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Zoran Vasiljevic
Director Of Studies/Lecturer

Contact details
Visiting address: Jan Waldenströms gata 25
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:46

  • Publications

  • Selected publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    Höglund, P., Öjehagen, A., Andersson, Claes, Vasiljevic, Zoran, Berglund, Mats (2013) "Psychosocial dysfunction is associated with recidivism in crime in paroled offenders" Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research;s2 Scientific Meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism, 260A028-260A, Wiley, ISSN 0145-6008, Other Abstract nr 028, DOI [länk],

    Doctoral thesis
    Vasiljevic, Zoran (2018) Ambulatory risk assessment and intervention in the prison services : Using Interactive Voice Response to assess and intervene on acute dynamic risk among prisoners on parole. Malmö University, ISBN 978-91-7104-896-7, 978-91-7104-897-4, ISSN 1653-5383, . (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    Vasiljevic, Zoran, Svensson, Robert, Shannon, David (2019) "Immigration and crime : a time-trend analysis of self-reported crime in Sweden, 1999–2017" Nordic Journal of Criminology;, Taylor & Francis, ISSN 2578-983X, DOI [länk],

    Öjehagen, Agneta, Vasiljevic, Zoran, Andersson, Claes (2017) "Using self-report inventories to assess recidivism risk among prisoners about to be released on parole supervision in Sweden" Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention;2, 191-199, Taylor & Francis, ISSN 1404-3858, DOI [länk],

    Öjehagen, Agneta, Höglund, Peter, Vasiljevic, Zoran, Berglund, Mats, Andersson, Claes (2017) "Daily Assessment of Acute Dynamic Risk in Paroled Offenders : Prediction, Predictive Accuracy and Intervention Effect" Psychiatry, Psychology and Law;5, 715-729, Taylor & Francis, ISSN 1321-8719, DOI [länk],

    Höglund, Peter, Öjehagen, Agneta, Andersson, Claes, Vasiljevic, Zoran, Berglund, Mats (2014) "Daily Automated Telephone Assessment and Intervention Improved 1-Month Outcome in Paroled Offenders" International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology;, 1-18, Sage, ISSN 0306-624X, DOI [länk],

    Conference Contributions
    Öjehagen, Agneta, Vasiljevic, Zoran, Andersson, Claes, Berglund, Mats (2014) "Using Interactive Voice Response to Measure Stressful Daily Events Among Prisoners on Parole" The American Society of Criminology, 70th Annual Meeting, (poster) (PDF document) (application/pdf)
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