lecturer

Human ecology; Sustainable development

List, Thomas
List, Thomas, professor/övertandläkare


Listerborn, Carina
Listerborn, Carina, professor

Human geography; Gender studies; Other civil engineering and architecture

Liu, Ju
Liu, Ju, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Business studies; Human geography, economic geography; Technology and social change; Innovation, network analysis, sustainability, globalisation, entrepreneurship; Interdisciplinary research areas

Ljung Svensson, Ann-Sofi
Ljung Svensson, Ann-Sofi, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Literature

Ljungberg, Caroline
Ljungberg, Caroline, senior lecturer

Barndom, fostran, identitet, makt, mat, utbildning

Ljunggren, Lennart
Ljunggren, Lennart, seniorprofessor

Loconsole, Annabella
Loconsole, Annabella, enhetschef/universitetslektor

Empirical software engineering; Requirements engineering; Software process improvement; Software measurement; Software quality

Londos, Mikael
Londos, Mikael, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Sports

Lopez Pedersen, Maria Erliza
Lopez Pedersen, Maria Erliza, doctoral student

Human communication; Migration; Gender studies; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Ethnicity; Technology and social change; Other humanities and religion; Other social sciences

Lucander, Henriette
Lucander, Henriette, programledare/universitetsadjunkt

Education; Assessment of oral communication

Lukkerz, Jack
Lukkerz, Jack, lecturer

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Disability research; Sexology

Lundahl, Bo
Lundahl, Bo, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Lundberg, Susanna
Lundberg, Susanna, senior lecturer

Sociology; Social work; Labour, class, racialization, whiteness, national community

Lundberg, Victor
Lundberg, Victor, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; History; Work science; Gender studies

Lundegren, Nina
Lundegren, Nina, universitetslektor/övertandläkare


Lundin, Johan
Lundin, Johan, professor

Humanities and religion; History; Youth research; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Gender studies

Lundsten, Jonas
Lundsten, Jonas, senior lecturer

Lundström, Mats
Lundström, Mats, senior lecturer

Pedagogical studies; Social sciences; Science education

Lutz, Kristian
Lutz, Kristian, biträdande prefekt/universitetslektor

Special education; Higher education; Children; Sociology; Discourse analysis

Lyvall, Ann-Charlotte
Lyvall, Ann-Charlotte, lecturer

Real estate science; Civil engineering and architecture

Löf, Camilla
Löf, Camilla, senior lecturer

Childhood; Children; Schools work with values; Circus education; Ethnography; Education; Life competence education

Löfgren-Mårtenson, Lotta
Löfgren-Mårtenson, Lotta, professor

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sexology, srhr, youth, professionalization, intellectual disability, internet, sex education

Lönn, Johanna
Lönn, Johanna, postdoktor

Odontology; Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas


Magnusdottir, Gunnhildur Lily
Magnusdottir, Gunnhildur Lily, senior lecturer

Social sciences; European integration; European union; Climate politics; International relations; Intersectionality and climate policy-making; Scandinavian politics; Gender and climate policy-making; Gender studies

Magnusson, Finnur
Magnusson, Finnur, prefekt/professor

Social sciences; The ageing body, old age, modernity, nursing homes, ethnicity, class

Magnusson, Jesper
Magnusson, Jesper, senior lecturer

Architecture, urban design, public life

Magnusson, Mia-Maria
Magnusson, Mia-Maria


Magnusson, Märta-Lisa
Magnusson, Märta-Lisa, senior lecturer

Ethnopolitical conflicts; "de facto" states; The caucasus region - past and present

Mahmood, Deyar
Mahmood, Deyar, researcher

Mangrio, Elisabeth
Mangrio, Elisabeth, senior lecturer

Medicine; Caring sciences; Children; Nursing; Migration; Older people and ageing; Social medicine; Epidemiology; Culture

Maric, Selma
Maric, Selma, postdoktor

Marr, Stephen
Marr, Stephen, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Urban studies, africa, detroit, peace and conflict, globalization, political theory, popular culture

Mars, Annette
Mars, Annette, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Music and learning, learning culture, tool and artefact concepts, interaction, music and language development, music creativity and digital tools, music teacher, elementary school; Music education; Social sciences; Education

Mashreghi Blank, Sepandarmaz
Mashreghi Blank, Sepandarmaz, doctoral student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Psychology; Sports research; Youth research; Migration; Education; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Sports; Postcolonialism, culturally relevant methodology, participatory action (activist) research

Matsson, Anneli
Matsson, Anneli, doctoral student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social psychology; Organisational and management theory; Adr - alternative dispute resolution

Mattsson, Torun
Mattsson, Torun, prefekt/universitetslektor

Sports; Social sciences

Mazurov, Nikita
Mazurov, Nikita, postdoktor

Cultural studies; Forensics; Intellectual property; Filesharing

McGlinn, Malin
McGlinn, Malin, lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; Gender studies

McIver, Scott
McIver, Scott, senior lecturer

Political science; International relations; Citizenship; Policy studies

Melin, Anders
Melin, Anders, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion

Melin, Margareta
Melin, Margareta, senior lecturer

Sociology of journalism; Media production; Feminism; Visual culture and communication; Media didactics; Fashion; Interdisciplinary research areas; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Gender studies; Human communication; Education; Social innovations

Mellgren, Caroline
Mellgren, Caroline, senior lecturer

Criminology; Victimology; Risk assessment and management; Hate crime; Fear of crime

Mihailescu, Radu-Casian
Mihailescu, Radu-Casian, senior lecturer

Computer science; Artificial intelligence; Multiagent systems; Smart grids

Milosavljevic, Aleksandar
Milosavljevic, Aleksandar, doctoral student


Modée, Johan
Modée, Johan, enhetschef/universitetslektor

Humanities and religion; Social sciences

Muhonen, Tuija
Muhonen, Tuija, professor

Psychology; Work sciences; Gender studies; Gender equality; Work life

Mulinari, Paula
Mulinari, Paula, senior lecturer

Månsson, Sven-Axel
Månsson, Sven-Axel

Social sciences; Sexology

Mårtensson, Ann-Sophie
Mårtensson, Ann-Sophie, doctoral student


Naraghi, Sasan
Naraghi, Sasan


Neilands, Jessica
Neilands, Jessica, researcher

Odontology; Oral microbiology

Nelson, Johan
Nelson, Johan, senior lecturer

Niedenthal, Simon
Niedenthal, Simon, senior lecturer

Game studies

Nigro, Claudio
Nigro, Claudio, doctoral student

Engineering mechanics; Materials science; Information technology; Other technology

Nilsson, Bengt J
Nilsson, Bengt J, prodekan/professor

Theoretical computer science; Computer science; Computer science; Education

Nilsson, Désirée
Nilsson, Désirée, senior lecturer

Economics; Human geography, economic geography; Public transport, effects on society, urban and regional development

Nilsson, Elisabet M
Nilsson, Elisabet M, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Nilsson, Eva-Lotta
Nilsson, Eva-Lotta, studierektor/universitetslektor


Nilsson, Jerry
Nilsson, Jerry, postdoctoral research fellow

Nilsson, Magnus
Nilsson, Magnus, professor

Humanities and religion; Literature; Aesthetic subjects; Working-class literature, marxist theory

Nilsson, Sara Ellis
Nilsson, Sara Ellis, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; History subjects; Historical cultures; Cultural heritage and cultural production

Nilsson, Tom
Nilsson, Tom, senior lecturer

Social sciences

Nilsson, Urban
Nilsson, Urban, senior lecturer

Nilsson Mohammadi, Robert
Nilsson Mohammadi, Robert, forskningsassistent

Humanities and religion; Oral history; Cultural history; Urban history; Public history; Social memory and the social production of history; Narratives and meaning-making; Social movements and protest culture; 1968; Racism and anti-racism

Norberg, Johan R
Norberg, Johan R, professor

Sports; History and philosophy subjects

Nordén, Birgitta
Nordén, Birgitta, senior lecturer

Subject didactics; Science didactics - teaching & learning; Outdoor pedagogy; Interdisciplinary research areas; Transdisciplinary learning; Education and sustainable development; Learning for sustainable development; Global learning and teaching towards sustainability; Global classroom; Ict mediated learning; Youth research; Teacher students place-based learning ; Natural sciences; Green schools & eco-schools didactics; Social sciences

Nordesjö, Kettil
Nordesjö, Kettil, postdoktor

Social work; Work sciences; Evaluation; Public sector research

Nordgren, Camilla
Nordgren, Camilla, studierektor/universitetslektor

Disability research; Every day life; Parenthood; Social sciences; Social work

Nordgren, Johan
Nordgren, Johan, lecturer

Social sciences; Sociology; Social work

Nordqvist, Joakim
Nordqvist, Joakim, universitetslektor, adjungerad

Norefalk, Christian
Norefalk, Christian, doctoral student

Education; Philosophy of education

Normark, Gun
Normark, Gun, biträdande prefekt/universitetsadjunkt

Social sciences; Sports

Norstedt, Maria
Norstedt, Maria, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Sociology; Disability research; Health and medical services in society; Institutional ethnography

Nybelius, Marit
Nyberg, Eva
Nygård Larsson, Pia
Nygård Larsson, Pia, senior lecturer

Languages and linguistics; Interdisciplinary research areas; Education

Nylinder, Pia
Nylinder, Pia, senior lecturer

Nylund, Katarina
Nylund, Katarina, seniorprofessor

Nyzell, Stefan
Nyzell, Stefan, senior lecturer

Contentious politics studies, police history, historical recreation; History subjects; History; Modern history


Odumosu, Temi
Odumosu, Temi, researcher

Aesthetic subjects; Humanities and religion; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Ethnicity

Ohlsson, Lars
Ohlsson, Lars, senior lecturer

Cell biology; Molecular biology; Immunology; Cardiovascular medicine; Immunobiology; Tumour immunology

Olander, Clas
Olander, Clas, senior lecturer

Subject didactics; Education; Literacy; Multimodal representations

Oliveira Martins, Bruno
Olofsson, Jonas
Olofsson, Jonas, professor

Social sciences; Business and economics; Education; Work sciences

Olsson, Anette
Olsson, Anette

Social sciences; Social work; Family research; Social sciences; Gender studies; Older people and ageing; Sociology

Olsson, Carl Magnus
Olsson, Carl Magnus, senior lecturer

Design research; Action research; Software engineering; Context-awareness; Experiential computing; Game design and development

Olsson, Lina
Olsson, Lina, senior lecturer

Urban planning; Land policy; Planning theory; Urban development; Spatial production; Participation and democracy; Public space; Spatial appropriation and cultural identity

Olsson, Pär
Olsson, Pär, senior lecturer

Materials science; Engineering mechanics; Material physics with surface physics; Condensed matter physics

Olsson, Tony
Olsson, Tony, lecturer

Artistic research; Design theory

Olsson Jers, Cecilia
Olsson Jers, Cecilia, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Languages and linguistics; Rhetoric; Social sciences

Orre, Carl Johan
Orre, Carl Johan, programledare/universitetslektor

Osanami Törngren, Sayaka
Osanami Törngren, Sayaka, researcher

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Labor migration, refugee integration; International migration and ethnic relations

Ottosson, Mikael Fredrik
Ottosson, Mikael Fredrik, senior lecturer

History; Work sciences; Humanities and religion; Social sciences

Ouis, Pernilla
Ouis, Pernilla, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography; Ethnography; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sexology; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Other humanities and religion; Humanities and religion


Packmohr, Sven
Packmohr, Sven, senior lecturer

Business and economics; Business studies; Social sciences

Palla, Linda
Palla, Linda, senior lecturer

Special education; Preschool; Diversity; Dokumentation; Identitet; Social sciences

Palm, Peter
Palm, Peter, senior lecturer

Civil engineering and architecture; Property management; Real estate valuation

Papia, Evaggelia
Papia, Evaggelia, programledare/universitetslektor


Papoulia, Asimina
Papoulia, Asimina, doctoral student

Paraschakis, Dimitris
Paraschakis, Dimitris, doctoral student

Computer science; Recommender systems

Parker, Peter
Parker, Peter, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Commons; Public space; Property; Democracy

Paulsson, Liselotte
Paulsson, Liselotte, universitetslektor/övertandläkare


Pedersen, Jens
Pedersen, Jens, senior lecturer

Pederson, Thomas
Pederson, Thomas, professor

Technology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Human-computer interaction, embodied cognition, peripheral interaction, ubiquitous computing, wearable computers.

Pehlivan, Asli
Pehlivan, Asli, doctoral student

Natural sciences; Physics

Peiteado Fernandez, Vitor
Peiteado Fernandez, Vitor, doctoral student

Perez, Enrique
Perez, Enrique, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Migration; Integration; Segregation; Diversity in social work; Changes of the wellfare state

Persdotter, Maria
Persdotter, Maria, doctoral student

Social sciences; Human geography

Persson, Gun
Persson, Gun, senior lecturer

Persson, Jan
Persson, Jan, senior lecturer

Computer science; Optimization, systems theory; Technology

Persson, Karin
Persson, Karin, studierektor/universitetslektor

Interdisciplinary research areas; Health and medical services in society; Caring sciences; Nursing; Odontology

Persson, Magnus
Persson, Magnus, professor


Persson, Mats
Persson, Mats, prefekt/universitetslektor

Building engineering; Building manufacturing engineering; Manufacturing engineering and work sciences; Knowledge management; Manufacturing engineering; Bim; Project scheduling; Projekt management; Technology; Civil engineering and architecture; Water engineering; Environmental engineering

Persson, Mia
Persson, Mia, senior lecturer

Computer science

Persson, Per-Eskil
Persson, Per-Eskil, senior lecturer

Social sciences

Persson, Sven
Persson, Sven, professor

; Education; Social sciences

Peterson, Bo
Peterson, Bo, enhetschef

Information technology; Technology and social change

Peterson, Tomas
Peterson, Tomas, seniorprofessor

Sports; Other social sciences

Petersson, Bo
Petersson, Bo, professor

Russia, politics and society; Political science; Area studies; Nationalism and national identity; Legitimacy and legitimation strategies; Contemporary authoritarianism and illiberalism; Political myth; Political discourse; Research on europe; Social sciences; Migration

Petersson, Charlotte C
Petersson, Charlotte C, lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Social anthropology; Social work; Ethnography; Music therapy

Petersson, Kerstin
Petersson, Kerstin


Petrén, Sofia
Petrén, Sofia, universitetslektor/övertandläkare


Pettersson, Gunnel
Pettersson, Gunnel, senior lecturer

Pigg, Maria
Pigg, Maria , studierektor/universitetslektor/övertandläkare

Odontology; Endodontology; Stomatognathic physiology; Odontological behavioural science

Plantin, Lars
Plantin, Lars, vicedekan/professor

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Family research; Fathers

Popoola, Margareta
Popoola, Margareta, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Hnicity, identity, integration, segregation and community work.

Povrzanovic Frykman, Maja
Povrzanovic Frykman, Maja, professor

Social sciences; Social sciences; Migration; Ethnology; Transnational practices; Diaspora; Ethnicity; Place; Affect; Material culture

Prgomet, Zdenka
Prgomet, Zdenka, biomedicinsk analytiker


Pruulmann Vengerfeldt, Pille
Pull, Emil
Pull, Emil, doctoral student

Social sciences; Displacement; Human geography; Urban studies; Housing research

Pålsson Syll, Lars
Pålsson Syll, Lars, professor

Business and economics; Social sciences


Qvarsebo, Jonas
Qvarsebo, Jonas, senior lecturer

History and philosophy subjects; Social sciences; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Education; Children


Radmann, Aage
Radmann, Aage, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sports

Ragnerstam, Petra
Ragnerstam, Petra, enhetschef/universitetslektor

Humanities and religion; Interdisciplinary research areas; Literature and culture, intermedia storytelling, adaption, performance, participatory culture/art, interactive cultural practices, live action role playing

Ramsöy Jerve, Ingrid
Ramsöy Jerve, Ingrid, doctoral student

Social sciences; Social anthropology; Transnational migration; Labor migration; Development; Empowerment; Gender studies; Migration

Raoof, Dawan
Raoof, Dawan, doctoral student

Political science; Sociology; Migration; Ethnicity; Youth research; Human communication

Reddy, Anuradha
Reddy, Anuradha, doctoral student

Reimer, Bo
Reimer, Bo, professor

Media and communication studies

Rezende, Rainde
Rezende, Rainde

Odontology; Medicine

Richert, Torkel
Richert, Torkel, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Social sciences

Riddersporre, Bim
Riddersporre, Bim, prodekan/universitetslektor


Righard, Erica
Righard, Erica, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Social policy; Social work; Interdisciplinary research areas; Knowledge production; Migration; Transnationalism

Ristilammi, Per-Markku
Ristilammi, Per-Markku, professor


Roald, Anne Sofie
Roald, Anne Sofie, professor

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Islam; Arab media; West bank; Islamism; Muslim brotherhood; Integration; Muslims in sweden and norway

Rosén, Annika
Rosén, Annika, prefekt/universitetslektor

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Law/jurisprudence; Public law; Administrative law; Social welfare law; Other law

Rosenlund, David
Rosenlund, David, senior lecturer

Rubin, Maria
Rubin, Maria, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Språkinriktad ämnesundervisning; Samverkan mellan lärare; Språk-, läs- och skrivutveckling; Specialpedagogik; Relationell pedagogik; Educational design research

Rudnert, Joel
Rudnert, Joel, lecturer

Runesson, Ingrid
Runesson, Ingrid, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Social sciences; Social work; Interdisciplinary research areas; Working life; Disability research; Rehabilitation ; Older people and ageing; Migration; Children

Runge, Ida
Runge, Ida, doctoral student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Russo, Nancy
Russo, Nancy, senior lecturer

Technology; Information technology; Smart health; Information systems development

Ruzgas, Tautgirdas
Ruzgas, Tautgirdas, professor

Electrochemistry; Analytical chemistry; Biochemistry; Surface and colloid chemistry; Physical chemistry; Natural sciences; Electronic measurement and instrumentation

Ryan, Ulrika
Ryan, Ulrika, lecturer

Education; Mathematics education; Inferentialism; Subject didactics

Rydén , Lisbeth
Rydén , Lisbeth

Business studies; Social sciences

Rämgård, Margareta
Rämgård, Margareta, senior lecturer

Caring sciences; Health and medical services in society; Human geography/health geography- geography of caring; Social sciences; Sociology; Social anthropology/ethnography; Nursing; Older people and ageing; Interdisciplinary research areas; Human communication

Rönnbäck, Julia
Rönnbäck, Julia

Sports; Social sciences; Gender; Etnografi; Youth studies; Girl studies; Femininity; Interdisciplinary research areas


Safrankova, Camilla
Safrankova, Camilla, doctoral student

Gender studies; Education; Ethnicity; Interdisciplinary research areas

Salonen, Tapio
Salonen, Tapio, vicerektor/professor

Social sciences

Sandberg, Tove
Sandberg, Tove, studierektor/universitetslektor

Medical microbiology; Medical cell biology; Other biology; Medicine; Angiogenes, biofilms, plasminogen activation system

Sandgren, Olof
Sandgren, Olof, senior lecturer

Speech-language pathology; Language impairment; School-age language impairment

Sarsenov, Karin
Sarsenov, Karin, senior lecturer

Russian literature; Contemporary russian culture; Gender; Social identities

Sauro, Shannon
Sauro, Shannon, professor, biträdande

Computer-assisted language learning (call), computer-mediated second language acquisition, task-based language teaching (tblt); Social sciences

Schmidt, Staffan
Schmidt, Staffan, senior lecturer

Scholten, Christina
Scholten, Christina, senior lecturer

Urban studies; Human geography, economic geography; Gender, gender equality, working life, planning, sustainable mobilities; Social sciences

Schubert, Per
Schubert, Per, senior lecturer

Sederblad, Per
Sederblad, Per, senior lecturer

Work sciences

Segerby, Cecilia
Segerby, Cecilia, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Mathematics; Reading and writing

Sellergren, Börje
Sellergren, Börje, professor, kallad

Natural sciences; Technology; Medicine

Senneby, Anna
Senneby, Anna, st-tandläkare

Seravalli, Anna
Seravalli, Anna, senior lecturer

Participatory design, co-design; Co-production; Design for sustainability and social innovation; Commons; Heterodox economies; Design practice-based research; Design theory; Design; Interaction design

Shleev, Sergey
Shleev, Sergey, professor

Natural sciences; Analytical chemistry; Biochemistry; Electrochemistry

Siggelsten, Simon
Siggelsten, Simon, senior lecturer

Energy savings

Sixtensson, Johanna
Sixtensson, Johanna, doctoral student

Gender studies

Sjöberg, Ulrika
Sjöberg, Ulrika, senior lecturer

Sjöblom, Marie
Sjöblom, Marie, doctoral student

Education; Mathematics education; Education

Sjögren Forss, Katarina
Sjögren Forss, Katarina, postdoktor

Older people and ageing; Caring sciences; Sports; Public health science; Epidemiology; Medicine; Migration; Gender studies

Sjöström, Jesper
Sjöström, Jesper, professor, biträdande

Subject didactics; Education; Science education; Education for sustainability; Critical citizenship education; Scientific literacy; Green and sustainable chemistry; Eco-reflexive education; Philosophy of science education; Emancipatory scholarship of teaching and learning

Sjövik, Kristian
Sjövik, Kristian, senior lecturer

Smedberg, Alicia
Smedberg, Alicia, doctoral student

Social innovations; Interdisciplinary research areas; Design theory; Social anthropology/ethnography; Artistic research; Human-computer interaction, hci, participatory design, co-design, citizenship, digital things, science and technology studies, sts

Smithberger, Susanne
Smithberger, Susanne, doctoral student

Reading comprehension, young adults, curriculum theory, discourse analysis; Education

Smolicki, Jacek
Småberg, Thomas
Småberg, Thomas, prefekt/professor, biträdande

Snodgrass, Eric
Snodgrass, Eric

Humanities and religion; Technology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Artistic research

Sonesson, Kerstin
Sonesson, Kerstin, professor, biträdande

Climate education; Education for sustainable development; Environmental education,; Science education; Challenge based learning; Extended classroom education; Pedagogy in higher education; Social sciences; Natural sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Sonesson, Mikael
Sonesson, Mikael, universitetslektor/övertandläkare


Sotres, Javier
Sotres, Javier, researcher

Natural sciences; Physics; Surfaces and interfaces; Condensed matter physics; Chemistry; Physical chemistry; Biophysical chemistry; Surface and colloid chemistry; Chemical physics; Odontology; Biomaterials

Sottile, Samuele
Sottile, Samuele, doctoral student

Spalazzese, Romina
Spalazzese, Romina, senior lecturer

Computer science; Software engineering; Software architecture; Self-adaptive systems

Spikol, Daniel
Spikol, Daniel, senior lecturer

Computer science

Spång, Mikael
Spång, Mikael, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Migration

Staaf, Annika
Staaf, Annika , universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Law/jurisprudence; Social sciences; Public law; Other law; Social sciences; Gender studies; Human rights

Staaf, Patricia
Staaf, Patricia, lecturer

Stade, Ronald
Stade, Ronald, professor

Peace and conflict research; Humanities and religion; Social sciences; History; Social anthropology; Ethnicity; Migration; Ethics; Human communication

Staffansson-Pauli, Karin
Staffansson-Pauli, Karin, enhetschef/universitetslektor

Organization; Real estate science; Gender studies

Steiner, Kristian
Steiner, Kristian, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Peace and conflict research; Political science; The construction of enemy images; Religious and ideological radicalization

Stenberg, Marie
Stenberg, Marie, doktorand/universitetsadjunkt

Interdisciplinary research areas; Medicine

Stenzelius, Karin
Stigendal, Mikael
Stigendal, Mikael, professor


Stigmar, Martin
Stigmar, Martin, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences

Stjernborg, Vanessa
Stjernborg, Vanessa, postdoktor

Strange, Michael
Strange, Michael, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Wto; global governance;

Stråhlman, Christian
Stråhlman, Christian, forskningshandläggare

Molecular physics; Chemical physics; Synchrotron radiation instrumentation

Stålne, Kristian
Stålne, Kristian, senior lecturer

Building engineering; Other engineering mechanics; Education; Technology and social change; Adult development psychology; Leadership development; Psychology; Pedagogical work; Engineering physics; Construction materials; Other materials science; Construction engineering; Human communication; Metatheoretical frameworks

Sundmark, Björn
Sundmark, Björn, professor

English language; Literature; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; Other humanities and religion; Aesthetic subjects; Children's literature

Sundström, Malin
Sundström, Malin

Caring sciences; Nursing; Older people and ageing; Existential loneliness; Health and medical services in society; Improvement knowledge; Medicine

Sunnqvist, Charlotta
Sunnqvist, Charlotta, senior lecturer

Medicine; Psychiatry

Suter, Brigitte
Suter, Brigitte, researcher

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Migration, social networks, mobility, turkey; Migration

Svalin, Klara
Svalin, Klara, doctoral student


Svedberg, Erika
Svedberg, Erika, senior lecturer

International relations; Gender studies; Politics; Globalization

Svenér, Maria
Svenér, Maria, lecturer

Svensson, Anna-Karin
Svensson, Anna-Karin, senior lecturer

Svensson, Bengt
Svensson, Bengt, seniorprofessor

Social work; Social sciences

Svensson, Jakob
Svensson, Jakob, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social media; Political participation

Svensson, Robert
Svensson, Robert, professor

Social sciences

Svensäter, Gunnel
Svensäter, Gunnel, avdelningsföreståndare/professor/övertandläkare


Sörensen, Charlotte
Sörensen, Charlotte, lecturer

Industrial design; Material selection processes; Design; Designprocess; Product development; Interdisciplinary research areas; Human communication; Furniture design; Ergonomics; Product design; Materiality; Design theory


Takter, Martina
Takter, Martina

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Social policy; Informal caregiving

Tallberg Broman, Ingegerd
Tallberg Broman, Ingegerd, administrativ assistent

Tateishi, Eigo
Tateishi, Eigo, doctoral student

Social sciences; Sociology; Human geography, economic geography; Statistics

Tengland, Per-Anders
Tengland, Per-Anders, professor

Theories of health and disease; The philosophy and ethics of public health; Empowerment, power, work ability, overindebtedness

Tham, Kerstin
Tham, Kerstin, vice-chancellor

Thavenius, Marie
Thavenius, Marie, universitetsadjunkt, senior

Theodoridis, Kyriakos
Theodoridis, Kyriakos, senior lecturer

Medicine; Caring sciences

Thormark, Catarina
Thormark, Catarina, senior lecturer

Thurén, Camilla
Thurén, Camilla, senior lecturer

Languages and linguistics

Tornberg, Jakob
Tornberg, Jakob, doctoral student

Social sciences; Statistics; Social work; Psychology; Sexology

Torstensson Levander, Marie
Torstensson Levander, Marie, prefekt/professor

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Criminology

Tran, Hoai Anh
Tran, Hoai Anh, senior lecturer

Urban development, urban planning and social justice mainly in developing countries; Housing research; Urban space production, urban qualities; Globalisation, urban changes and identity construction

Truedsson, Anna
Truedsson, Anna, universitetsadjunkt/övertandläkare

Tucker, Jason
Tucker, Jason, postdoktor

Tzimoula, Despina
Tzimoula, Despina, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Nation; Intersectionality; Gender studies

Törnqvist, Anna Clara
Törnqvist, Anna Clara, senior lecturer



Valetti, Sabrina
Valetti, Sabrina, postdoktor

Pharmaceutical technology, drug delivery carriers, nanoparticles, nanoporous, targeted medicine, biobarriers

Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine
Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine, professor

Education; Social sciences

Vamling, Karina
Vamling, Karina, professor

Georgia; The caucasus region; Caucasian languages; Linguistics; Language typology, language policy, ethnic minorities; Humanities and religion

Vasiljevic, Zoran
Vasiljevic, Zoran, doctoral student

Vejzovic, Vedrana
Vejzovic, Vedrana, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Medicine; Caring sciences; Nursing; Children; Inflamatoric bowle diseases; Colonoscopy; Pediatric care

Viggosson, Haukur
Viggosson, Haukur, senior lecturer


Vikman, Jenny
Vikman, Jenny, senior lecturer

Sports; Medicine; Physiology and pharmacology; Physiology

Vincenti Malmgren, Therese
Vincenti Malmgren, Therese, senior lecturer

Virmasalo, Veera
Virmasalo, Veera, doctoral student

Social innovations; Human communication; Design theory; Peace and development research; Interaction design; Social anthropology/ethnography; Technology and social change; Media and communication studies; Mass communication

Vitestam-Blomqvist, Birgitta
Vogel, Bahtijar
Vogel, Bahtijar, senior lecturer

Computer science; Software engineering; Open architectures; Web and mobile engineering; Internet of things; Agile approaches; Software evolution; Usability

Vult von Steyern, Per
Vult von Steyern, Per, professor/övertandläkare


Väfors Fritz, Marie
Väfors Fritz, Marie, studierektor/universitetslektor

Social sciences; Criminology; Psychology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Ethnicity; Gender studies


Waaranperä, Ulrika
Waaranperä, Ulrika, doctoral student

Gender studies

Walldén, Robert
Walldén, Robert, doctoral student

Systemic-functional linguistics; Subject didactics; Genre theory; Critical discourse analysis; Sociology of education; Education

Wallengren Lundin, Marie Louise
Wallengren Lundin, Marie Louise, universitetslektor/övertandläkare

Wangel, Anne-Marie
Wangel, Anne-Marie, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas; Caring sciences; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Public health science; Epidemiology

Warfvinge, Gunnar
Warfvinge, Gunnar, avdelningsföreståndare/professor/övertandläkare

Oral pathology and forensic odontology; Immunology

Wendel, Lotta
Wendel, Lotta, lecturer


Wennick, Anne
Wennick, Anne, senior lecturer

Medicine; Caring sciences; Nursing; Children; Diabetes; Chronic illness; Longterm illness; Pediatric care ; Everyday life with an illness; Family research; Youth research

Wernberg, Anna
Wernberg, Anna, senior lecturer


Westerberg, Karin
Westerberg, Karin, lecturer

Energy planning and climate strategies; Urban and rural development; Participatory planning; Environmental science

Westerdahl, Stig
Westerdahl, Stig, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Real estate science; Business studies

Westerlaken, Michelle
Westerlaken, Michelle, doctoral student

Westin, Roger
Westin, Roger, doctoral student

Wickström, Claes
Wickström, Claes, senior lecturer

Odontology; Medicine

Widen, Pär
Widen, Pär, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences

Wierzbicka, Celina
Wierzbicka, Celina, postdoktor

Wigerfelt, Berit
Wigerfelt, Berit, professor, biträdande

Ethnology; Integration; Segregation

Wigerfelt-Svensson, Anders
Wigerfelt-Svensson, Anders, prodekan/vicedekan/professor, biträdande

History; Ethnicity; Social sciences; History and philosophy subjects; Migration

Wikstrand, Frida
Wikstrand, Frida, senior lecturer

Technology and social change; Gender studies; Counselling, career development; Sociology; Normative criticism in career counselling; Work sciences

Wikström, Tomas
Wikström, Tomas, researcher

Civil engineering and architecture

Wiktorsson, Maria
Wiktorsson, Maria, senior lecturer

Cognitive linguistics; Idioms and idiomaticity; Formulaic language; Construction grammar; Corpus linguistics; Languages and linguistics; English language; Linguistics

Witmer, Hope
Witmer, Hope, senior lecturer

Wolf, Eva
Wolf, Eva, universitetslektor/övertandläkare

Endodontology; Odontology

Wågby, Angelica
Wågby, Angelica, doctoral student

Social sciences; Social work; Family research; Sociology; Social policy; Social sciences; Gender studies; Children

Wärnsby, Anna
Wärnsby, Anna, senior lecturer

English language; Languages and linguistics; Semantics, pragmatics, language acquisition and learning, usage-based cognitive approach, contrastive studies, corpus studies



Yeung, Sing Yee
Yeung, Sing Yee, doctoral student


Zachrison, Mozhgan
Zachrison, Mozhgan, prefekt/universitetslektor

Zdravkovic, Slobodan
Zdravkovic, Slobodan, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Medicine; Epidemiology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Ethnicity; Migrations; Health

Zettervall, Charlotta
Zettervall, Charlotta, senior lecturer

Social sciences

Znamenskaya, Yana
Znamenskaya, Yana, researcher

Natural sciences; Biophysical chemistry; Surface and colloid chemistry; Biochemistry; Medicine; Chemistry; Biochemistry; Mucin; Mucosa; Calorimetry; Glass transition


Åkerman, Sigvard
Åkerman, Sigvard, seniorprofessor

Odontology; Orofacial pain; Endodontology



Öberg, Klara
Öberg, Klara, postdoktor

Social sciences

Öresjö, Eva
Öresjö, Eva, professor

Örmon, Karin
Örmon, Karin, senior lecturer

Violence against women, lifecourse, general psychiatry; Time geography; Intimate partner homicide ; Interdisciplinary research areas; Medicine; Caring sciences; Psychiatry; Nursing