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Faculty of Education and Society researchers in alphabetical order



Adelmann, Kent
Adelmann, Kent

Listening, listening reception, talk in interaction, dialogue; The theory and practice of teaching and learning swedish; Interdisciplinary research; Science and education

Ahlstrand, Roland
Ahlstrand, Roland, senior lecturer

Industrial relations, work organisation, job quality, employment, innovation, csr in connections with business restructurings; Sociology; Work sciences

Alm, Jens
Alvén, Fredrik
Alvén, Fredrik, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion

Alvstad, Erik
Alvstad, Erik, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion

Amhag, Lisbeth
Amhag, Lisbeth, senior lecturer

; Social sciences

Anderson, Lotta
Anderson, Lotta, senior lecturer

Special education, inclusive education; Special school; Alternative and augmentative communication (aac); Interactional ethnography, videoanalyses; Assessment for learning; Students with disbility in higer education

Andersson, Annica
Andersson, Annica, associate professor

Mathematics; Pedagogy

Andersson, Irene
Andersson, Irene, senior lecturer

History and philosophy subjects

Andersson, Jan Anders
Andersson, Jan Anders, senior lecturer

Subject representative for social sciences; Social sciences

Andersson, Nils
Andersson, Nils, senior lecturer

Andersson, Torbjörn
Andersson, Torbjörn, senior lecturer

; Humanities and religion; Sports

Axelsson, Thom
Axelsson, Thom, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Humanities and religion

Axelsson Yngvéus, Cecilia
Axelsson Yngvéus, Cecilia, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion


Backman, Jyri
Backman, Jyri, doctoral student

Sports; Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence

Balldin, Jutta
Balldin, Jutta, senior lecturer

Children\'s geographies; Children's rights; Education

Bengtsson, Peter
Bengtsson, Peter, senior lecturer

Natural sciences; Physics

Bengtsson, Sverker
Bengtsson, Sverker, lecturer

; Other social sciences; Sports

Berglund, Sara
Berglund, Sara, senior lecturer

Bergman, Lotta
Bergman, Lotta, senior lecturer

Bergman, Magnus
Bergman, Magnus, doctoral student

Memory, temporality, heritage, ; History subjects; Modern history; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects

Book, Karin
Book, Karin, senior lecturer

; Evenemang; Idrottsutveckling

Bouakaz, Laid
Bouakaz, Laid, senior lecturer

Migration; Bilingualism; Education

Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine
Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine, assistant head of dep./promoted senior lecturer

Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas; Children; Health and medical services in society; Caring sciences; Postoperative recovery; Pediatric pain

Buhre, Torsten
Buhre, Torsten, senior lecturer

Sports; Occupational physiology; Biology; Medicine


Carlsson, Bo
Carlsson, Bo

Law/jurisprudence; Other law; Social sciences; Sports

Chronaki, Anna
Chronaki, Anna, professor


Dahlbeck, Johan
Dahlbeck, Johan, senior lecturer

Spinoza; Philosophy of education; Ethics; Humanities and religion

Danielsson Malmros, Ingmarie
Danielsson Malmros, Ingmarie, senior lecturer

History and philosophy subjects

Delacour, Laurence
Delacour, Laurence, lecturer

Mathematics; Matematik; Mathematics, curriculum, discourses


Economou, Catarina
Economou, Catarina, senior lecturer

Edström, Ann-Mari
Edström, Ann-Mari, senior lecturer

Aesthetic subjects; Higher education; Visual arts

Einarsson, Anneli
Einarsson, Anneli, lecturer

Pedagogy; Dramapedagogik; Estetiska lärprocesser; Samhällsvetenskap; Tvärvetenskap

Einegard, Rikard
Einegard, Rikard, doctoral student

Theory of science; Contemporary history; Modern history; Ethnography; Cultural anthropology; History of science and ideas; History of science; History of medicine

Ekberg, Jan-Eric
Ekberg, Jan-Eric, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Sports

Ekelund, Nils
Ekelund, Nils, head of department/professor

Växtfysiologi; Ecosystem services; Natural sciences; Biology

Ekelund, Robin
Ekelund, Robin, lecturer

History; Modern history; Contemporary history; Ethnography; Youth research; Gender studies

Eliasson, Per
Eliasson, Per, senior professor

Miljöhistoria; Humanities and religion; History

Elmfeldt, Johan
Elmfeldt, Johan

; Comparative media studies

Ennerberg, Elin
Ennerberg, Elin, postdoc

Labour market policy; Integration policy; Social investment policy; Social policy; Sociology

Enö, Mariann
Enö, Mariann, senior lecturer

Sociology; Education; Gender studies

Eriksson, Kjell E
Eriksson, Kjell E, editor

Sports; Social sciences; History and philosophy subjects

Erlandsson, Magnus
Erlandsson, Magnus, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Skolpolitik; Regeringskansliet; Organisation; Ledarskap


Fabri, Anna
Fabri, Anna, lecturer

Social sciences; Sports

Frölich, Emilia
Frölich, Emilia, doctoral student

Ethnography; Youth research; Sociology; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Intersectionality; Postcolonialism; Contemporary history

Fundberg, Jesper
Fundberg, Jesper, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Sports; Gender studies; Ethnicity; Other humanities and religion


Glaser, Joakim
Glaser, Joakim, senior lecturer


Godhe, Anna-Lena
Godhe, Anna-Lena, senior lecturer

Gunnemyr, Per
Gunnemyr, Per, lecturer

Gustafson, Niklas
Gustafson, Niklas, senior lecturer


Hajer, Maaike
Hajer, Maaike, visiting professor

Hall, Emma
Hall, Emma, doctoral student

Contemporary history; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Migration; Intersectionality; Oral history; Narrative analysis; Identity

Hansson, Fredrik
Hansson, Fredrik, senior lecturer

Languages and linguistics; Education; The theory and practice of teaching and learning swedish; Bernstein

Harju, Anne
Harju, Anne, senior lecturer

Hartsmar, Nanny
Hartsmar, Nanny

Education; International education; Social sciences

Hasslöf, Helen
Hasslöf, Helen, senior lecturer

Subject didactics; Natural sciences; Social sciences; Environmental education; Ecology

Hedenborg, Susanna
Hedenborg, Susanna, professor

Gender, childhood studies, sport studies; Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Sports

Hell, Anna
Hell, Anna, doctoral student

Hellborg, Anna Maria
Hellborg, Anna Maria, doctoral student

Hellström, Lisa
Hellström, Lisa, senior lecturer

Education; Children; Bullying, mental health, health promotion

Henningsson-Yousif, Anna
Henningsson-Yousif, Anna, senior lecturer

Pedagogical capital, contributions of analyses, the tool of sketching., ; Development of methods, development of theory, the role of theory in school development efforts.; Social sciences

Hermansson, Carina
Hillbur, Per
Hillbur, Per, deputy vice-chancellor/associate professor

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Human geography, economic geography; Environmental science; Agricultural extension; Urban development; Innovation systems

Holm, Hilma
Holm, Hilma, lecturer

Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography

Holmqvist, Mona
Holmqvist, Mona, professor

Educational work; Social sciences; Education; Special education; Educational sciences

Håkansson, Julia
Håkansson, Julia, doctoral student

History didactics; History; Use of history; Historical culture; Historical consciousness; Collective memory; Populism; Nationalism; Narrative; Historical narratives


Ideland, Malin
Ideland, Malin, professor

Commodification of education; Swedishness; Environment and sustainability; Science and technology studies; Gender studies; Ethnology


Jakobsson, Anders
Jakobsson, Anders, professor

Natural sciences; Pedagogy

Jansson, Alexander
Jansson, Alexander, doctoral student

Migration; Ethnicity; Education; Sports; Social sciences

Jarhall, Jessica
Jarhall, Jessica, doctoral student

Humanities and religion; Social sciences

Jobér, Anna
Jobér, Anna, senior lecturer

; Educational sciences; Social sciences; Sociology; Education

Jönsson, Karin
Jönsson, Karin, senior lecturer

Jönsson, Kutte
Jönsson, Kutte, senior lecturer

; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; Social sciences; Gender studies; Sports


Karlsson, Annika
Karlsson, Annika, doctoral student

Education; Interdisciplinary research areas; Translanguaging

Karlsson, Erik
Karlsson, Erik, doctoral student

Knez, Kelly
Knez, Kelly, senior lecturer

Kouns, Maria
Kouns, Maria, senior lecturer

Languages and linguistics; Education; Språk- och kunskapsutvecklande undervisning ; Språk och lärande; Designforskning


Lagergren, Lars
Lagergren, Lars, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Other social sciences; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Sports; Leisure studies

Lansheim, Birgitta
Lansheim, Birgitta, senior lecturer

Special education; learning in mathematics

Larneby, Marie
Larneby, Marie, doctoral student

Ethnicity; Children; Interdisciplinary research areas; Education; Sports; Gender studies; Sports research; Social anthropology/ethnography; Education; Social sciences; Sport for children and young people, gender, power, physical education

Larsson, Therese
Larsson, Therese, lecturer

Theory of science; Social sciences; Education

Leijon, Marie
Leijon, Marie, senior lecturer


Lelinge, Balli
Lelinge, Balli, lecturer

Improvement science, pdsa cykle, collaborative professional development; Social sciences

Leppäniemi, Henriikka
Leppäniemi, Henriikka, doctoral student

Lilja, Peter
Lilja, Peter, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Philosophy of education ; Education; Social sciences

Liljefors Persson, Bodil
Liljefors Persson, Bodil, professor

Interdisciplinary research areas; Humanities and religion

Lindberg, Matilda
Lindberg, Matilda, doctoral student

Social sciences; Sports research; Pedagogical work; Education; Children; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sports; Artistic research

Linde-Laursen, Anders
Linde-Laursen, Anders, dean/professor

History and philosophy subjects; Ethnology; Other social sciences

Lindh, Anders
Lindh, Anders, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; Aesthetic subjects; Education

Lindh, Christina
Lindh, Christina, doctoral student

Lindholm, Susan
Lindholm, Susan, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Social sciences; Humanities and religion; Cultural studies; Popular culture; Youth culture

Ljungberg, Caroline
Ljungberg, Caroline, senior lecturer

Barndom, fostran, identitet, makt, mat, utbildning

Londos, Mikael
Londos, Mikael, senior lecturer

Sports; Social sciences

Lucander, Henriette
Lucander, Henriette, programme co-ordinator/lecturer

Assessment of oral communication; Education

Lundahl, Bo
Lundahl, Bo, promoted senior lecturer

Lundin, Johan
Lundin, Johan, professor

Humanities and religion; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Gender studies; Youth research; History

Lundström, Mats
Lundström, Mats, senior lecturer

Pedagogical studies; Science education; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences

Lutz, Kristian
Lutz, Kristian, senior lecturer

Special education; Higher education; Sociology; Discourse analysis; Children

Löf, Camilla
Löf, Camilla, senior lecturer

Schools work with values; Circus education; Ethnography; Education; Life competence education; Childhood; Children


Mashreghi Blank, Sepandarmaz
Mashreghi Blank, Sepandarmaz, doctoral student

Social sciences; Psychology; Youth research; Sports research; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Sports; Education; Interdisciplinary research areas; Migration; Gender studies; Ethnicity; Postcolonialism, culturally relevant methodology, participatory action (activist) research

Mattsson, Torun
Mattsson, Torun, head of department/senior lecturer

Social sciences; Sports

Mårtensson, Ann-Sophie
Mårtensson, Ann-Sophie, doctoral student


Nelson, Johan
Nelson, Johan, senior lecturer

Nilsson, Sara Ellis
Nilsson, Sara Ellis, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; History subjects; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Historical cultures

Nilsson, Urban
Nilsson, Urban, senior lecturer

Norberg, Johan R
Norberg, Johan R, professor

History and philosophy subjects; Sports

Nordén, Birgitta
Nordén, Birgitta, senior lecturer

Science education; Outdoor pedagogy; Educational sciences; Subject education; Learning & teaching; Green schools & eco-schools didactics; Youth research; Teacher students place-based learning ; Social sciences; Natural sciences; Subject didactics; Interdisciplinary research areas; Transdisciplinary learning; Education and sustainable development; Learning for sustainable development; Global learning and teaching towards sustainability; Global classroom; Ict mediated learning

Norefalk, Christian
Norefalk, Christian, doctoral student

Philosophy of education; Social ontology and epistemology; Deontology; Education

Normark, Gun
Normark, Gun, assistant head of dep./lecturer

Economy; Sports; Social sciences

Nyberg, Eva
Nygård Larsson, Pia
Nygård Larsson, Pia, senior lecturer

Languages and linguistics; Interdisciplinary research areas; Education

Nyzell, Stefan
Nyzell, Stefan, senior lecturer

History; History subjects; Modern history; Contentious politics studies, police history, historical recreation


Olander, Clas
Olander, Clas, senior lecturer

Literacy; Multimodal representations; Subject didactics; Education

Olsson Jers, Cecilia
Olsson Jers, Cecilia, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Languages and linguistics; Rhetoric; Social sciences


Palla, Linda
Palla, Linda, senior lecturer

Special education; Preschool; Diversity; Dokumentation; Identitet; Social sciences

Persson, Gun
Persson, Gun, senior lecturer

Persson, Magnus
Persson, Magnus, professor


Peterson, Tomas
Peterson, Tomas, senior professor

Sports; Other social sciences

Pålsson Syll, Lars
Pålsson Syll, Lars, professor

Business and economics; Social sciences


Qvarsebo, Jonas
Qvarsebo, Jonas, senior lecturer

Children; Education; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Social sciences; History and philosophy subjects


Radmann, Aage
Radmann, Aage, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Sports; Interdisciplinary research areas

Rosenlund, David
Rosenlund, David, senior lecturer

History and philosophy subjects; Education

Rubin, Maria
Rubin, Maria, doctoral student

Språkinriktad ämnesundervisning; Samverkan mellan lärare; Språk-, läs- och skrivutveckling; Specialpedagogik; Relationell pedagogik; Educational design research; Interdisciplinary research areas

Rudnert, Joel
Rudnert, Joel, lecturer

Ryan, Ulrika
Ryan, Ulrika, doctoral student

Subject didactics; Education; Mathematics education; Inferentialism

Rönnbäck, Julia
Rönnbäck, Julia

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sports; Gender; Etnografi; Youth studies; Girl studies; Femininity


Safrankova, Camilla
Safrankova, Camilla, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Gender studies; Education

Sandgren, Olof
Sandgren, Olof, senior lecturer

Speech-language pathology; Language impairment; School-age language impairment

Sauro, Shannon
Sauro, Shannon, associate professor

Computer-assisted language learning (call), computer-mediated second language acquisition, task-based language teaching (tblt); Social sciences

Schubert, Per
Schubert, Per, senior lecturer

Remote sensing; Geographical information systems; Ecosystems; Ecosystem services; Didactics of geography; Subject didactics; Earth sciences

Segerby, Cecilia
Segerby, Cecilia, senior lecturer

Mathematics; Reading and writing

Sjöblom, Marie
Sjöblom, Marie, doctoral student

Education; Education; Mathematics education

Sjöström, Jesper
Sjöström, Jesper, associate professor

Subject didactics; Education; Didaktik; Bildung; Science education; Education for sustainability; Green and sustainable chemistry; Scientific literacy; Emancipatory scholarship of teaching and learning; Philosophy of science education; Didactic modelling

Sjövik, Kristian
Sjövik, Kristian, senior lecturer

Smithberger, Susanne
Smithberger, Susanne, doctoral student

Education; Reading comprehension, young adults, curriculum theory, discourse analysis

Småberg, Thomas
Småberg, Thomas, head of department/associate professor

Sonesson, Kerstin
Sonesson, Kerstin, associate professor

Climate education; Education for sustainable development; Environmental education,; Science education; Challenge based learning; Extended classroom education; Pedagogy in higher education; Social sciences; Natural sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Stensson, Catrin
Stensson, Catrin, lecturer

Sundmark, Björn
Sundmark, Björn, professor

English language; Other humanities and religion; Aesthetic subjects; Literature; Children's literature; History and philosophy subjects; Humanities and religion

Svensson, Anna-Karin
Svensson, Anna-Karin, senior lecturer


Thurén, Camilla
Thurén, Camilla, senior lecturer

Languages and linguistics

Tzimoula, Despina
Tzimoula, Despina, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Gender studies; Social sciences; Humanities and religion; Nation; Intersectionality


Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine
Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine, professor

Education; Social sciences

Viggosson, Haukur
Viggosson, Haukur, senior lecturer


Vikman, Jenny
Vikman, Jenny, senior lecturer

Medicine; Physiology and pharmacology; Physiology; Sports

Vincenti Malmgren, Therese
Vincenti Malmgren, Therese, senior lecturer


Walldén, Robert
Walldén, Robert, doctoral student

Systemic-functional linguistics; Genre theory; Critical discourse analysis; Sociology of education; Subject didactics; Education

Wernberg, Anna
Wernberg, Anna, senior lecturer

Mathematics; Mathematics education; Theory of variation

Widen, Pär
Widen, Pär, senior lecturer

Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Humanities and religion

Wigerfelt, Berit
Wigerfelt, Berit, associate professor

Ethnology; Integration; Segregation

Wärnsby, Anna
Wärnsby, Anna, senior lecturer

Semantics, pragmatics, language acquisition and learning, usage-based cognitive approach, contrastive studies, corpus studies; Languages and linguistics; English language


Zachrison, Mozhgan
Zachrison, Mozhgan, head of department/senior lecturer