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Subject didactics

Researchers within Subject didactics.
Hasslöf, Helen, Senior Lecturer
Subject didactics; Education; Sustainable development and education; Environmental education; Outdoor education; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Natural sciences; Ecology
Nordén, Birgitta, Senior Lecturer
Educational sciences; Subject didactics; Science education; Outdoor pedagogy; Interdisciplinary research areas; Transdisciplinary learning; Education and sustainable development; Learning for sustainable development; Global learning and teaching towards sustainability; Global classroom; Ict mediated learning; Youth research; Teacher students place-based learning ; Natural sciences; Green schools & eco-schools didactics; Social sciences; Subject education; Learning & teaching; Education
Olander, Clas, Associate Professor Of Natural Sciences Didactics
Subject didactics; Education; Literacy; Multimodal representations; Professional development
Ryan, Ulrika, Senior Lecturer
Education; Mathematics education; Inferentialism; Subject didactics
Schubert, Per, Senior Lecturer
Earth sciences; Subject didactics; Remote sensing; Geographical information systems; Ecosystems; Ecosystem services; Didactics of geography
Sjöström, Jesper, Associate Professor
Didaktik; Bildung; Subject didactics; Science education; Education for sustainability; Green and sustainable chemistry; Scientific literacy; Emancipatory scholarship of teaching and learning; Philosophy of science education; Didactic modelling; Education; Didaktik
Walldén, Robert, Associate Senior Lecturer
Systemic-functional linguistics; Subject didactics; Genre theory; Critical discourse analysis; Sociology of education; Education; Literacy; Second language instruction; Classroom discourse
Wennås Brante, Eva, Senior Lecturer