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Andreas Jacobsson
Dean/Associate Professor

Andreas Jacobsson (b. 1977) is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at Malmö University in Sweden. Jacobsson received the degree of Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2008 at Blekinge Institute of Technology and in 2016, he passed the qualification for the title of Docent in Computer Science at Malmö University.

His research interests include the theory and application of technologies for interoperability, trust, privacy, and security in Internet-based information systems, more recently in Internet of Things-settings, such as, pervasive smart living spaces.

The results of his work have been published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles published in international books, journals, and conference proceedings. Jacobsson has also co-authored two books on trust, security, and privacy in Internet-based information systems, which have been picked up as course literature in several courses at various universities in Scandinavia.

Jacobsson has also acted as conference session chair, program committee member, and reviewer for several research journals, conferences, and workshops in his fields. Moreover, Jacobsson is a member of the Internet of Things and People Research Center, where he currently leads a research project on intelligent privacy support for pervasive smart living spaces.

Since 2017, he serves as the Dean at the Faculty of Technology and Society at Malmö University.

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Contact details
Visiting address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Niagara, Plan 6, Hus C
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:71

  • Publications

  • Selected publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    Bugeja, Joseph, Jacobsson, Andreas, Davidsson, Paul (2016) "On Privacy and Security Challenges in Smart Connected Homes" IEEE, (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    Boldt, Martin, Jacobsson, Andreas, Baca, Dejan, Carlsson, Bengt (2017) "Introducing a Novel Security-Enhanced Agile Software Development Process" International Journal of Secure Software Engineering (IJSSE);2, IGI Global, ISSN 1947-3036, DOI [länk], URL [länk],

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    Carlsson, Bengt, Jacobsson, Andreas (2012) Om säkerhet i digitala ekosystem. Studentlitteratur, 330, ISBN 9789144076041, URL [länk],

    Chapters in Monographs
    Bugeja, Joseph, Jacobsson, Andreas, Davidsson, Paul | Hassan, Qusay F. (red./ed.) (2018) Smart Connected Homes. Internet of Things A to Z : Technologies and Applications, IEEE, 359-384, ISBN 978-1-119-45674-2, URL [länk],

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    Conference Contributions
    Bugeja, Joseph, Vogel, Bahtijar, Varshney, Rimpu, Jacobsson, Andreas (2019) "IoTSM: An End-to-end Security Model for IoT Ecosystems" 2019 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PerLS 2019 - Third International Workshop on Pervasive Smart Living Spaces), IEEE, ISBN 978-1-5386-9151-9, DOI [länk],

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    Bugeja, Joseph, Davidsson, Paul, Jacobsson, Andreas (2018) "Functional Classification and Quantitative Analysis of Smart Connected Home Devices" Global IoT Summit, 144-149, IEEE, ISBN 978-1-5386-6451-3, (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Bugeja, Joseph, Jönsson, Désirée, Jacobsson, Andreas (2018) "An Investigation of Vulnerabilities in Smart Connected Cameras" IEEE PerCom 2018 - Second International Workshop on Pervasive Smart Living Spaces (PerLS 2018), 656-661, IEEE, ISBN 978-1-5386-3227-7, (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Bugeja, Joseph, Jacobsson, Andreas, Davidsson, Paul (2017) "An Analysis of Malicious Threat Agents for the Smart Connected Home" Proceeding of 2017 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PerCom Workshops) IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communication (PerCom) 2017 - the First International Workshop on Pervasive Smart Living Spaces (PerLS 2017), IEEE, ISBN 978-1-5090-4338-5, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Jacobsson, Andreas, Davidsson, Paul (2015) "Towards a Model of Privacy and Security for Smart Homes" (peer-review paper) 727-732, IEEE, ISBN 978-1-5090-0365-5, (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    O’Conner, Lisa (red./ed.) | Baca, Dejan, Boldt, Martin, Carlsson, Bengt, Jacobsson, Andreas (2015) "A Novel Security-Enhanced Agile Software Development Process Applied in an Industrial Setting" (peer-review paper) 11 - 19, IEEE, ISBN 978-1-4673-6590-1, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

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    Jacobsson, Andreas, Carlsson, Bengt (2013) "An Evolutionary View of Collective Intelligence" (peer-review paper) URL [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

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