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Department of Social Work researchers in alphabetical order



Alftberg, Åsa
Alftberg, Åsa, Lecturer

Disability studies, ageing, ethnography, cultural analysis

Andersson, Catrine
Andersson, Catrine, Director Of Studies/Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Social policy; Sociology; Gender studies; Marriage; Sexuality; Queer

Ankarloo, Daniel
Ankarloo, Daniel, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences

Apelmo, Elisabet
Apelmo, Elisabet, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Sociology of the body, sociology of sports, phenomenology, feminist theory, gender, intersectionality, critical disability studies/queer theory, visual methodology and analysis; Gender studies


Björkhagen Turesson, Annelie
Björkhagen Turesson, Annelie, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Social work; Family research; Infant; Attachment; Resilience; Systemic perspective; Youth; Prison; Home based intervention


Carlbom, Aje
Carlbom, Aje, Programme Co-Ordinator/Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Multiculturalism, ethnic and religious segregation, gender and sexuality, islamism, integration

Cederberg, Margareta
Cederberg, Margareta, Promoted Senior Lecturer

Education; Social work; Youth research; Sociology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Children; Social innovations; Human-animal-interaction; Social sciences

Cervin, Cecilia
Cervin, Cecilia, Doctoral Student

Interdisciplinary research areas

Christensen, Jonas
Christensen, Jonas, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Social research, educational science; profession, organizational learning, social welfare and aging, participatory research, resilience, international social work, teaching languages: english, german,swedish

Cuadra, Carin
Cuadra, Carin, Associate Professor

Social sciences; Security, risk, disaster risk reduction, ecosocial work


Djampour, Pouran
Djampour, Pouran, Lecturer

Social sciences; Social work; Migration; Ethnography; Youth research; Postcolonialism; Critical border studies; Gender; Odontology

Dychawy-Rosner, Irena
Dychawy-Rosner, Irena, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Participatory action research; Internationalisation of higher education; Older people and ageing; Social welfare/social pedagogics


Egard, Hanna
Egard, Hanna, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Disability, social interaction, accessibility, autonomy, participation, personal assistance, ; Interdisciplinary research areas; Accessibility

Elmerstig, Eva
Elmerstig, Eva, Senior Lecturer

Sexology; Gender studies; Obstetrics and gynaecology; Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas; Obstetrics and women's diseases; Reproductive health; Public health medicine research areas; Sexual and reproductive health

Englander, Magnus
Englander, Magnus, Senior Lecturer

Phenomenology; Psychology; Social work


Friberg, Torbjörn
Friberg, Torbjörn, Senior Lecturer

Social anthropology; Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography; Social sciences; Ethnography; Social work; Ethnography, policy and organisation


Germundsson, Per
Germundsson, Per, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Collaboration; Social representations; Disability studies; Vocational rehabilitation

Grönvall, Ylva
Grönvall, Ylva, Doctoral Student

Sexology; Social sciences; Social work; Interdisciplinary research areas; Gender studies


Herz, Marcus
Herz, Marcus, Programme Co-Ordinator/Senior Lecturer

Social work; Gender studies; Ethnicity; Youth research; Ethnography; Migration; Refugees; Critical social work

Holmström, Charlotta
Holmström, Charlotta, Department Manager/Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas


Ingvad, Bengt
Ingvad, Bengt, Promoted Senior Lecturer

Care work; Personal interaction; Social relationships; Home care services; The formal organization for home care services; Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Older people and ageing; Interdisciplinary research areas


Johansson, Mon
Johansson, Mon, Lecturer

Social sciences; Sociology; Gender studies

Johnsdotter, Sara
Johnsdotter, Sara, Professor

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Johnson, Björn
Johnson, Björn, Professor

Political science; Social work; Public sector research; Mass communication; Other social sciences; Health and medical services in society; Social sciences; Social sciences


Kolfjord, Ingela
Kolfjord, Ingela, Senior Lecturer

Law/jurisprudence; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Criminology; Sociology; Sociology of law; Sports; Gender studies; Children; Ethnicity

Krantz, Oskar
Krantz, Oskar, Promoted Senior Lecturer

Disability research; Community medicine; Sociology; Disability; Assistive devices; Interaction

Kvist, Martin
Kvist, Martin, Doctoral Student

Social policy; Social sciences; Youth research; Social work; Labour market research


Lalander, Philip
Lalander, Philip, Professor

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Criminology; Sociology; Sociology of law; Youth criminality; Gang criminality; User involvement; Heroin; Migration; Refugees; Social anthropology/ethnography; Youth research; Gender studies; Illegal drugs; Alcohol; Gambling

Larsson, Camilla
Larsson, Camilla, Doctoral Student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Sexology; Migration; Gender studies

Lill, Linda
Lill, Linda, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Sociology; Demography; Interdisciplinary research areas; Work sciences; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Older people and ageing

Lukkerz, Jack
Lukkerz, Jack, Lecturer

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Disability research; Sexology

Lundberg, Susanna
Lundberg, Susanna, Senior Lecturer

Sociology; Social work; Labour, class, racialization, whiteness, national community; Social sciences; Social innovations; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Migration; Work sciences

Löfgren-Mårtenson, Lotta
Löfgren-Mårtenson, Lotta, Professor

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sexology, sexual and reproductive health and rights, youth, professionalization, intellectual disability, internet, sex education


Magnusson, Finnur
Magnusson, Finnur, Head Of Department/Professor

Social sciences; The ageing body, old age, modernity, nursing homes, ethnicity, class

Matsson, Anneli
Matsson, Anneli, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social psychology; Organisational and management theory; Adr - alternative dispute resolution

Mulinari, Paula
Mulinari, Paula, Senior Lecturer


Nordgren, Camilla
Nordgren, Camilla, Director Of Studies/Senior Lecturer

Disability research; Every day life; Parenthood; Social sciences; Social work

Nordgren, Johan
Nordgren, Johan, Lecturer

Social sciences; Sociology; Social work

Norstedt, Maria
Norstedt, Maria, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Sociology; Disability research; Health and medical services in society; Institutional ethnography


Ouis, Pernilla
Ouis, Pernilla, Promoted Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography; Ethnography; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sexology; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Other humanities and religion; Humanities and religion


Petersson, Charlotte C
Petersson, Charlotte C, Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Social anthropology; Social work; Ethnography; Music therapy

Plantin, Lars
Plantin, Lars, Vice Dean/Professor

Social sciences; Social sciences; Social work; Family research; Fathers


Raoof, Dawan
Raoof, Dawan, Doctoral Student

Political science; Sociology; Migration; Ethnicity; Youth research; Human communication

Richert, Torkel
Richert, Torkel, Promoted Senior Lecturer

Social sciences

Righard, Erica
Righard, Erica, Associate Professor

Social sciences; Social policy; Social work; Interdisciplinary research areas; Knowledge production; Migration; Transnationalism

Runesson, Ingrid
Runesson, Ingrid, Promoted Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Social work; Interdisciplinary research areas; Working life; Disability research; Rehabilitation ; Older people and ageing; Migration; Children


Sixtensson, Johanna
Sixtensson, Johanna, Lecturer

Gender studies; Ungdomsforskning; Intersektionalitet; Social sciences; Sociologi; Socialt arbete; Interdisciplinary research areas; Rumsforskning; Flickforskning

Staaf, Annika
Staaf, Annika , Promoted Senior Lecturer

Law/jurisprudence; Social sciences; Public law; Other law; Social sciences; Gender studies; Human rights

Svensson, Bengt
Svensson, Bengt, Senior Professor

Social work; Social sciences


Tornberg, Jakob
Tornberg, Jakob, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Statistics; Social work; Psychology; Sexology


Weber, Magnus
Weber, Magnus, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Sociology; governance; risk; policy; expertise


Zettervall, Charlotta
Zettervall, Charlotta, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences


Öberg, Klara
Öberg, Klara, Postdoc

Social sciences