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Jesper Fundberg
Senior Lecturer

Fil.dr ethnology. Associate Professor at the Police Program. Masculinity research, gender science, feminist theory, postcolonial theory, queer theories. Research on men's culture of silence within the police. Collaboration project with POMA (Rosengård station on Attractive workplace - more women as group managers?)

Works 50% at Malmö University. Other work: On the Equal Treatment at the Police Authority.

Faculties and departments

Faculty of Health and Society pil show
Unit for Police Work pil show

Contact details
Visiting address: Östra Varvsgatan 11, Kranen 2, Plan 2
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:41

  • Publications

  • Last publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    2018 | Artikel i tidskrift
    Men and Women in Immunology
    Helbig Christina, Williamson Catherine, Fundberg Jesper, Openshaw Peter J M, Fogdell-Hahn Anna

    2017 | Konferensbidrag
    A Child´s perspective in football coach education
    Buhre Torsten, Lagergren Lars, Fundberg Jesper

    2015 | Artikel i tidskrift
    Varför spelar tjejer damfotboll?
    Fundberg Jesper, Lagergren Lars

    2015 | Artikel i tidskrift
    På väg mot eliten
    Lagergren Lars, Fundberg Jesper

    2010 | Rapport
    Utvärdering av projektet Senior Sports School
    Andersson Tina, Fundberg Jesper, Lagergren Lars

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