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Malin Axelsson
Senior Lecturer

Malin Axelsson is a registered nurse and associate professor in care science. Her research focuses personality in relation to adherence with medication treatment, symptom control and health-related quality of life. She collaborates with researchers in West Sweden Asthma Study, OLIN-studies and the FinEsS-studies, which are population-based studies focusing epidemiological and clinical aspects of asthma, allergy and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Contact details
Visiting address: Jan Waldenströms gata 25, MAS 49, F416
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:46

  • Publications

  • Selected publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    Axelsson, Malin, Ekerljung, Linda, Eriksson, Jonas, Hagstad, Stig, Rönmark, Eva, Lötvall, Jan, Lundbäck, Bo (2016) "Chronic bronchitis in West Sweden : a matter of smoking and social class" European Clinical Respiratory Journal;, 30319, Co-Action, ISSN 2001-8525, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Axelsson, Malin, Lindberg, Anne, Kainu, Annette, Rönmark, Eva, Jansson, Sven-Arne (2016) "Respiratory symptoms increase health care consumption and affect the everyday life : a cross-sectional population-based study from Finland, Estonia and Sweden" European Clinical Respiratory Journal;, 31024, Co-Action, ISSN 2001-8525, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Axelsson, Malin, Persson, Lena, Höglund-Nielsen, Birgitta (2016) "Living in the Wake of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Long-Term Oxygen Therapy" Open Journal of Nursing;, 376-385, Scientific Research Publishing, ISSN 2162-5344, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Axelsson, Malin, Ekerljung, Linda, Lundbäck, Bo, Lötvall, Jan (2016) "Personality and unachieved treatment goals related to poor adherence to asthma medication in a newly developed adherence questionnaire : a population-based study" Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine;42, 1-6, BioMedCentral, ISSN 1828-695X, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Jansson, Sven-Arne, Axelsson, Malin, Hedman, Linnea, Leander, Mai, Stridsman, Caroline, Rönmark, Eva (2016) "Subjects with well-controlled asthma have similar health-related quality of life as subjects without asthma" Respiratory Medicine;, 64-59, Elsevier, ISSN 0954-6111, DOI [länk],

    Axelsson, Malin, Ekerljung, Linda, Lundbäck, Bo (2015) "The Significance of Asthma Follow-Up Consultations for adherence to Asthma Medication, Asthma Medication Beliefs, and Asthma Control" Nursing Research and Practice;, 139070, Hindawi, ISSN 2090-1437, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Johansson, Ann-Caroline, Axelsson, Malin, Berndtsson, Ina, Brink, Eva (2015) "Self-reorientation following colorectal cancer treatment : a grounded theory study" The Open Nursing Journal;, 25-31, Bentham Science Publishers, ISSN 1874-4346, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Mincheva, Roxana, Ekerljung, Linda, Bjerg, Anders, Axelsson, Malin, Popov, A Todor, Lundbäck, Bo, Lötvall, Jan (2014) "Frequent cough in unsatisfactory controlled asthma : results from the population-based West Sweden Asthma Study" Respiratory Research;, 11, BioMed Central, ISSN 1465-9921, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Johansson, Ann-Caroline, Axelsson, Malin, Berndtsson, Ina, Brink, Eva (2014) "Illness perceptions in relation to experiences of contemporary cancer care settings among colorectal cancer survivors and their partners" International Journal of Studies on Health and Well-being;23581, 11, Co-Action Publishing, ISSN 1748-2623, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Ekerljung, Linda, Bjerg, Anders, Bossios, Apostolos, Axelsson, Malin, Torén, Kjell, Wennergren, Göran, Lötvall, Jan, Lundbäck, Bo (2014) "Five-fold increase in use of inhaled corticosteroids over 18 years in the general adult population in West Sweden" Respiratory Medicine;5, 685-693, Elsevier, ISSN 0954-6111, DOI [länk],

    Other publishing
    Johansson, Ann-Caroline, Axelsson, Malin, Berndtsson, Ina, Brink, Eva (2014) "Illness Perception in Relation to Cancer Care Settings and Healthcare Information" EHPS,

    Previous publications
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