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Kristian Stålne
senior lecturer

citat I work with metatheoretical frameworks, hierarchical complexity and adult development theories that I apply in research on indoor environments and leadership development from systems theoretical and reconstructive postmodern perspectives. citat

I have a MSc in Engineering physics and PhD in structural mechanics from 2009. In addition, I have conducted research and teaching in engineering acoustics, adult development psychology, hierarchical complexity analysis (according MHC) and meta-theoretical frameworks. I apply these different subjects and perspectives in the following two research projects:

  • Indoor environment before and after the renovation that we measure and model with according to different scientific perspectives: engineering, environmental psychology and systems theory. The work aims to understand the system of the indoor environment in terms of energy use, air quality, noise and lighting, etc., and how the residents perceive the indoor environment and affect it by their behavior, for example by opening windows since they have turned off the ventilation as a consequence of it making too much noise. The project started in autumn 2016 and lasts four years together with researchers from Lund University and financed by Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.

  • "Leadership development for high-performance organisations" a two-year project funded by the KK-HÖG where I and colleagues from JU and KTH study how some high-performing companies in different sectors (construction, engineering and IT) work with leadership development in terms of what competences leaders need and the support they receive to develop these. The analysis is based on adult development and other perspectives.

I have also applied adult development in higher education research and practice, where I was awarded the competence degree ETP, Excellent Teaching Practitioner.

More on adult development and beyond at my english website:

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