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Chiara Valli

Chiara is an urban geographer interested in the social and political dimensions of urban restructuring and their impacts on social sustainability and urban (in)equality. Her research includes issues of gentrification, segregation, labor and precarity, urban activism, participatory and visual research methodologies. She conducted fieldwork in Italy, US, and Sweden.

Chiara is currently a Postdoc researcher within the Critical Urban Sustainability Hub (CRUSH). Her Postdoc research focuses on the recent emergence of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and other forms of public-private partnerships for urban renewal in Sweden, and the related impacts in terms of social sustainability and social justice.

Additional projects: Public health, epidemics and urban planning: reinstating the connection (MAU 2020-2021); Planning for equal social sustainability at the intersection of social policy and housing policy (FORMAS 2020)

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Financialization of everyday life in Sweden. Housing and labor precariousness
CRUSH CRitical Urban Sustainability Hub
Smart cities for city officials
Planning for social sustainability
Public health, epidemics and urban planning
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