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Magnus Andersson
Senior Lecturer

Magnus Andersson, Associate Professor in Economic Geography at the Department for Urban Studies. Magnus´s teaching focus on urban economic geography, statistics and internationalization of real estate markets. Magnus is an active researcher within the field of quantitative geography specializing in spatial analysis of global sustainable development. Processes connected to economic growth, socio-economic change, together with reforms of market systems in emerging markets mainly in Africa and Asia are of prime interest for his research agenda. Andersson participate as researcher and adviser for United Nation´s work to implement Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Research programme

Institute for Urban Research pil show

Faculties and departments

Department of Urban Studies pil show
Faculty of Culture and Society pil show

Contact details
Visiting address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Niagara,
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:71

  • Publications

  • Last publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    2020 | Artikel i tidskrift
    Anchor effects in appraisals
    Palm Peter, Andersson Magnus

    2019 | Kapitel i bok, del av antologi
    The southern conflict
    Engvall Anders, Andersson Magnus

    2019 | Artikel i tidskrift
    How Data-Poor Countries Remain Data Poor
    Andersson Magnus, Hall Ola, Archila Maria Francisca

    2019 | Artikel i tidskrift
    How cultural values are reflected on the housing market
    Andersson Magnus, Kopsch Fredrik, Palm Peter

    2019 | Artikel i tidskrift
    How the built environment and the railway network can affect the mobility of older people
    Camporeale Rosalia, Wretstrand Anders, Andersson Magnus

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  • Övriga uppdrag och meriter

  • PREVIOUS POSITIONS Department of Human Geography, Lund University Feb 2012-Sept 2014 Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography and GIS Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Lund University Feb 2012- Feb 2014 Research Fellow in Asian Studies Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Lund University Feb 2010 - Feb 2012 Post-Doctoral Scholar Armed Forces Headquarters, Swedish Armed Forces Jan 2009 - Jan 2010 Geo-Analyst focusing on spatial analysis of violence and ethnicity in Kosovo Stockholm School of Economics June 2004 - Dec 2008 Research Associate European Institute of Japanese Studies, Stockholm School of Economics June 2004 - Dec 2008 Resident office manager for Regional Office Southeast Asia, Bangkok, Thailand Transport Division, United Nations Economic and Social Commission June 2002-June 2004 for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand Associate Economic Affairs Officer Consultancy and project manager assignments for UNESCAP, UNDESA, SIDA, ADB 2001- The World Bank, the Royal Thai Government, Swedish Companies Registration Office

    VISITING POSITIONS Depart. of Human Geography and Economic Geography, Gothenburg University, Sept 2010 Visiting Research Fellow Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University, Bangkok Thailand Jan 2005 - Dec 2008 Visiting Research Scholar East Asia Department for Agriculture and Regional Development, Aug to Oct 2007 Asian Development Bank, Manila, The Philippines Visiting Research Scholar Department for Economics, Aoyama Gaukin University, Tokyo, Japan April to June 2007 Visiting Research Scholar RSPAS, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia Nov 2005 Visiting Research Scholar

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