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Åsa Alftberg
Senior Lecturer

I am interested in how body and materiality create meaning in everyday life. My research concerns the concept of (dis)ability, and how certain bodies are considered as normal and others as deviant. I use ethnography to study experiences of hearing loss and how meaning is created and negotiated in the intersection of the body, hearing aids/technology and everyday soundscapes. Another research area is the ageing process, and how cultural beliefs and norms shape the experiences of ageing. For example, I study how older people's use of medicines affects the perception of the body, ageing and identity. I also conduct research on palliative care for frail older persons in nursing homes.

Contact details
Telephone:040-66 57964
Visiting address: Citadellsvägen 7, G8: Plan 5
Postal address:Malmö högskola, Hälsa och samhälle, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:79

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    Krantz, Oskar (red./ed.) | Alftberg, Åsa (2015) Ansvar och kontroll : levd erfarenhet av ljudmiljöer hos personer med kokleaimplantat. Department of Health and Welfare Studies, Faculty of Health and Society, Malmö University, 13, (PDF document) (application/pdf)

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