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Faculty of Culture and Society researchers in alphabetical order



Adolfsson, Caroline
Adolfsson, Caroline, Doctoral Student

Identity, belongingness, stereotype threat theory, social psychology, in-group, out-group

Alwall, Jonas
Alwall, Jonas, Senior Lecturer

Sociology of religion; Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Sociology; Interdisciplinary research areas

Andersson, Magnus
Andersson, Magnus, Senior Lecturer

Spatial analysis; Internationalisation, emerging markets, sustainable development, gis; Real estate studies; Economic geography

Appelqvist, Maria
Appelqvist, Maria, Senior Lecturer

Asylum policy; Models of refugee reception; Sociology

Askanius, Tina
Askanius, Tina, Senior Lecturer

Humanities and religion; Media and communication studies; Social movement media practices, media and collective action/ activism; Social sciences


Baeten, Guy
Baeten, Guy, Professor

Social sciences

Berndtsen Gotfredsen, Katrine
Berndtsen Gotfredsen, Katrine, Senior Lecturer

Humanities and religion

Bevelander, Pieter
Bevelander, Pieter, Professor

; Work sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Migration; Ethnicity; Social sciences; Business and economics

Bjärstorp, Sara
Bjärstorp, Sara, Head Of Department/Senior Lecturer

Humanities and religion; English language; Literature

Björk, Fredrik
Björk, Fredrik, Lecturer

Bohman, Helena
Bohman, Helena, Senior Lecturer

Human geography, economic geography; Business and economics; Economics; Statistics

Borgström, Benedikte
Borgström, Benedikte, Senior Lecturer

Transport management; Business studies

Brännmark, Johan
Brännmark, Johan, Senior Lecturer

Bunescu, Ioana
Bunescu, Ioana, Research Fellow

Ethnicity; Migration; Asylum, return, inter-ethnic relations, identity politics, the roma people in europe


Carlsson, Carl-Magnus
Claesson, Ragnhild
Claesson, Ragnhild, Research Assistant


Clavier, Berndt
Clavier, Berndt, Senior Lecturer

Modernity; Postmodernity; The subject-object distinctioin; Race; Citizenship; Cosmopolitanism; History and philosophy subjects; Humanities and religion; Literature; English language; Social sciences; Ethnicity; Social cohesion; The politics of truth; Heidegger; Foucualt; Historical a priori; Philosophy subjects

Cory, Erin
Cory, Erin, Senior Lecturer


Dabaieh, Marwa
Dabaieh, Marwa, Researcher

Vernacular architecture, passive design, earth buildings, sustainable building conservation, zero emission buildings, participatory design, transdisciplinary action research

Dahlstedt, Inge
Dahlstedt, Inge, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

DeBono, Daniela
DeBono, Daniela, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Migration

Denskus, Tobias
Denskus, Tobias, Senior Lecturer

Dikec, Mustafa
Dikec, Mustafa, Researcher

Dittmar, Jakob
Dittmar, Jakob, Senior Lecturer

Visual communication, representation, comics storytelling, character design, ; Puppetry, theatre; Humanities and religion


Edgren, Monika
Edgren, Monika, Professor

Gender studies; Gender studies; Narratives of sexual violence; Postcolonial perspectives

Edvik, Anders
Edvik, Anders, Senior Lecturer

Ek, Anne-Charlotte
Ek, Anne-Charlotte, Lecturer

Gender studies; Media and communication studies; Interdisciplinary research areas; Pedagogical work; Social sciences

Ekstedt, Johan
Ekstedt, Johan, Doctoral Student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; International migration, frontline-bureaucrats, norms and values in international migration

Emilson, Anders
Emilson, Anders, Senior Lecturer

Interaction design; Social innovation; Sustainable development; Service design

Emilsson, Henrik
Emilsson, Henrik, Researcher

Migration policy; Integration policy; Migration; Social sciences

Engstrand, Sandra
Engstrand, Sandra, Research Assistant

Ericson, Magnus
Ericson, Magnus, Head Of Department/Senior Lecturer

Eriksson, Inge
Eriksson, Inge, Lecturer

Local history; Historical culture; International history; Nationalism; Cultural studies; Twentieth century europe, central- and eastern europe; European studies; Interdisciplinary research areas; Other social sciences; Social sciences

Ewald, Göran
Ewald, Göran, Senior Lecturer

Natural sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas


Farkas, Johan
Farkas, Johan, Doctoral Student

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Media and communication studies

Farran-Lee, Martin
Farran-Lee, Martin, Adjunct Professor

Fernandez, Christian
Fernandez, Christian, Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Social sciences

Forssell, Rebecka
Forssell, Rebecka, Doctoral Student

Cyberbullying, cyberharassment, work life; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences

Fridriksson, Helgi-Valur
Fridriksson, Helgi-Valur, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences


Geisler, Martin
Geisler, Martin, Postdoc

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Gkouskos, Dimitrios
Gkouskos, Dimitrios, Postdoc

User experience design research; Social sciences; Information technology; Design theory

Grundström, Karin
Grundström, Karin, Senior Lecturer

Sustainable urban development; Development studies; Social sciences; Aesthetic subjects; Settlement studies; Gender studies; Civil engineering and architecture


Hall, Patrik
Hall, Patrik, Professor

Hallberg, Peter
Hallberg, Peter, Senior Lecturer

History of ideas, philosophy, political theory; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; Social sciences

Hallin, Per Olof
Hallin, Per Olof, Senior Professor

Social sciences; Human geography

Hamidi, Zahra
Hamidi, Zahra, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Statistics, computer and systems science; Other social sciences

Hansen, Anne-Marie
Hansen, Anne-Marie, Senior Lecturer

Interaction design; Social innovations; Health and medical services in society; Human communication; Technology and social change; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sports; Older people and ageing

Hansen, Christina
Hansen, Christina, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Migration; Activism and resistance; Urban restructuring and inequality; Anthropology

Hansson, Cecilia
Hansson, Cecilia, Lecturer

Literature; Sociology of culture, social and cultural fields, modernism/modernity; Humanities and religion

Harvard, Åsa
Harvard, Åsa, Senior Lecturer

Cognitive science; Interaction design

Hedemyr Törnqvist, Marika
Hedemyr Törnqvist, Marika, Doctoral Student

Interaction design; Embodied interaction; Choreography; Public space

Hedin, Astrid
Hedin, Astrid, Senior Lecturer

New institutionalist theory; Organization theory; Swedish politics and public administration ; Communist regimes; International organizations; Social sciences; Political science

Hellberg, Therese
Hellberg, Therese, Doctoral Student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Media and communication studies; Gender studies; Literature

Hellström Reimer, Maria
Hellström Reimer, Maria, Professor

Artistic research; Design theory; Interdisciplinary research areas; Miljöhumaniora; Design action; Representation and performativity; The philosophies of practical knowing; Environmental humanities

Hemer, Oscar
Hemer, Oscar, Professor

Artistic research; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Anthropology, creative writing, communication for development; Literary translator friom spanish

Herbert, Mikaela
Herbert, Mikaela, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Human geography, economic geography; Political science

Heyer, Clint
Heyer, Clint, Senior Lecturer

Interaction design

Hilfling Nielsen, Linda
Hilfling Nielsen, Linda, Doctoral Student

Hillgren, Per-Anders
Hillgren, Per-Anders, Promoted Senior Lecturer

Design; Social innovation; Living labs; Humanities and religion; Interdisciplinary research areas; Technology; Artistic research

Hutcheson, Derek
Hutcheson, Derek, Senior Lecturer

Migration; Interdisciplinary research areas; Political science; Research on europe; Social sciences; Elections; Russia; Citizenship; European studies; Sustainable urban planning; Political legitimacy

Håkansson, Peter
Håkansson, Peter, Senior Lecturer

Høg Hansen, Anders
Høg Hansen, Anders, Senior Lecturer

Memory studies; Ethnography; Humanities and religion; Interdisciplinary research areas


Ingman, Sissi
Ingman, Sissi, Senior Lecturer

Organizing, projects, participation, hannah arendt; Philosophy subjects; Human communication; Technology and social change

Irastorza, Nahikari
Irastorza, Nahikari, Research Fellow

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; International migration; Integration; Labour market; Intermarriage

Isacsson, Malin
Isacsson, Malin, Senior Lecturer


Jallow, Sabina
Jallow, Sabina, Doctoral Student

Jingryd, Ola
Jingryd, Ola, Senior Lecturer

Real estate law, property law, real estate science; Real estate brokerage, real estate agents, housing market; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence

Johansson, Christina
Johansson, Christina, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Migration; Humanities and religion

Johansson, Magnus
Johansson, Magnus, Senior Lecturer

Sustaianbel urban developmnet, collaboartive planning and management, community work, action reserach; Education; Social innovations; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Social sciences; Education

Johansson, Roger
Johansson, Roger, Department Manager/Professor


Järvstad, Kristin
Järvstad, Kristin, Senior Lecturer

20th century swedish literature, sexuality, marriage, motherhood; Literature; Gender studies

Jönsson, Sandra
Jönsson, Sandra, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Psychology; Work sciences


Karlsson, Ulrika
Karlsson, Ulrika, Doctoral Student

Work sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Kauppinen, Asko
Kauppinen, Asko, Senior Lecturer

Technology and social change; Literature; Literary studies; English studies; Governmentality; Cultural heritage and cultural production

King, Henry
King, Henry, Senior Lecturer

Kirkegaard, Ane
Kirkegaard, Ane, Senior Lecturer

Peace and conflict ; Development studies; Feminist gender theory; Post colonial studies; Fertility control/population policy; Foreign policy; Social sciences

Kock Kobaidze, Manana
Kock Kobaidze, Manana, Senior Lecturer

Kozel, Susan
Kozel, Susan, Professor

Aesthetic subjects; Interaction design; History and philosophy subjects; Phenomenology; Dance and somatic practices; New media; Artistic research

Krantz, Gunnar
Krantz, Gunnar, Senior Lecturer

Krona, Michael
Krona, Michael, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Rhetoric; Film; Literature; Technology and social change; Mass communication; Media and communication studies; History and philosophy subjects; Humanities and religion


Landeman, Marc
Landeman, Marc, Doctoral Student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Law/jurisprudence; Private law

Languilaire, Jean-Charles
Languilaire, Jean-Charles, Senior Lecturer

Work/non-work experiences, work-life balance, leadership, human resources; Business studies

Larsen, Henrik Svarrer
Larsen, Henrik Svarrer, Senior Lecturer

Larsson, Per
Larsson, Per, Doctoral Student

Urban commons; Urban development; Co use; Other civil engineering and architecture

Lettevall, Rebecka
Lettevall, Rebecka, Dean/Associate Professor

Cosmopolitanism, peace, citizenship, idealism, immanuel kant; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; History of science and ideas

Lind, Jacob
Lind, Jacob, Doctoral Student

Linde, Per
Linde, Per, Deputy Secretary/Promoted Senior Lecturer

Lindqvist, Sylwia
Lindqvist, Sylwia, Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence

Lindström, Fredrik
Lindström, Fredrik, Senior Lecturer

Lindström, Kristina
Lindström, Kristina, Senior Lecturer

Interaction design; Artistic research

Lisberg Jensen, Ebba
Lisberg Jensen, Ebba, Senior Lecturer

Human ecology; Sustainable development

Listerborn, Carina
Listerborn, Carina, Professor

; Institute for urban research ; Human geography; Other civil engineering and architecture; Gender studies

Liu, Ju
Liu, Ju, Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Technology and social change; Human geography, economic geography; Business studies; Social sciences; Innovation, network analysis, sustainability, globalisation, entrepreneurship

Ljung Svensson, Ann-Sofi
Ljung Svensson, Ann-Sofi, Senior Lecturer

Literature; Humanities and religion

Lopez Pedersen, Maria Erliza
Lopez Pedersen, Maria Erliza, Doctoral Student

Other humanities and religion; Other social sciences; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Technology and social change; Migration; Human communication; Cultural heritage and cultural production

Lundberg, Victor
Lundberg, Victor, Senior Lecturer

History; Work science; Gender studies; Humanities and religion; Social sciences

Lundsten, Jonas
Lundsten, Jonas, Senior Lecturer


Magnusdottir, Gunnhildur Lily
Magnusdottir, Gunnhildur Lily, Senior Lecturer

European union; International relations; Intersectionality and climate policy-making; Scandinavian politics; Social sciences

Magnusson, Jesper
Magnusson, Jesper, Senior Lecturer

Architecture, urban design, public life

Marr, Stephen
Marr, Stephen, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Urban studies, africa, detroit, peace and conflict, globalization, political theory, popular culture

Martins, Bruno
Martins, Bruno, Postdoc

McGlinn, Malin
McGlinn, Malin, Study Administrator

Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; Interdisciplinary research areas; Gender studies; Social sciences

McIver, Scott
McIver, Scott, Senior Lecturer

Political science; International relations; Citizenship; Policy studies

Melin, Anders
Melin, Anders, Senior Lecturer

Humanities and religion; Climate justice, energy justice

Melin, Margareta
Melin, Margareta, Senior Lecturer

Sociology of journalism; Media production; Feminism; Visual culture and communication; Media didactics; Fashion; Interdisciplinary research areas; Education; Social innovations; Human communication; Gender studies; Cultural heritage and cultural production

Modée, Johan
Modée, Johan, Deputy Secretary/Senior Lecturer

Humanities and religion; Social sciences

Muhonen, Tuija
Muhonen, Tuija, Professor

Work sciences; Gender studies; Psychology; Gender equality; Work life


Neergaard, Maja
Neergaard, Maja, Postdoc

Urban studies; Planning theory; Theory of science; Ethnography; Human geography; Social sciences

Niedenthal, Simon
Niedenthal, Simon, Senior Lecturer

Game studies

Nilsson, Désirée
Nilsson, Désirée, Senior Lecturer

Public transport, effects on society, urban and regional development; Economics; Human geography, economic geography

Nilsson, Elisabet M
Nilsson, Elisabet M, Senior Lecturer

; Technology; Interdisciplinary research areas

Nilsson, Jerry
Nilsson, Jerry, Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Nilsson, Magnus
Nilsson, Magnus, Pro Dean/Professor

Humanities and religion; Working-class literature, marxist theory; Literature; Aesthetic subjects

Nilsson, Tom
Nilsson, Tom, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences

Nilsson Mohammadi, Robert
Nilsson Mohammadi, Robert, Senior Lecturer

Oral history; Urban history; Leisure policy; Youth work and community work; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; History subjects; History; Public history; Social memory and the social production of history; Narratives and meaning-making; Social movements and protest culture; 1968; Racism and anti-racism

Nordgren, Johan
Nordgren, Johan, Lecturer

Social work; Sociology; Social sciences

Nordqvist, Joakim
Nordqvist, Joakim, Researcher

Nylinder, Pia
Nylinder, Pia, Senior Lecturer

Nylund, Katarina
Nylund, Katarina, Senior Professor


Odumosu, Temi
Odumosu, Temi, Researcher

Ethnicity; Aesthetic subjects; Humanities and religion; Cultural heritage and cultural production

Olsson, Lina
Olsson, Lina, Senior Lecturer

Urban planning; Land policy; Planning theory; Urban development; Spatial production; Participation and democracy; Public space; Spatial appropriation and cultural identity

Osanami Törngren, Sayaka
Osanami Törngren, Sayaka, Researcher

International migration and ethnic relations; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Ottosson, Mikael Fredrik
Ottosson, Mikael Fredrik, Senior Lecturer

History; Social sciences; Work sciences; Humanities and religion


Palm, Peter
Palm, Peter, Senior Lecturer

Civil engineering and architecture; Property management; Real estate valuation

Parker, Peter
Parker, Peter, Senior Lecturer

Commons; Public space; Property; Democracy; Social sciences

Peiteado Fernandez, Vitor
Peiteado Fernandez, Vitor, Doctoral Student

Persdotter, Maria
Persdotter, Maria, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Human geography

Petersson, Bo
Petersson, Bo, Professor

Research on europe; Social sciences; Migration; Russia, politics and society; Political science; Area studies; Nationalism and national identity; Legitimacy and legitimation strategies; Contemporary authoritarianism and illiberalism; Political myth; Political discourse

Pettersson, Gunnel
Pettersson, Gunnel, Senior Lecturer

Popoola, Margareta
Popoola, Margareta, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Hnicity, identity, integration, segregation and community work.

Povrzanovic Frykman, Maja
Povrzanovic Frykman, Maja, Professor

Migration; Ethnology; Highly skilled migrants; Transnational practices; Diaspora; Ethnicity; Place; Affect; Material culture; Social sciences; Social sciences

Pruulmann Vengerfeldt, Pille
Pull, Emil
Pull, Emil, Doctoral Student

Social sciences; Displacement; Human geography; Urban studies; Housing research


Ragnerstam, Petra
Ragnerstam, Petra, Senior Lecturer

Humanities and religion; Literature and culture, intermedia storytelling, adaption, performance, participatory culture/art, interactive cultural practices, live action role playing; Interdisciplinary research areas

Ramsöy Jerve, Ingrid
Ramsöy Jerve, Ingrid, Doctoral Student

Social anthropology; Transnational migration; Labor migration; Social sciences; Migration; Gender studies

Reddy, Anuradha
Reddy, Anuradha, Doctoral Student

Reimer, Bo
Reimer, Bo, Professor

Media and communication studies

Ristilammi, Per-Markku
Ristilammi, Per-Markku, Professor

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Ethnology; Interdisciplinary research areas

Roald, Anne Sofie
Roald, Anne Sofie, Professor

Social sciences; Islam; Arab media; West bank; Islamism; Muslim brotherhood; Integration; Muslims in sweden and norway; Humanities and religion


Sandell, Kerstin
Sandell, Kerstin, Head Of Department/Professor

Gender studies; Technology and social change; Sociology

Sarsenov, Karin
Sarsenov, Karin, Senior Lecturer

Second language acquisition; On-going evaluation; Social identities; Interdisciplinary research areas

Schmidt, Staffan
Schmidt, Staffan, Senior Lecturer

Sederblad, Per
Sederblad, Per, Senior Lecturer

Work sciences

Sjöberg, Ulrika
Sjöberg, Ulrika, Deputy Secretary/Associate Professor

Smedberg, Alicia
Smedberg, Alicia, Doctoral Student

Citizenship, sts; Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social innovations; Artistic research

Spång, Mikael
Spång, Mikael, Senior Lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Migration; Social sciences

Staaf, Patricia
Staaf, Patricia, Department Manager/Lecturer

Stade, Ronald
Stade, Ronald, Professor

Social anthropology; Peace and conflict research; Social sciences; Other social sciences; Ethics; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; History; Other humanities and religion; Ethnicity; Migration; Human communication; Interdisciplinary research areas

Staffansson-Pauli, Karin
Staffansson-Pauli, Karin, Deputy Secretary/Senior Lecturer

Organization; Real estate science; Gender studies

Steiner, Kristian
Steiner, Kristian, Senior Lecturer

Social sciences; Political science; Peace and conflict research; The construction of enemy images; Religious and ideological radicalization

Stigendal, Mikael
Stigendal, Mikael, Professor


Stjernborg, Vanessa
Stjernborg, Vanessa, Researcher

Strange, Michael
Strange, Michael, Senior Lecturer

Wto; global governance;; Social sciences

Suter, Brigitte
Suter, Brigitte, Senior Lecturer

Migration, social networks, mobility, turkey; Social sciences; Migration; Interdisciplinary research areas

Svedberg, Erika
Svedberg, Erika, Senior Lecturer

Gender studies; International relations; Politics; Globalization

Svenér, Maria
Svenér, Maria, Doctoral Student


Tateishi, Eigo
Tateishi, Eigo, Doctoral Student

Statistics; Human geography, economic geography; Social sciences; Sociology

Tran, Hoai Anh
Tran, Hoai Anh, Senior Lecturer

Urban development, urban planning and social justice mainly in developing countries; Housing research; Urban space production, urban qualities; Globalisation, urban changes and identity construction

Tucker, Jason
Tucker, Jason, Senior Lecturer


Vamling, Karina
Vamling, Karina, Professor

Caucasian languages; Linguistics; Humanities and religion; Georgia; The caucasus region; Language typology, language policy, ethnic minorities

Virmasalo, Veera
Virmasalo, Veera, Doctoral Student

Interaction design; Social innovations; Human communication; Technology and social change; Mass communication; Media and communication studies; Social anthropology/ethnography; Peace and development research; Design theory

Vitestam-Blomqvist, Birgitta


Waaranperä, Ulrika
Waaranperä, Ulrika

Gender studies

Waerp, Eline
Waerp, Eline, Doctoral Student

Political science; International relations; Securitization; Migration to the eu; Frontex; Discourse analysis; Constructivism

Westerberg, Karin
Westerberg, Karin, Lecturer

Energy planning and climate strategies; Urban and rural development; Participatory planning; Environmental science

Westerdahl, Stig
Westerdahl, Stig, Senior Lecturer

Real estate science; Social sciences; Business studies

Westerlaken, Michelle
Westerlaken, Michelle, Doctoral Student

Westin, Roger
Westin, Roger, Doctoral Student

Wigerfelt, Berit
Wigerfelt, Berit, Associate Professor

Ethnology; Integration; Segregation

Wigerfelt-Svensson, Anders
Wigerfelt-Svensson, Anders, Vice Dean/Associate Professor

History and philosophy subjects; Social sciences; History; Migration; Ethnicity

Wikström, Tomas
Wikström, Tomas, Researcher

Civil engineering and architecture

Wiktorsson, Maria
Wiktorsson, Maria, Senior Lecturer

Cognitive linguistics; Idioms and idiomaticity; Formulaic language; Construction grammar; Corpus linguistics; Languages and linguistics; English language; Linguistics

Witmer, Hope
Witmer, Hope, Senior Lecturer


Öresjö, Eva