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Annica Andersson
Associate Professor

Annica Andersson is an associate professor at the Department for Mathematics and Science teaching, Malmö University. She has a teaching background from upper secondary teaching in mathematics and psychology, prior to being a teacher educator. Annica earned her PhD at Aalborg University, with a thesis focusing teacher’s and students’ identities in a context of critical mathematics education. Annica’s research is located at the intersections of mathematics education, language, cultural responsiveness and social justice with a particular focus on equity, authority, discourses and human relationships in mathematics education school contexts. Lately, through her work together with Professor David Wagner, has been directed towards identifying positioning and authority structures in mathematical conversations. Her work has been published in Educational Studies in Mathematics, Mathematics Education Research Journal, For the Learning of Mathematics, Journal of Urban Mathematics Education and presented at several PME conferences.

Contact details
Visiting address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 10, Orkanen, F407
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:40

  • Publications

  • Selected publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    Chronaki, Anna (red./ed.) | Andersson, Annica, Wagner, David (2017) "Love and bullying in mathematical conversations" Proceedings of the Ninth International Mathematics Education and Society Conference : Mathematics Education and Life at Times of Crisis; the 9th International Mathematics Education and Society Conference - MES9, 382-392, University of Thessaly Press, ISBN 978-960-9439-49-7, (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Wood, M B, Turner, E E, Civil, M, Eli, J A (red./ed.) | Andersson, Annica, Wagner, David (2016) "Language repertoires for mathematical and other discourses" 1166-1172, University of Arizona, ISBN 978-0-692-62876-8, (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    Andersson, Annica, le Roux, Kate (2017) "Toward an Ethical Attitude in Mathematics Education Research Writing" Journal of Urban Mathematics Education;10, 74-94, Georgia State University, ISSN 2151-2612, (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Andersson, Annica, Wagner, David (2017) "Numbers for truth and reconciliation : Mathematical choices in ethically rich texts" Journal of Mathematics and Culture;3, 18-35, ISSN 1558–5336, (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Seah, Wee Tiong, Andersson, Annica, Bishop, Alan, Clarlson, Philip (2016) "What would the mathematics curriculum look like if values were the focus?" For the Learning of Mathematics;36, 14-20, FLM Publishing Association, ISSN 0228-0671,

    Conference Contributions
    Andersson, Annica, Wagner, David (2017) "Balancing Acts : Numbers for truth and reconciliation." IndigMec - Indigenous Mathematics Education Conference, (other) URL [länk],

    Previous publications
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