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Felix Roosen-Runge
Associate Senior Lecturer

My central research interest addresses the mechanistic understanding of dynamics, structure and assembly in soft biological matter. My core expertise combines light, X-ray and neutron scattering methods with coarse-grained modeling using analytical and computational approaches from statistical mechanics and stochastic processes. I aim for an integrative scientific approach, combining ideas from different research fields such as biology, chemistry and physics as well as bridging experimental data to theoretical concepts, to finally enable translation into applications.

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Biofilms Research Center for Biointerfaces pil show

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Department of Biomedical Science pil show
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Visiting address: Per Albin Hanssons väg 35, Forskaren, plan 3
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:73

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  • Last publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    2020 | Artikel i tidskrift
    Evolution of the structure and dynamics of bovine serum albumin induced by thermal denaturation
    Matsarskaia Olga, Bühl Lena, Beck Christian, Grimaldo Marco, Schweins Ralf, Zhang Fajun, Seydel Tilo, Schreiber Frank, Roosen-Runge Felix

    2020 | Artikel i tidskrift
    Multivalent ions and biomolecules
    Matsarskaia Olga, Roosen-Runge Felix, Schreiber Frank

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  Forskaren, rum Forskaren, plan 3, Per Albin Hanssons väg 35, Malmö

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