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Michelle Westerlaken
Doctoral Student

Taking a critical approach to the way we treat other animals in society, I research how we may express imaginations for multispecies worlds. With this I am trying to articulate a counter-concept for the notion of speciesism that can be materialised in the practice of design.

My research builds on ecofeminist and postcolonial theory to urge designers towards making more sustainable contributions on a planet in a state of mass-extinction. In practice, I also worked on design projects together with cats, dogs, ants, and penguins. Besides my research, I teach courses in playful interaction and experimental game design.

For more info see: my personal website and my publications

Research platforms

Collaborative Future Making pil show

Faculties and departments

Faculty of Culture and Society pil show
School of Arts and Communication pil show

Contact details
Visiting address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:71

  • Publications

  • Last five publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing DIVA.

    2020 | Övrigt
    Glossary: Collaborative Future-Making
    Hillgren, Per-Anders, Lindström, Kristina, Strange, Michael, Witmer, Hope, Chronaki, Anna, Ehn, Pelle, Ghajargar, Maliheh, Gottschalk, Sara, Jönsson, Li, Kauppinen, Asko, Light, Ann, Linde, Per, Nilsson, Magnus, Ragnerstam, Petra, Reimer, Bo, Restrepo, Juliana, Schmidt, Staffan, Smedberg, Alicia, Ståhl, Åsa, Westerlaken, Michelle

    2018 | Konferensbidrag
    Imagining Non-Speciesism
    Westerlaken, Michelle

    2018 | Artikel, forskningsöversikt
    Westerlaken, Michelle

    2017 | Konferensbidrag
    Self-Fashioning in Action
    Westerlaken, Michelle

    2017 | Konferensbidrag
    A Dialogue Concerning ‘Doing Philosophy with and within Computer Games’ – or: Twenty rainy minutes in Krakow
    Westerlaken, Michelle, Gualeni, Stefano

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