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Petra Ragnerstam

Ph.D. in English literature

Research: Literature and Cultural Studies, literary and cultural theory, cross-media, adapation, Big literature.

Teaching: English and Cultural Studies.

Research project: Jane Austen and Big Literature

My current research deals with Jane Austen and how she and her novels appear in a number of areas not strictly literary. The literary field has for a long time been a major/sole actor when it comes the practices dealing with, defining and evaluating literature. But when literature as a phenomenon is studied in this postmodern, global age, it becomes clear that such practices for the most part take place elsewhere. Medialization has opened up for an expansion of literature and its practices, which becomes apparent in areas such as film, Tv-series, social media, blogs and interactive gaming. However, my research does not limit itself to the medialization of literature, since I argue that literary practices are equally prevalent in other cultural fields. Therefore I also study literary expressions in the public sphere, such as statues, stamps and museums, but also practices such as literary walks, literary tourism and living history. The reason why I have chosen to study Jane Austen as a literary phenomenon is because she is a good example of how literature, when moving outside the field of literature, gets new functions and is evaluated in new ways. I question the idea that the canonization, and the overall dominance of Jane Austen can be explained by the fact that her novels are studied and valued by literary scholars and critics or that her novels are taught in schools. I argue that in order to understand how literature operates today (definitions, exposure, evaluation, canonization) one must understand literature as it exists today—outside the literary field.

Research project: American Drama and the Production of Voice

My earlier research deals with voice in American drama and what happens to the highly ideologized voice when the textual drama is transferred to the visual film-medium. I this research I study dramas such as The Crucible, Strange Interlude, The Women, Glengarry Glenn Ross, The Dutchman and For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide.

Dissertation: Language, Subject, Ideology: The Politics of Representation in Virgina Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, Djuna Bernes’s Nightwood and Gertude Stein’s Lurch Church Amiably.

In my dissertation I researched the idea of political literature, and how three modernists—Virginia Woolf, Djuna Barnes and Gertrude Stein—used literary, narrative and aesthetic means to politicize literature. Underlying their avant-garde practices was a belief in linguistic innovation as a road towards political change.

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