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Sabina Jallow

Sabina Jallow works as landscape architect. ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ---------------- At the moment Sabina is coordinator of the Architecture, Visualization and Communication program at the Department of Urban studies, Malmö University. ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- She was educated at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning & Management and at the University of Venice (IUAV), department of Art & Design. Sabina has been working as lecturer, been a PhD student and research assistant since 2006. She has also been involved in exhibition pedagogy, art projects and tree care with a special interest in pruning pear and apple trees. ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------
ABOUT THE BACHELOR PROGRAM: Architecture, visualization & communication Urban Studies, Malmö University College 3-year Bachelor program • 53 training places

---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE TRAINING? We describe and visualize the built environment. Plans, drawings and design assignments are made for the students to understand how architects and urban planners work. We do architecture, since we believe that is the best way to understand how to communicate architectural issues and contribute to the cooperation in the construction process. The program includes training in examining the built environment with the help of architectural theory and urban sociology. The training focuses on practical efforts to make visual descriptions of the built environment as well as practical work in project management. The students will work between conventional practitioners and across professional boundaries. The training starts from the standpoint that more than those who are trained to architects and urban planners should be able to participate in conversation about our shared built environment.

---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- WHAT IS THE STUDENTS' BIGGEST CHALLENGE? Students will be able to take a holistic approach to all of the built environment and how the built environment affects the way we live in the city. To communicate architectural issues, students must be both theoretically and practically driven. How the environment is built has great significance for how the life of the city can be. That the decision on the built environment also are political decisions is often forgotten.

---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- WHICH ARE THE QUALITIES OF THIS EDUCATION? We are the only program on built environment that exists in a multidisciplinary context. We who teach are trained as an architect, architectural theorist, landscape architect, 3D visualizer, graphic designers, product designers, urban sociologist, human ecologist, psychologist, drama teacher, lawyer, cultural producer and artist. Our students are very good at working with how the cultural production can be an engine of neighborhood transformation. The students are trained in seeing the potential in temporary projects.

---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- WHERE DO THE STUDENTS GO? Our students are good at visualizing and communicating architectural issues. After the bachelor program they can work as a 3D visualizer on a visualization agency or an architectural office. Also as a communicator at municipalities, construction companies and architectural firms. The students can also operate the citizen dialogues and manage neighborhood transformation processes. The program gives a Bachelor of Built Environment giving access to master's programs on, for example, Malmö University, Lund University and KTH.

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Visiting address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, NI, Plan 7, Hus C
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
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