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Faculty of Technology and Society researchers in alphabetical order



Alkhabbas, Fahed
Alkhabbas, Fahed, doctoral student

Alvarez Uribe, Alberto
Alvarez Uribe, Alberto

Computer science; Software engineering; Artificial intelligence; Procedural content generation

Andersson, Niclas
Andersson, Niclas, senior lecturer

Andersson, Tommy
Andersson, Tommy

Technology; Emc, rfid

Ashouri Mousaabadi, Majid
Ashouri Mousaabadi, Majid, doctoral student


Berander, Patrik
Berander, Patrik, senior lecturer

Computer science; Software engineering

Berg, Martin
Berg, Martin, professor, biträdande

Sociology; Human communication; Technology and social change; Information technology; Design theory; Social anthropology/ethnography; Media and communication studies; Informatics, computer and systems science

Bjerkén, Christina
Bjerkén, Christina, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Technology; Engineering physics; Engineering mechanics; Solid mechanics; Materials science; Construction materials

Blomqvist, Jakob
Blomqvist, Jakob, programledare/universitetslektor

Mathematics; Technology; Natural sciences

Bolter, Jay David
Bolter, Jay David, visiting professor

Bugeja, Joseph
Bugeja, Joseph, doctoral student

Burheim, Madeleine
Burheim, Madeleine, doctoral student

Natural sciences; Physics; Atomic physics


Cheng, Yuanji
Cheng, Yuanji, senior lecturer

Applied mathematics; Mathematical modeling; Mathematical biology; Dynamical system


Dahlskog, Steve
Dahlskog, Steve, programledare/universitetsadjunkt

Computer science; Game development; Technology; Artificial intelligence

Davidsson, Paul
Davidsson, Paul, professor

Computer science; Artificial intelligence, simulation, data mining, information systems; Technology

Du Rietz, Rickard
Du Rietz, Rickard, senior lecturer

Nuclear physics

Dytckov, Sergei
Dytckov, Sergei, doctoral student

Computer science


Ehrlin, Niklas
Ehrlin, Niklas, doctoral student

Materials science and chemistry; Nanotechnology; Engineering

Eklund, Ulrik
Eklund, Ulrik, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Software engineering; Computer science; Systems engineering; Software architecture; Embedded systems; Industrial research & development

Ekman, Jörgen
Ekman, Jörgen, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Natural sciences; Atomic and molecular physics; Nuclear physics

Emruli, Blerim
Emruli, Blerim, postdoktor

Computer science; Artificial intelligence; Autonomous systems; Machine learning; Industrial research & development

Engberg, Maria
Engberg, Maria, enhetschef/universitetslektor

Computational media; Locative media; Media theory; Media aesthetics; Digital culture; Interdisciplinary research areas; Humanities and religion; Artistic research

Eriksson, Jeanette
Eriksson, Jeanette, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Software engineering; Other information technology; Game development; End-user development; Technology; Tailoring


Fabijan, Aleksander
Fabijan, Aleksander, doctoral student

Computer science; Software engineering; Agile methods; Controlled experimentation

Fisk, Martin
Fisk, Martin, senior lecturer

Construction materials; Other processing/assembly; Induction heating; Other materials science

Font, Jose Maria
Font, Jose Maria, senior lecturer


Gustafsson, Stefan
Gustafsson, Stefan, senior lecturer

Quantum calculations; Mathematical modeling


Hajinasab Razlighi, Banafsheh
Hajinasab Razlighi, Banafsheh , projektassistent

Computer science; Information technology; Software engineering; Agent technology; Simulation models; Transportation simulation systems

Hartman, Henrik
Hartman, Henrik, biträdande prefekt/universitetslektor

Atomic physics; Atomic astrophysics; Physics; Atomic and molecular physics; Astronomy

Hejman, Ulf
Hejman, Ulf, programledare/universitetsadjunkt

Applied mathematics; Numerical analysis; Physics; Other physics; Surface engineering; Construction materials; Other materials science; Corrosion

Holmberg, Lars
Holmberg, Lars, doctoral student

Computer science; Computer engineering; Systems engineering; Interaction design

Holmgren, Johan
Holmgren, Johan, enhetschef/universitetslektor

Optimization; Agent technology; Machine learning; Simulation; Transport and traffic modeling

Holmström Olsson, Helena
Holmström Olsson, Helena, professor, biträdande

Information technology; Information technology; Computer science; Agile


Iantchenko, Alexei
Iantchenko, Alexei, professor

Mathematics; Natural sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas


Jacobsson, Andreas
Jacobsson, Andreas, dekan/universitetslektor

Technology; Computer science; Information systems; Spyware and malicious software; Privacy and information security; Interoperability and collaborative media; Internet of things; Smart homes

Jevinger, Åse
Jevinger, Åse, studierektor/universitetslektor

Computer science; Information systems ; Intelligent goods

Jönsson, Per
Jönsson, Per, biträdande prefekt/professor

Applied mathematics; Atomic and molecular physics


Karlsson, Lennart
Karlsson, Lennart, senior lecturer

Applied mathematics; Atomic physics; Nuclear physics; Materials science; Engineering physics; Natural sciences; Physics; Atomic and molecular physics

Koch Svedberg, Gion
Koch Svedberg, Gion, senior lecturer

Software engineering; Computer engineering; Automatic control; Telecommunication theory; Technology and social change;


Larsson, Jesper
Larsson, Jesper, senior lecturer

String algorithms and data structures; Data compression; Algorithm engineering; Database systems

Leckner, Sara
Leckner, Sara, programledare/universitetslektor

Information technology; New media, media evolution, cross media, media management, usability, media theory

Li, Yujing
Li, Yujing, senior lecturer

Material science; Systems analysis; System thinking; System modelling; Building moisture damage; Building biology

Loconsole, Annabella
Loconsole, Annabella, enhetschef/universitetslektor

Empirical software engineering; Requirements engineering; Software process improvement; Software measurement; Software quality

Lucander, Henriette
Lucander, Henriette, programledare/universitetsadjunkt

Education; Assessment of oral communication


Ma, Mingming
Ma, Mingming, doctoral student

Mazurov, Nikita
Mazurov, Nikita, postdoktor

Cultural studies; Forensics; Intellectual property; Filesharing

Mellbin, Ylva
Mellbin, Ylva, postdoktor

Engineering mechanics; Materials science

Mihailescu, Radu-Casian
Mihailescu, Radu-Casian, programledare/universitetslektor

Computer science; Artificial intelligence; Machine learning; Multiagent systems; Smart grids


Nigro, Claudio
Nigro, Claudio, doctoral student

Engineering mechanics; Materials science; Information technology; Other technology

Nilsson, Bengt J
Nilsson, Bengt J, prodekan/professor

Theoretical computer science; Computer science; Computer science; Education


Olsson, Carl Magnus
Olsson, Carl Magnus, senior lecturer

Design research; Action research; Software engineering; Context-awareness; Experiential computing; Game design and development

Olsson, Pär
Olsson, Pär, senior lecturer

Materials science; Engineering mechanics; Material physics with surface physics; Condensed matter physics

Orre, Carl Johan
Orre, Carl Johan, programledare/universitetslektor


Packmohr, Sven
Packmohr, Sven, senior lecturer

Business and economics; Business studies; Social sciences

Papoulia, Asimina
Papoulia, Asimina, doctoral student

Paraschakis, Dimitris
Paraschakis, Dimitris, doctoral student

Computer science; Recommender systems

Pederson, Thomas
Pederson, Thomas, professor

Technology; Interdisciplinary research areas; Human-computer interaction, embodied cognition, peripheral interaction, ubiquitous computing, wearable computers.

Pehlivan, Asli
Pehlivan, Asli, doctoral student

Natural sciences; Physics

Persson, Jan
Persson, Jan, senior lecturer

Computer science; Optimization, systems theory; Technology

Persson, Mats
Persson, Mats, prefekt/universitetslektor

Building engineering; Building manufacturing engineering; Manufacturing engineering and work sciences; Knowledge management; Manufacturing engineering; Bim; Project scheduling; Projekt management; Technology; Civil engineering and architecture; Water engineering; Environmental engineering

Persson, Mia
Persson, Mia, senior lecturer

Computer science

Peterson, Bo
Peterson, Bo, enhetschef

Information technology; Technology and social change


Russo, Nancy
Russo, Nancy, senior lecturer

Technology; Information technology; Smart health; Information systems development


Salo, Johan
Salo, Johan, doctoral student

Datafication of health; Computer science; Design theory; Interaction design; Quantified self technologies

Sarkheyli-Hägele, Arezoo
Sarkheyli-Hägele, Arezoo, senior lecturer

Cognitive systems; Cognitive reasoning; Artificial intelligence; Machine learning; Knowledge representation; Situation recognition; Decision making; Internet of things

Siggelsten, Simon
Siggelsten, Simon, senior lecturer

Energy savings

Sottile, Samuele
Sottile, Samuele, doctoral student

Spalazzese, Romina
Spalazzese, Romina, senior lecturer

Computer science; Software engineering; Software architecture; Self-adaptive systems

Spikol, Daniel
Spikol, Daniel, senior lecturer

Computer science

Stålne, Kristian
Stålne, Kristian, senior lecturer

Building engineering; Other engineering mechanics; Education; Technology and social change; Adult development psychology; Leadership development; Psychology; Pedagogical work; Engineering physics; Construction materials; Other materials science; Construction engineering; Human communication; Metatheoretical frameworks


Tegen, Agnes
Tegen, Agnes, doctoral student

Computer science; Machine learning; Artificial intelligence

Thormark, Catarina
Thormark, Catarina, senior lecturer


Vogel, Bahtijar
Vogel, Bahtijar, senior lecturer

Computer science; Software engineering; Open architectures; Web and mobile engineering; Internet of things; Agile approaches; Software evolution; Usability