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Magnus Englander
Associate Professor

Magnus Englander’s research is grounded in phenomenological psychology and its relation to qualitative research and a psychology as a human science. At Malmö University, his research is situated within the interdisciplinary research context of Health and Society. Englander’s research covers disciplinary perspectives such as, social psychology, social psychiatry, social cognition, social phenomenology, and social work. He also conducts research in the areas of the history of science and the theory of science; this in order to further the development of qualitative research methodology in psychology and the social sciences. Lately, Englander has researched phenomena such as empathy, social relations, scientific attitudes, epistemic relations, and knowledge claims. The research findings have been applied to ethnographic situations such as, professional encounters and qualitative research interviews.

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Contact details
Visiting address: Citadellsvägen 7, Gäddan, Plan 5
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:79

Phenomenology and the Social Context of Psychiatry
  • Publications

  • Last publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    2020 | Artikel i tidskrift
    Phenomenological Psychological Interviewing
    Englander Magnus

    2020 | Artikel i tidskrift
    Återhämtning från psykisk ohälsa i en professionell psykiatrisk omvårdnadskontext
    Ryttersund Anna, Sjögran Lotta, Englander Magnus

    2019 | Artikel i tidskrift
    The Practice of Phenomenological Empathy Training
    Englander Magnus

    2019 | Artikel i tidskrift
    Barns delaktighet i vårdnads-, boende- och umgängesutredningar
    Wågby Angelica, Englander Magnus

    2019 | Artikel i tidskrift
    General knowledge claims in qualitative research
    Englander Magnus

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