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Claudia Fonseca

citat My doctoral research project deals with issues of critical urban theory, neoliberal urbanization and maquiladoras in Yucatán Mexico, analyzed through the work of Henri Lefebvre. citat

My background is in Biotechnology Engineering from ITESM in Mexico, followed by a Master in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science (LUMES) from Lund University. My master’s thesis deals with the environmentalism of the poor in an urban area in Mexico and through a case study strategy, attempted to shed light on the idea that the urban poor react to protect the environment when faced with ecological distribution conflicts. In February 2013, I began my PhD studies at Malmö University within the program “Migration, Urbanisation and Societal Change” (MUSA), in the Department of Urban Studies. My general research interest is to study “the urban process under capitalism” through Lefebvre’s premise that every mode of production produces its own space and reproduces itself through space. The aim of my doctoral project is to analyze the production of space of the maquiladora industry in Yucatán, Mexico and explore the relationship between maquiladoras and the urban process.

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