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Faculty of Technology and Society researchers in alphabetical order



Alkhabbas, Fahed
Alkhabbas, Fahed, doctoral student

Andersson, Niclas
Andersson, Niclas, senior lecturer

Ashouri Mousaabadi, Majid
Ashouri Mousaabadi, Majid, doctoral student


Berander, Patrik
Berander, Patrik, senior lecturer

Computer science; Software engineering

Berg, Martin
Berg, Martin, associate professor

Information technology; Human communication; Technology and social change; Design theory; Media and communication studies; Social anthropology/ethnography; Sociology; Informatics, computer and systems science

Bergkvist, Hannes
Bergkvist, Hannes, doctoral student

Bjerkén, Christina
Bjerkén, Christina, promoted senior lecturer

Technology; Construction materials; Materials science; Solid mechanics; Engineering physics; Engineering mechanics

Blomqvist, Jakob
Blomqvist, Jakob, programme co-ordinator/senior lecturer

Technology; Natural sciences; Mathematics

Bolter, Jay David
Bolter, Jay David, visiting professor

Bugeja, Joseph
Bugeja, Joseph, doctoral student

Burheim, Madeleine
Burheim, Madeleine, doctoral student

Atomic physics; Physics; Natural sciences


Cheng, Yuanji
Cheng, Yuanji, senior lecturer

Applied mathematics; Mathematical modeling; Mathematical biology; Dynamical system


Dahlskog, Steve
Dahlskog, Steve, programme co-ordinator/lecturer

Game development; Artificial intelligence; Technology; Computer science

Davidsson, Paul
Davidsson, Paul, professor

Artificial intelligence, simulation, data mining, information systems; Technology; Computer science

Du Rietz, Rickard
Du Rietz, Rickard, senior lecturer

Nuclear physics

Dytckov, Sergei
Dytckov, Sergei, doctoral student

Computer science


Ehrlin, Niklas
Ehrlin, Niklas, doctoral student

Materials science and chemistry; Nanotechnology; Engineering

Eklund, Ulrik
Eklund, Ulrik, promoted senior lecturer

Software architecture; Embedded systems; Industrial research & development; Computer science; Software engineering; Systems engineering

Ekman, Jörgen
Ekman, Jörgen, programme co-ordinator/promoted senior lecturer

Nuclear physics; Atomic and molecular physics; Natural sciences

Emilsson, Fredrik
Emilsson, Fredrik, doctoral student

Computer science; Search engines; Auto-generate synonyms; Semantic analysis ; Learning to rank

Emruli, Blerim
Emruli, Blerim, postdoc

Computer science; Artificial intelligence; Autonomous systems; Machine learning; Industrial research & development

Engberg, Maria
Engberg, Maria, deputy secretary/senior lecturer

Computational media; Locative media; Media theory; Media aesthetics; Digital culture; Humanities and religion; Interdisciplinary research areas; Artistic research

Engström, Jimmy
Engström, Jimmy, doctoral student

Context-awareness; Signal processing; Image analysis

Eriksson, Jeanette
Eriksson, Jeanette, promoted senior lecturer

Game development; End-user development; Tailoring; Technology; Software engineering; Other information technology

Erling, Gustav
Erling, Gustav, doctoral student


Fabijan, Aleksander
Fabijan, Aleksander, doctoral student

Software engineering; Computer science; Agile methods; Controlled experimentation

Fisk, Martin
Fisk, Martin, senior lecturer

Induction heating; Construction materials; Other processing/assembly; Other materials science

Font, Jose Maria
Font, Jose Maria, senior lecturer


Gustafsson, Stefan
Gustafsson, Stefan, senior lecturer

Quantum calculations; Mathematical modeling


Hajinasab Razlighi, Banafsheh
Hajinasab Razlighi, Banafsheh , project assistant

Agent technology; Simulation models; Transportation simulation systems; Information technology; Computer science; Software engineering

Hartman, Henrik
Hartman, Henrik, assistant head of dep./senior lecturer

Atomic physics; Physics; Atomic and molecular physics; Atomic astrophysics; Astronomy

Hejman, Ulf
Hejman, Ulf, programme co-ordinator/lecturer

Corrosion; Applied mathematics; Numerical analysis; Other physics; Physics; Other materials science; Surface engineering; Construction materials

Holmberg, Lars
Holmberg, Lars, doctoral student

Interaction design; Computer science; Computer engineering; Systems engineering

Holmgren, Johan
Holmgren, Johan, deputy secretary/senior lecturer

Optimization; Agent technology; Machine learning; Simulation; Transport and traffic modeling

Holmström Olsson, Helena
Holmström Olsson, Helena, associate professor

Agile; Information technology; Information technology; Computer science


Iantchenko, Alexei
Iantchenko, Alexei, professor

Natural sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Mathematics


Jacobsson, Andreas
Jacobsson, Andreas, dean/senior lecturer

Information systems; Spyware and malicious software; Privacy and information security; Interoperability and collaborative media; Internet of things; Smart homes; Computer science; Technology

Jevinger, Åse
Jevinger, Åse, director of studies/senior lecturer

Information systems ; Intelligent goods; Computer science

Jönsson, Per
Jönsson, Per, assistant head of dep./professor

Atomic and molecular physics; Applied mathematics


Karlsson, Lennart
Karlsson, Lennart, senior lecturer

Atomic and molecular physics; Applied mathematics; Physics; Natural sciences; Nuclear physics; Atomic physics; Engineering physics; Materials science

Koch Svedberg, Gion
Koch Svedberg, Gion, senior lecturer

; Computer engineering; Software engineering; Automatic control; Telecommunication theory; Technology and social change


Larsson, Jesper
Larsson, Jesper, senior lecturer

String algorithms and data structures; Data compression; Algorithm engineering; Database systems

Leckner, Sara
Leckner, Sara, programme co-ordinator/senior lecturer

Information technology; New media, media evolution, cross media, media management, usability, media theory

Li, Yujing
Li, Yujing, senior lecturer

Material science; Systems analysis; System thinking; System modelling; Building moisture damage; Building biology

Loconsole, Annabella
Loconsole, Annabella, deputy secretary/senior lecturer

Empirical software engineering; Requirements engineering; Software process improvement; Software measurement; Software quality

Lucander, Henriette
Lucander, Henriette, programme co-ordinator/lecturer

Assessment of oral communication; Education


Ma, Mingming
Ma, Mingming, doctoral student

Mellbin, Ylva
Mellbin, Ylva, postdoc

Engineering mechanics; Materials science

Mihailescu, Radu-Casian
Mihailescu, Radu-Casian, programme co-ordinator/senior lecturer

Computer science; Artificial intelligence; Machine learning; Multiagent systems; Smart grids


Nigro, Claudio
Nigro, Claudio, doctoral student

Information technology; Engineering mechanics; Materials science; Other technology

Nilsson, Bengt J
Nilsson, Bengt J, pro dean/professor

Theoretical computer science; Education; Computer science; Computer science


Olsson, Carl Magnus
Olsson, Carl Magnus, senior lecturer

Design research; Action research; Software engineering; Context-awareness; Experiential computing; Game design and development

Olsson, Pär
Olsson, Pär, senior lecturer

Condensed matter physics; Material physics with surface physics; Engineering mechanics; Materials science

Orre, Carl Johan
Orre, Carl Johan, programme co-ordinator/senior lecturer


Packmohr, Sven
Packmohr, Sven, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Business and economics; Business studies

Papoulia, Asimina
Papoulia, Asimina, doctoral student

Paraschakis, Dimitris
Paraschakis, Dimitris, doctoral student

Computer science; Recommender systems

Pederson, Thomas
Pederson, Thomas, professor

Human-computer interaction, embodied cognition, peripheral interaction, ubiquitous computing, wearable computers.; Technology; Interdisciplinary research areas

Pehlivan, Asli
Pehlivan, Asli, doctoral student

Natural sciences; Physics

Persson, Jan
Persson, Jan, senior lecturer

Computer science; Technology; Optimization, systems theory

Persson, Mats
Persson, Mats, head of department

Bim; Project scheduling; Projekt management; Knowledge management; Building manufacturing engineering; Water engineering; Manufacturing engineering and work sciences; Manufacturing engineering; Civil engineering and architecture; Building engineering; Environmental engineering; Technology

Persson, Mia
Persson, Mia, senior lecturer

Computer science

Peterson, Bo
Peterson, Bo, head of department

Information technology; Technology and social change


Russo, Nancy
Russo, Nancy, senior lecturer

Smart health; Information systems development; Information technology; Technology


Salo, Johan
Salo, Johan, doctoral student

Datafication of health; Quantified self technologies; Computer science; Design theory; Interaction design

Sarkheyli-Hägele, Arezoo
Sarkheyli-Hägele, Arezoo, senior lecturer

Cognitive systems; Cognitive reasoning; Artificial intelligence; Machine learning; Knowledge representation; Situation recognition; Decision making; Internet of things

Siggelsten, Simon
Siggelsten, Simon, senior lecturer

Energy savings

Sottile, Samuele
Sottile, Samuele, doctoral student

Spalazzese, Romina
Spalazzese, Romina, senior lecturer

Software engineering; Software architecture; Self-adaptive systems; Computer science

Spikol, Daniel
Spikol, Daniel, senior lecturer

Computer science

Stålne, Kristian
Stålne, Kristian, senior lecturer

Adult development psychology; Leadership development; Metatheoretical frameworks; Pedagogical work; Psychology; Engineering physics; Human communication; Technology and social change; Construction engineering; Other engineering mechanics; Other materials science; Building engineering; Construction materials; Education


Tegen, Agnes
Tegen, Agnes, doctoral student

Machine learning; Artificial intelligence; Computer science

Thormark, Catarina
Thormark, Catarina, senior lecturer


Vogel, Bahtijar
Vogel, Bahtijar, senior lecturer

Software engineering; Computer science; Open architectures; Web and mobile engineering; Internet of things; Agile approaches; Software evolution; Usability