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Malin Lindroth
Associate Senior Lecturer

Malin Lindroth has a PhD in Health and Society, and is a registered nurse specialized in school health nursing. She is an assistant professor within sexology and sexuality studies, and teaches at the master program in sexology.

Lindroth´s dissertation focused sexual health among young people in secure state care. Her other research mainly concerns sexual health and rights for young people in state care, for transgender people, and for people in homelessness as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in higher education in Sweden. She is co-supervisor for PhD student Sofia Hammarström who implement the communication toolkit SEXIT (SEXual health Identification Tool) at youth clinics.

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Contact details
Visiting address: Citadellsvägen 7, Gäddan,
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:79

  • Publications

  • Last publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    2020 | Artikel i tidskrift
    "To live until you die could actually include being intimate and having sex"
    Hjalmarsson Emma, Lindroth Malin

    2020 | Artikel i tidskrift
    On the Outskirts of the Charmed Circle-Challenges and Limitations of Sexual Health Promotion to Young People in Secure State Care
    Lindroth Malin

    2019 | Artikel i tidskrift
    Identifying young people exposed to or at risk of sexual ill health
    Hammarström Sofia, Nilsen Per, Lindroth Malin, Stenqvist Karin, Bernhardsson Susanne

    2019 | Artikel i tidskrift
    'We try' - how nurses work with patient participation in forensic psychiatric care
    Magnusson Emilie, Axelsson Anna Karin, Lindroth Malin

    2019 | Artikel i tidskrift
    Education for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)
    Areskoug-Josefsson Kristina, Schindele Anna Chuchu, Deogan Charlotte, Lindroth Malin

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