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Robert Nilsson Mohammadi
Senior Lecturer

citat I am interested in how historical actors and the users of history can be activated in the writing of history. citat

I am a historian at the Urban Studies Department, where I am part of the Institute for Studies in Malmö’s History (IMH). My research concerns how historical actors, as well as users of history, can be activated in the writing of history. In my dissertation, I explore this problem in the successive depictions of the miners’ strike at the LKAB iron ore mines in northern Sweden 1969–70, and in interviews (oral history) with participants in the strike and with actors within the solidarity movement formed around the strike. Currently, I am planning and doing research in three areas: (1) Public history, narrativity, and the right to the city; (2) The history of youth work and youth work policy; (3) The reception of Black Power in Scandinavia, and Scandinavia as an arena for Black Panther Party.

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