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Department of Urban Studies researchers in alphabetical order



Alwall, Jonas
Alwall, Jonas, deputy secretary/senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Sociology; Humanities and religion; Sociology of religion; Social sciences

Andersson, Magnus
Andersson, Magnus, senior lecturer

Economic geography; Spatial analysis; Internationalisation, emerging markets, sustainable development, gis; Real estate studies

Appelqvist, Maria
Appelqvist, Maria, senior lecturer

Sociology; Asylum policy; Models of refugee reception


Baeten, Guy
Baeten, Guy, professor

Social sciences

Bissmont, Mimmi
Bissmont, Mimmi

Interdisciplinary research areas; Waste

Björk, Fredrik
Björk, Fredrik, lecturer

Bohman, Helena
Bohman, Helena, senior lecturer

Statistics; Economics; Human geography, economic geography; Business and economics

Borgström, Benedikte
Borgström, Benedikte, senior lecturer

Transport management; Business studies


Carlsson, Carl-Magnus
Claesson, Ragnhild
Claesson, Ragnhild, research assistant



Dabaieh, Marwa
Dabaieh, Marwa, senior lecturer

Vernacular architecture, passive design, earth buildings, sustainable building conservation, zero emission buildings, participatory design, transdisciplinary action research

Dackert, Ingrid
Dackert, Ingrid, senior lecturer

DeBono, Daniela
DeBono, Daniela, senior lecturer

Law/jurisprudence; Social sciences; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Migration

Dikec, Mustafa
Dikec, Mustafa, visiting professor


Edvik, Anders
Edvik, Anders, senior lecturer

Ek, Anne-Charlotte
Ek, Anne-Charlotte, lecturer

Social sciences; Pedagogical work; Media and communication studies; Interdisciplinary research areas; Gender studies

Ewald, Göran
Ewald, Göran, senior lecturer

Natural sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas


Fonseca, Claudia
Fonseca, Claudia

Social sciences; Neoliberal urbanization; Critical urban theory; Mexico; Political science; Human geography

Forssell, Rebecka
Forssell, Rebecka, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Cyberbullying, cyberharassment, work life; Social sciences

Fridriksson, Helgi-Valur
Fridriksson, Helgi-Valur, senior lecturer

Social sciences


Geisler, Martin
Geisler, Martin, postdoc

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Grander, Martin
Grander, Martin, doctoral student/project coordinator

Social sciences; Sociology; Housing research; Urban development; Political science

Grundström, Karin
Grundström, Karin, senior lecturer

Aesthetic subjects; Settlement studies; Social sciences; Sustainable urban development; Development studies; Civil engineering and architecture; Gender studies


Hallin, Per Olof
Hallin, Per Olof, researcher

Human geography; Social sciences

Hamidi, Zahra
Hamidi, Zahra, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas

Hansen, Christina
Hansen, Christina, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Migration; Social sciences; Activism and resistance; Urban restructuring and inequality; Anthropology

Herbert, Mikaela
Herbert, Mikaela, doctoral student

Social sciences; Human geography, economic geography; Political science

Håkansson, Peter
Håkansson, Peter, senior lecturer


Ingman, Sissi
Ingman, Sissi, senior lecturer

Human communication; Technology and social change; Organizing, projects, participation, hannah arendt; Philosophy subjects


Jallow, Sabina
Jallow, Sabina, doctoral student

Jingryd, Ola
Jingryd, Ola, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence; Real estate law, property law, real estate science; Real estate brokerage, real estate agents, housing market

Johansson, Magnus
Johansson, Magnus, senior lecturer

Sustaianbel urban developmnet, collaboartive planning and management, community work, action reserach; Social sciences; Social sciences; Education; Social innovations; Education; Interdisciplinary research areas

Johansson, Roger
Johansson, Roger, department manager/professor


Jönsson, Sandra
Jönsson, Sandra, senior lecturer

Psychology; Work sciences


Karlsson, Ulrika
Karlsson, Ulrika, doctoral student

Work sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Kärrholm, Mattias
Kärrholm, Mattias, professor

Built environment; Planning and urban design; Public space; Social sciences; Aesthetic subjects; Settlement studies; Civil engineering and architecture


Landeman, Marc
Landeman, Marc, doctoral student

Private law; Law/jurisprudence; Interdisciplinary research areas

Languilaire, Jean-Charles
Languilaire, Jean-Charles, senior lecturer

Business studies; Work/non-work experiences, work-life balance, leadership, human resources

Larsson, Per
Larsson, Per

Urban commons; Urban development; Co use; Other civil engineering and architecture

Lindqvist, Sylwia
Lindqvist, Sylwia, senior lecturer

Law/jurisprudence; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Lisberg Jensen, Ebba
Lisberg Jensen, Ebba, senior lecturer

Sustainable development; Human ecology

Listerborn, Carina
Listerborn, Carina, professor

; Institute for urban research ; Gender studies; Human geography; Other civil engineering and architecture

Liu, Ju
Liu, Ju, senior lecturer

Business studies; Human geography, economic geography; Interdisciplinary research areas; Technology and social change; Innovation, network analysis, sustainability, globalisation, entrepreneurship; Social sciences

Lundsten, Jonas
Lundsten, Jonas, senior lecturer


Magnusson, Jesper
Magnusson, Jesper, senior lecturer

Architecture, urban design, public life

Matsson, Anneli
Matsson, Anneli, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Social psychology; Organisational and management theory; Adr - alternative dispute resolution

McGlinn, Malin
McGlinn, Malin, lecturer

Social sciences; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; Gender studies; Interdisciplinary research areas

Muhonen, Tuija
Muhonen, Tuija, professor

Work sciences; Gender studies; Gender equality; Work life; Psychology


Nilsson, Désirée
Nilsson, Désirée, senior lecturer

Public transport, effects on society, urban and regional development; Economics; Human geography, economic geography

Nilsson, Jerry
Nilsson, Jerry, adjunct senior lecturer

Nilsson Mohammadi, Robert
Nilsson Mohammadi, Robert, research assistant

Humanities and religion; History subjects; History; History and philosophy subjects; Oral history; Urban history; Leisure policy; Youth work and community work; Public history; Social memory and the social production of history; Narratives and meaning-making; Social movements and protest culture; 1968; Racism and anti-racism

Nordgren, Johan
Nordgren, Johan, lecturer

Social sciences; Social work; Sociology

Nordqvist, Joakim
Nordqvist, Joakim, adjunct senior lecturer

Nylinder, Pia
Nylinder, Pia, senior lecturer

Nylund, Katarina
Nylund, Katarina, senior professor


Olsson, Lina
Olsson, Lina, senior lecturer

Urban planning; Land policy; Planning theory; Urban development; Spatial production; Participation and democracy; Public space; Spatial appropriation and cultural identity

Ottosson, Mikael Fredrik
Ottosson, Mikael Fredrik, senior lecturer

Work sciences; Humanities and religion; History; Social sciences


Palm, Peter
Palm, Peter, senior lecturer

Property management; Real estate valuation; Civil engineering and architecture

Parker, Peter
Parker, Peter, senior lecturer

Commons; Public space; Property; Democracy; Social sciences

Peiteado Fernandez, Vitor
Peiteado Fernandez, Vitor, doctoral student

Persdotter, Maria
Persdotter, Maria, doctoral student

Human geography; Social sciences

Petersson, Charlotte
Petersson, Charlotte, lecturer

Work sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences

Pull, Emil
Pull, Emil, doctoral student

Social sciences; Displacement; Human geography; Urban studies; Housing research


Ristilammi, Per-Markku
Ristilammi, Per-Markku, professor



Sandell, Kerstin
Sandell, Kerstin, head of department/lecturer

Gender studies; Sociology; Technology and social change

Scholten, Christina
Scholten, Christina, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Urban studies; Gender, gender equality, working life, planning, sustainable mobilities; Human geography, economic geography

Sederblad, Per
Sederblad, Per, senior lecturer

; Work sciences

Staffansson-Pauli, Karin
Staffansson-Pauli, Karin, deputy secretary/senior lecturer

Organization; Real estate science; Gender studies

Stigendal, Mikael
Stigendal, Mikael, professor


Stjernborg, Vanessa
Svenér, Maria
Svenér, Maria, doctoral student


Tateishi, Eigo
Tateishi, Eigo, doctoral student

Social sciences; Statistics; Human geography, economic geography; Sociology

Tran, Hoai Anh
Tran, Hoai Anh, senior lecturer

Urban development, urban planning and social justice mainly in developing countries; Housing research; Urban space production, urban qualities; Globalisation, urban changes and identity construction


Vitestam-Blomqvist, Birgitta


Westerberg, Karin
Westerberg, Karin, lecturer

Energy planning and climate strategies; Urban and rural development; Participatory planning; Environmental science

Westerdahl, Stig
Westerdahl, Stig, senior lecturer

Business studies; Social sciences; Real estate science

Westin, Roger
Westin, Roger, doctoral student

Wikström, Tomas
Wikström, Tomas, researcher

Civil engineering and architecture

Witmer, Hope
Witmer, Hope, senior lecturer


Öresjö, Eva