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Per Larsson
Doctoral student

citat Imagine a lot of space in the dense city; rooftops, abandoned areas and lifeless yards, were suddenly made available for anyone to act upon and implement their ideas and initiatives. What would then happen? Who would then act? citat
The research will find out why cooperation and sharing of land and space in the dense urban context in not more frequently practised. How do the hinders look like and what could be the potential benefits. Facing the overwhelming challenges from climate change, densification of the urban landscape and an ongoing urban population growth, there is probably already a need of a sharing perspective on urban space. A need to create space for all new functions of the modern city parallel to the already existing ones. The research will open up for cooperation and sharing of space among different stakeholders in the city. One obvious aspect would be to involve other stakeholders than the property owners to invest and take an active part in the city development. The research will connect to theories of commons and urban commons, as well as theories of governance and densification. I am performing the research as a part time involvement parallel to my profession as surveyor and land law expert at the City Planning Office in Malmö stad. The research is financed by Malmö stad with financial support from Formas.

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