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Eva Wolf
Senior Lecturer/Senior Dental Officer

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Visiting address: Carl Gustafs väg 34, Klerken, 5346
Postal address:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
Delivery address:44

  • Publications

  • Selected publications from Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

    Fransson, Helena, Wolf, Eva, Petersson, Kerstin (2016) "Formation of a hard tissue barrier after experimental pulp capping or partial pulpotomy in humans : an updated systematic review" International Endodontic Journal;, 533–542, Wiley, ISSN 1365-2591, DOI [länk],

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    Granevik Lindström, Maria, Wolf, Eva, Fransson, Helena (2017) "The Antibacterial Effect of Nd:YAG Laser Treatment of Teeth with Apical Periodontitis : A Randomized Controlled Trial" Journal of Endodontics;6, 857-863, Elsevier, ISSN 0099-2399, DOI [länk],

    Petersson, Kerstin, Fransson, Helena, Wolf, Eva, Håkansson, Jan (2016) "Twenty-year follow-up of root filled teeth in a Swedish population receiving high-cost dental care" International Endodontic Journal;7, 636-645, Wiley, ISSN 0143-2885, DOI [länk], (PDF document) (application/pdf)

    Dawson, Victoria, Petersson, Kerstin, Wolf, Eva, Åkerman, Sigvard (2016) "Periapical status of root-filled teeth restored with composite, amalgam, or full crown restorations: a cross-sectional study of a Swedish adult population" Journal of Endodontics;9, 1326-33, Elsevier, ISSN 0099-2399, DOI [länk],

    Koch, Margareta, Wolf, Eva, Tegelberg, Åke, Petersson, Kerstin (2015) "Effect of education intervention on the quality and long-term outcomes of root canal treatment in general practice" International Endodontic Journal;7, 680-689, Wiley, ISSN 0143-2885, DOI [länk],

    Wolf, Eva, Pigg, Maria, Fransson, Helena, Jonasson, Peter (2014) "Antibiotikabehandling vid endodontiska infektioner" Tandläkartidningen;4, 76-8, Tandläkarförbundet, ISSN 0039-6982, URL [länk],

    Koch, Margaretha, Englander, Magnus, Tegelberg, Åke, Wolf, Eva (2014) "Successful clinical and organisational change in endodontic practice : a qualitative study" European Journal of Dental Education;3, 121–127, Wiley, ISSN 1396-5883, DOI [länk],

    Dawson, Victoria, Petersson, Kerstin, Wolf, Eva, Åkerman, Sigvard (2014) "Periapical status of non-root-filled teeth with resin composite, amalgam, or full crown restorations : a cross-sectional study of a Swedish adult population" Journal of Endodontics;9, 1303-1308, Elsevier, ISSN 0099-2399, DOI [länk],

    Fransson, Helena, Larsson, Kerstin, Wolf, Eva (2013) "Efficacy of lasers as an adjunct to chemo-mechanical disinfection of infected root canals: a systematic review." International Endodontic Journal;4, 296-307, Wiley-Blackwell, ISSN 0143-2885, DOI [länk],

    Wolf, Eva, Birgerstam, Pirjo, Nilner, Maria, Petersson, Kerstin (2008) "Nonspecific chronic orofacial pain: Studying patient experiences and perspectives with a qualitative approach" Journal of Orofacial pain;4, 349-58, ISSN 1064-6655,

    Wolf, Eva, Birgerstam, Pirjo, Nilner, Maria, Petersson, Kerstin (2006) "Patients` experiences of consultations for nonspecific chronic orofacial pain: A phenomenological study" Journal of Orofacial Pain;3, 226-33, ISSN 1064-6655,

    Bondemark, Lars, List, Thomas, Ekberg, EwaCarin, Eriksson, Lars, Nilner, Maria, Petersson, Arne, Petersson, Kerstin, Tegelberg, Åke, Wolf, Eva (2008) "Funktionsstörningar och smärta" Tandläkartidningen;9-10, 64-8, ISSN 0039-6982,

    Chapters in Monographs
    Hertting, Anna, Kristenson, Margareta (red./ed.) | Wolf, Eva (2012) Lyssnande möten i tandvården. Hälsofrämjande möten : från barnhälsovård till palliativ vård, Studentlitteratur, 129-136, ISBN 9789144070452,

    Conference Contributions
    Wolf, Eva, Nilner, Maria, Petersson, Kerstin, Birgerstam, P (2007) "The non-specific chronic orofacial pain patients´attitude to every-day life. A phenomenological study." , (peer-review paper) 13th Biennial European Society of Endodontology, Istanbul 6-8/9 2007.,
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