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Michael Strange
Senior Lecturer

Michael Strange is Reader (Docent) in International Relations, at the Department of Global Political Studies. He has worked previously at both the Universities of Roskilde and Essex. He studied within the Department of Government at the University of Essex, achieving a Masters with Distinction in International Relations, and a PhD in Ideology and Discourse Analysis (supervisor: Aletta Norval).

Research centres

MIM - Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare pil show

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Collaborative Future Making pil show
MEDEA A Research Lab for Collaborative Media, Design, and Public pil show
Rethinking Democracy pil show

Faculties and departments

Department of Global Political Studies pil show
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Contact details
Visiting address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Niagara,
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:71

  • Publications

  • Selected publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    Lundberg, Anna, Lind, Jacob, Spång, Mikael, Strange, Michael (2015) "“Politiken tvingar flyktingar att riskera livet”" Svenska dagbladet, ISSN 1101-2412, URL [länk],

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    Strange, Michael (2015) "Power in global trade governance : is the EU a unitary actor, a tool for dominance, or a site of contestation? GATS and the TTIP negotiations" International journal of public administration;12, 884-894, Taylor & Francis, ISSN 0190-0692, DOI [länk],

    Strange, Michael (2014) "Do Non-State Actors Enhance the Accountability of Global Governance? The case of WTO Dispute Settlement" Journal of Global Policy and Governance;1, 95-112, Springer, ISSN 2194-7759, URL [länk],

    Strange, Michael, Lundberg, Anna (2014) "Education as hospitality" Peace Review : A Journal of Social Justice;2, 201-208, Taylor & Francis, ISSN 1040-2659, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Strange, Michael (2013) "Explaining WTO Negotiations by Domestic and International Factors : Review of Da Conceição-Heldt, Eugénia (2011) Negotiating Trade Liberalization at the WTO : Domestic Politics and Bargaining Dynamics" 75-77, Kennedy Center for International Studies, ISSN 2191-2556, URL [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Löfgren, Karl, Strange, Michael, Backman, Christel (2013) "Introduction : privacy and surveillance policy in a comparative perspective" Journal of Contemporary European Research;1, 116-119, UACES, ISSN 1815-347X, URL [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Strange, Michael (2013) "A European Identity in Global Campaigning? : Activist Groups and the ‘Seattle to Brussels’ (S2B) Network" Geopolitics;3, 612-632, Taylor & Francis, ISSN 1465-0045, DOI [länk],

    Strange, Michael (2011) "‘Act now and sign our joint statement!’ What role do online global group petitions play in transnational movement networks?" Media, Culture & Society;8, 1236-1253, SAGE, ISSN 0163-4437, DOI [länk],

    Strange, Michael (2011) "Discursivity of global governance: vestiges of ‘democracy’ in the World Trade Organization" Alternatives : Global, Local, Political;3, 240-256, SAGE, ISSN 0304-3754, DOI [länk],

    Strange, Michael (2014) Writing Global Trade Governance : discourse and the WTO. Routledge, 224, ISBN 9780415685078,

    Chapters in Monographs
    Anheier, Helmut, Jurgensmeyer, Mark (red./ed.) | Strange, Michael (2012) International Non-Governmental Organizations, Quasi-Forms. SAGE, 943-946, ISBN 9781412964296, URL [länk],

    Anheier, Helmut, Jurgensmeyer, Mark (red./ed.) | Strange, Michael (2012) Governance Networks, Transnational. SAGE, 771-774, ISBN 9781412964296, DOI [länk], URL [länk],

    Other publishing
    Mogensen, Lars (red./ed.) | Strange, Michael (2011) "GPS discussant" Malmö University,
  • Other tasks and merits



    Writing Global Trade Governance. Single-authored manuscript under contract with Routledge, to be published in the ‘Interventions’ series co-edited by Nick Vaugha-Williams and Jenny Edkins.


    (2011) ’Discursivity of global governance: vestiges of ‘democracy’ in the World Trade Organization’, Alternatives (36:3).

    (2011) 'The articulation of transnational campaigns – a discourse theoretical analysis', Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD) (5:1).

    (2011) 'Why Network Across National Borders?' Journal of Civil Society (7:1) pp.63-79.


    (Forthcoming) ’Transnational Networks and the Making of Global Governance – the Example of Non-State Actors in the Multilateral Trade Regime’, in A. M. Bissessar (ed.) Governance – Is it for Everyone? (Nova Science).

    (Forthcoming) (co-authored with Peter Aagaard) ’Complex global governance – a new methodology?’, in A. M. Bissessar (ed.) Governance – Is it for Everyone? (Nova Science).

    (Forthcoming) ‘Governance Networks, Transnational’, in Jurgensmeyer, M. (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Global Studies (London: SAGE).

    (Forthcoming) ‘International Non-Governmental Organizations, Quasi-Forms’, in Jurgensmeyer, M. (ed.) SAGE Encyclopaedia of Global Studies (London: SAGE).

    (2010) ‘Global Networking to Increase Member-State Capacity Within the Dispute Settlement Process’, WTO Public Forum 2009 – Global Problems; Global Solutions (Geneva: WTO Publications).


    (2009) Review of Aram Ziai (ed.) 'Exploring post-development: theory and practice, problems and perspectives', Development and Change, 40:3.

    (2009) Review of John M. Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke's 'Everyday Politics of the World Economy', Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 37:3, pp.829-831.

    (2008) Review of Brett Bowden and Leonard Seabrooke's 'Global Standards of Market Civilization', Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 37:1, pp.241-243.

    (2007) Review of Leonard Seabrooke's ‘The social sources of financial power', Millennium: Journal of international studies, 36:1, pp.185-187 (December).

    (2005) ‘Review: Paul Kingsnorth ‘One No, Many Yeses: A Journey to the Heart of the Global Resistance Movement’, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 33:3, June, pp.901-903.


    (2007) ‘An open-ended European Public Sphere’, CINEFOGO, (4).

    (2006) ‘MI5 report should prompt a re-evaluation of what terrorism is’, The Guardian, Tuesday 14th November.

    (2006) ‘US decline is not inevitable’, The Guardian Weekly, December 8th-14th.

    (2005) ‘Empowering university students as “global citizens”’, The Development Education Journal, 12.1, pp.25-26.


    Post-doc research project ‘Complex decision-making at the global level: the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body as a transnational governance network’, hosted by the Centre for Democratic Network Governance (Roskilde University) and funded by the Danish Social Science Research Council.

    PhD studentship, Department of Government, University of Essex

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