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Anna Carlsson
Senior Lecturer

citat In an international perspective Sweden has a low number of child accidents. The accidents that happen most often occur in the home – more precisely in the kitchen (Swedish Rescue Services Agency, 2007). My PhD thesis focusing at how we can increase the knowledge and therefore prevent child accidents-especially scald and burns. To prevent is important; the pain and the trauma of treatments are huge to the children, the hospital stays and the rehabilitation can be long and sometimes give permanent problems. The overarching aim of this PhD thesis was to increase the knowledge about children’s (0-6 years old) exposure to accidents at home by describing parents self-reported precautions taken at home to decrease the risk of child injuries, the extent of burn and scalds, the parents’ opinions about course of events and in an intervention study investigate the effect individual-based information have on mothers’ attitudes towards child injury and injury prevention and to taken precautions at home. citat

Anna Carlsson, PhD in Nursing, RN. Specialization: Pediatric Nurse, District Nurse. Research: child accident, prevention, internationalization in higher education. International work: Exchange Coordinator (ECO)in the Florence Network. International coordinator and Thailand responsible lecturer at the department of Nursing.

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Visiting address: Jan Waldenströms gata 25, MAS 49, F426
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:46

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    Doctoral thesis
    Carlsson, Anna (2010) Child injuries at home – Prevention, Precautions and Intervention with focus on scalds. Malmö University Health and Society, ISBN 978-91-7104-235-4, ISSN 1653-5383, . (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Lic. thesis
    Carlsson, Anna (2005) Olycksfallsrisker i barnets hemmiljö : fokus på skållskador. Malmö högskola, Hälsa och samhälle, ISSN 1650-2337, . (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    Boonsatean, Wimonrut, Carlsson, Anna, Östman, Margareta, Dychawy Rosner, Irena (2016) "Living with diabetes : experiences of inner and outer sources of beliefs in women with low socioeconomic status" Global Journal of Health Science;8, 10, Canadian Center of Science and Education, ISSN 1916-9736, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Carlsson, Anna, Dykes, Anna-Karin, Jansson, Annkristin, Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine (2016) "Mothers´ awareness towards child injuries and injury prevention at home : an intervention study" BMC research Notes;9, 223-228, BioMedCentral, ISSN 1756-0500, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Boonsatean, Wimonrut, Dychawy Rosner, Irena, Carlsson, Anna, Östman, Margareta (2015) "Women of low socioeconomic status living with diabetes : becoming adept at handling a disease" SAGE Open Medicine;, 1-8, Sage, ISSN 2050-3121, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Carlsson, Anna, Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine, Jansson, Annkristin, Dykes, Anna-Karin (2011) "Precautions taken by mothers to prevent burn and scald injuries to young children at home: An intervention study" Scandinavian Journal of Public Health;5, 471-478, Sage journals, ISSN 1403-4948, DOI [länk],

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    Carlsson, Anna, Udén, Giggi, Dejin-Karlsson, Elisabeth, Håkansson, Anders (2006) "Burn injures in small children, a population-based study in Sweden" Journal of Clinical Nursing;15, 129-134, Blackwell Publishing Ldt, ISSN 0962-1067, DOI [länk],

    Willman, Ania, Forsberg, A, Carlsson, Anna (2005) "Identidiera omvårdnadens metoder - en nödvändighet för implementering av evidensbaserad omvårdnad." Vård i Norden, 2005:4 51-55, København : SSN [Sjuksköterskornas samarbete i Norden], ISSN 0107-4083,

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    Chapters in Monographs
    Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine, Carlsson, Anna (red./ed.) | Ericsson, Ingegerd (2013) Hälsofrämjande fysisk aktivitet för barn och unga. Hälsofrämjande arbete för barn och ungdomar, Studentlitteratur, 173-192, ISBN 9789144077628,

    Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine, Carlsson, Anna (red./ed.) | Riddersporre, Bim (2013) Föräldrar, barn och professionellt stöd. Hälsofrämjande arbete för barn och ungdomar, Studentlitteratur, 59-72, ISBN 9789144077628,

    Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine, Carlsson, Anna (red./ed.) | Östman, Margareta (2013) Barn som lever i familjer där någon av föräldrarna har en psykisk sjukdom. Hälsofrämjande arbete för barn och ungdomar, Studentlitteratur, 73-88, ISBN 978-91-44-07762-8,

    Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine, Carlsson, Anna (red./ed.) | Salonen, Tapio, Angelin, Anna (2013) Barnfattigdomens betydelse för barns och ungas hälsa. Hälsofrämjande arbete för barn och ungdomar, Studentlitteratur, 41-58, ISBN 978-91-44-07762-8,
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