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Faculty of Education and Society researchers in alphabetical order



Adelmann, Kent
Adelmann, Kent

Listening, listening reception, talk in interaction, dialogue; The theory and practice of teaching and learning swedish; Interdisciplinary research; Science and education

Ahlstrand, Roland
Ahlstrand, Roland, senior lecturer

Sociology; Work sciences; Industrial relations, work organisation, job quality, employment, innovation, csr in connections with business restructurings

Alm, Jens
Alvén, Fredrik
Alvén, Fredrik, programledare/universitetslektor

Humanities and religion

Alvstad, Erik
Alvstad, Erik, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion

Amhag, Lisbeth
Amhag, Lisbeth, senior lecturer

Social sciences

Anderson, Lotta
Anderson, Lotta, senior lecturer

Special education, inclusive education; Special school; Alternative and augmentative communication (aac); Interactional ethnography, videoanalyses; Assessment for learning; Students with disbility in higer education

Andersson, Annica
Andersson, Annica, professor, biträdande

Pedagogy; Mathematics

Andersson, Irene
Andersson, Irene, senior lecturer

History and philosophy subjects

Andersson, Jan Anders
Andersson, Jan Anders, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Subject representative for social sciences

Andersson, Nils
Andersson, Nils, senior lecturer

Andersson, Torbjörn
Andersson, Torbjörn, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Sports

Axelsson, Thom
Axelsson, Thom, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Axelsson Yngvéus, Cecilia
Axelsson Yngvéus, Cecilia, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion


Backman, Jyri
Backman, Jyri, lecturer

Social sciences; Law/jurisprudence; Sports

Balldin, Jutta
Balldin, Jutta, senior lecturer

Education; Children\'s geographies; Children's rights

Bengtsson, Peter
Bengtsson, Peter, senior lecturer

Physics; Natural sciences

Bengtsson, Sverker
Bengtsson, Sverker, lecturer

Sports; Other social sciences

Berglund, Sara
Berglund, Sara, senior lecturer

Bergman, Lotta
Bergman, Lotta, senior lecturer

Bergman, Magnus
Bergman, Magnus, doctoral student

Humanities and religion; History subjects; Modern history; History and philosophy subjects; Memory, temporality, heritage,

Book, Karin
Book, Karin, senior lecturer

; Evenemang; Idrottsutveckling

Bouakaz, Laid
Bouakaz, Laid, senior lecturer

Migration; Education; Bilingualism

Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine
Bramhagen, Ann-Cathrine, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Children; Health and medical services in society; Caring sciences; Postoperative recovery; Pediatric pain; Medicine; Interdisciplinary research areas

Buhre, Torsten
Buhre, Torsten, senior lecturer

Occupational physiology; Biology; Medicine; Sports


Carlsson, Bo
Carlsson, Bo, lecturer

Law/jurisprudence; Other law; Social sciences; Sports

Chronaki, Anna
Chronaki, Anna, professor


Dahlbeck, Johan
Dahlbeck, Johan, senior lecturer

Philosophy of education; Ethics; Humanities and religion; Spinoza

Danielsson Malmros, Ingmarie
Danielsson Malmros, Ingmarie, senior lecturer

History and philosophy subjects

Delacour, Laurence
Delacour, Laurence, lecturer

Mathematics; Matematik; Mathematics, curriculum, discourses


Economou, Catarina
Economou, Catarina, senior lecturer

Edström, Ann-Mari
Edström, Ann-Mari, senior lecturer

Aesthetic subjects; Higher education; Visual arts

Einarsson, Anneli
Einarsson, Anneli, lecturer

Pedagogy; Dramapedagogik; Estetiska lärprocesser; Samhällsvetenskap; Tvärvetenskap

Einegard, Rikard
Einegard, Rikard, doctoral student

History of medicine; Modern history; Contemporary history; History of science and ideas; History of science; Theory of science; Cultural anthropology; Ethnography

Ekberg, Jan-Eric
Ekberg, Jan-Eric, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Sports

Ekelund, Nils
Ekelund, Nils, prefekt/professor

Natural sciences; Biology; Växtfysiologi; Ecosystem services

Ekelund, Robin
Ekelund, Robin, lecturer

History; Modern history; Contemporary history; Ethnography; Youth research; Gender studies

Eliasson, Per
Eliasson, Per, seniorprofessor

History; Miljöhistoria; Humanities and religion

Elmfeldt, Johan
Elmfeldt, Johan, administrativ assistent

; Comparative media studies

Ennerberg, Elin
Ennerberg, Elin, postdoktor

Sociology; Social policy; Labour market policy; Integration policy; Social investment policy

Enö, Mariann
Enö, Mariann, senior lecturer

Education; Sociology; Gender studies

Eriksson, Kjell E
Eriksson, Kjell E, redaktör

Social sciences; Sports

Erlandsson, Magnus
Erlandsson, Magnus, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Skolpolitik; Regeringskansliet; Organisation; Ledarskap


Fabri, Anna
Fabri, Anna, lecturer

Social sciences; Sports

Frölich, Emilia
Frölich, Emilia, doctoral student

Contemporary history; Ethnography; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Sociology; Intersectionality; Postcolonialism; Youth research

Fundberg, Jesper
Fundberg, Jesper, senior lecturer

Other humanities and religion; Humanities and religion; Sports; Ethnicity; Gender studies


Glaser, Joakim
Glaser, Joakim, senior lecturer


Godhe, Anna-Lena
Godhe, Anna-Lena, senior lecturer

Gunnemyr, Per
Gunnemyr, Per, lecturer

Gustafson, Niklas
Gustafson, Niklas, senior lecturer


Hajer, Maaike
Hajer, Maaike, visiting professor

Hall, Emma
Hall, Emma, doctoral student

Contemporary history; Migration; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Intersectionality; Oral history; Narrative analysis; Identity

Hansson, Fredrik
Hansson, Fredrik, senior lecturer

Languages and linguistics; Education; The theory and practice of teaching and learning swedish; Bernstein

Harju, Anne
Harju, Anne, senior lecturer

Hartsmar, Nanny
Hartsmar, Nanny

Education; International education; Social sciences

Hasslöf, Helen
Hasslöf, Helen, senior lecturer

Subject didactics; Environmental education; Social sciences; Natural sciences; Ecology

Hedenborg, Susanna
Hedenborg, Susanna, vicedekan/professor

Social sciences; Humanities and religion; Sports; Gender, childhood studies, sport studies

Hell, Anna
Hell, Anna, doctoral student

Hellborg, Anna Maria
Hellborg, Anna Maria, doctoral student

Hellström, Lisa
Hellström, Lisa, senior lecturer

Education; Children; Bullying, mental health, health promotion

Henningsson-Yousif, Anna
Henningsson-Yousif, Anna, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Pedagogical capital, contributions of analyses, the tool of sketching., ; Development of methods, development of theory, the role of theory in school development efforts.

Hermansson, Carina
Hillbur, Per
Hillbur, Per, prorektor/professor, biträdande

Human geography, economic geography; Environmental science; Agricultural extension; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences; Urban development; Innovation systems

Holm, Hilma
Holm, Hilma, lecturer

Social sciences; Social anthropology/ethnography

Holmqvist, Mona
Holmqvist, Mona, professor

Education; Special education; Educational sciences; Educational work; Social sciences

Håkansson, Julia
Håkansson, Julia, doctoral student

History didactics; History; Use of history; Historical culture; Historical consciousness; Collective memory; Populism; Nationalism; Narrative; Historical narratives


Ideland, Malin
Ideland, Malin, professor

Ethnology; Commodification of education; Swedishness; Environment and sustainability; Science and technology studies; Gender studies


Jakobsson, Anders
Jakobsson, Anders, professor

Natural sciences; Pedagogy

Jansson, Alexander
Jansson, Alexander, doctoral student

Sports; Migration; Ethnicity; Education; Social sciences

Jarhall, Jessica
Jarhall, Jessica, doctoral student

Humanities and religion; Social sciences

Jobér, Anna
Jobér, Anna, senior lecturer

Education; Sociology; Social sciences; Educational sciences

Jönsson, Karin
Jönsson, Karin, senior lecturer

Jönsson, Kutte
Jönsson, Kutte, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; History and philosophy subjects; Sports; Gender studies


Karlsson, Annika
Karlsson, Annika, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Translanguaging; Education

Karlsson, Erik
Karlsson, Erik, doctoral student

Knez, Kelly
Knez, Kelly, senior lecturer

Kouns, Maria
Kouns, Maria, senior lecturer

Språk- och kunskapsutvecklande undervisning ; Språk och lärande; Designforskning; Languages and linguistics; Education


Lagergren, Lars
Lagergren, Lars, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Other social sciences; Sports; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Leisure studies

Lansheim, Birgitta
Lansheim, Birgitta, universitetsadjunkt, senior

Special education; learning in mathematics

Larneby, Marie
Larneby, Marie, doctoral student

Sports research; Social sciences; Education; Social anthropology/ethnography; Interdisciplinary research areas; Education; Children; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Sports; Sport for children and young people, gender, power, physical education

Larsson, Therese
Larsson, Therese, lecturer

Social sciences; Education; Theory of science

Leijon, Marie
Leijon, Marie, senior lecturer


Lelinge, Balli
Lelinge, Balli, lecturer

Social sciences; Improvement science, pdsa cykle, collaborative professional development

Leppäniemi, Henriikka
Leppäniemi, Henriikka, doctoral student

Lilja, Peter
Lilja, Peter, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Education; Humanities and religion; Philosophy of education

Liljefors Persson, Bodil
Liljefors Persson, Bodil, professor

Humanities and religion; Interdisciplinary research areas

Lindberg, Matilda
Lindberg, Matilda, doctoral student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Pedagogical work; Sports research; Education; Children; Sports; Artistic research

Linde-Laursen, Anders
Linde-Laursen, Anders, dekan/professor

Ethnology; History and philosophy subjects; Other social sciences

Lindh, Anders
Lindh, Anders, senior lecturer

Aesthetic subjects; History and philosophy subjects; Education; Humanities and religion

Lindh, Christina
Lindh, Christina, doctoral student

Lindholm, Susan
Lindholm, Susan, senior lecturer

Ethnicity; Cultural studies; Popular culture; Youth culture; Gender studies; Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Ljungberg, Caroline
Ljungberg, Caroline, senior lecturer

Barndom, fostran, identitet, makt, mat, utbildning

Londos, Mikael
Londos, Mikael, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Sports

Lucander, Henriette
Lucander, Henriette, programledare/universitetsadjunkt

Education; Assessment of oral communication

Lundahl, Bo
Lundahl, Bo, universitetslektor, befordrad universitetsadjunkt

Lundin, Johan
Lundin, Johan, professor

Humanities and religion; History; Youth research; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Gender studies

Lundström, Mats
Lundström, Mats, senior lecturer

Pedagogical studies; Social sciences; Science education; Interdisciplinary research areas

Lutz, Kristian
Lutz, Kristian, senior lecturer

Special education; Higher education; Children; Sociology; Discourse analysis

Löf, Camilla
Löf, Camilla, senior lecturer

Childhood; Children; Schools work with values; Circus education; Ethnography; Education; Life competence education


Mashreghi Blank, Sepandarmaz
Mashreghi Blank, Sepandarmaz, doctoral student

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Psychology; Sports research; Youth research; Migration; Education; Ethnicity; Gender studies; Cultural heritage and cultural production; Sports; Postcolonialism, culturally relevant methodology, participatory action (activist) research

Mattsson, Torun
Mattsson, Torun, prefekt/universitetslektor

Sports; Social sciences

Mårtensson, Ann-Sophie
Mårtensson, Ann-Sophie, doctoral student


Nelson, Johan
Nelson, Johan, senior lecturer

Nilsson, Sara Ellis
Nilsson, Sara Ellis, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; History subjects; Historical cultures; Cultural heritage and cultural production

Nilsson, Urban
Nilsson, Urban, senior lecturer

Norberg, Johan R
Norberg, Johan R, professor

Sports; History and philosophy subjects

Nordén, Birgitta
Nordén, Birgitta, senior lecturer

Subject didactics; Science education; Outdoor pedagogy; Interdisciplinary research areas; Transdisciplinary learning; Education and sustainable development; Learning for sustainable development; Global learning and teaching towards sustainability; Global classroom; Ict mediated learning; Youth research; Teacher students place-based learning ; Natural sciences; Green schools & eco-schools didactics; Social sciences; Educational sciences; Subject education; Learning & teaching

Norefalk, Christian
Norefalk, Christian, doctoral student

Education; Philosophy of education

Normark, Gun
Normark, Gun, biträdande prefekt/universitetsadjunkt

Social sciences; Sports; Economy

Nyberg, Eva
Nygård Larsson, Pia
Nygård Larsson, Pia, senior lecturer

Languages and linguistics; Interdisciplinary research areas; Education

Nyzell, Stefan
Nyzell, Stefan, senior lecturer

Contentious politics studies, police history, historical recreation; History subjects; History; Modern history


Olander, Clas
Olander, Clas, senior lecturer

Subject didactics; Education; Literacy; Multimodal representations

Olsson Jers, Cecilia
Olsson Jers, Cecilia, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Languages and linguistics; Rhetoric; Social sciences


Palla, Linda
Palla, Linda, senior lecturer

Special education; Preschool; Diversity; Dokumentation; Identitet; Social sciences

Persson, Gun
Persson, Gun, senior lecturer

Persson, Magnus
Persson, Magnus, professor


Peterson, Tomas
Peterson, Tomas, seniorprofessor

Sports; Other social sciences

Pålsson Syll, Lars
Pålsson Syll, Lars, professor

Business and economics; Social sciences


Qvarsebo, Jonas
Qvarsebo, Jonas, senior lecturer

History and philosophy subjects; Social sciences; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Education; Children


Radmann, Aage
Radmann, Aage, senior lecturer

Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Sports

Rosenlund, David
Rosenlund, David, senior lecturer

Education; History and philosophy subjects

Rubin, Maria
Rubin, Maria, doctoral student

Interdisciplinary research areas; Språkinriktad ämnesundervisning; Samverkan mellan lärare; Språk-, läs- och skrivutveckling; Specialpedagogik; Relationell pedagogik; Educational design research

Rudnert, Joel
Rudnert, Joel, lecturer

Ryan, Ulrika
Ryan, Ulrika, lecturer

Education; Mathematics education; Inferentialism; Subject didactics

Rönnbäck, Julia
Rönnbäck, Julia

Sports; Social sciences; Gender; Etnografi; Youth studies; Girl studies; Femininity; Interdisciplinary research areas


Safrankova, Camilla
Safrankova, Camilla, doctoral student

Gender studies; Education; Ethnicity; Interdisciplinary research areas

Sandgren, Olof
Sandgren, Olof, senior lecturer

Speech-language pathology; Language impairment; School-age language impairment

Sauro, Shannon
Sauro, Shannon, professor, biträdande

Computer-assisted language learning (call), computer-mediated second language acquisition, task-based language teaching (tblt); Social sciences

Schubert, Per
Schubert, Per, senior lecturer

Earth sciences; Subject didactics; Remote sensing; Geographical information systems; Ecosystems; Ecosystem services; Didactics of geography

Segerby, Cecilia
Segerby, Cecilia, senior lecturer

Mathematics; Reading and writing

Sjöblom, Marie
Sjöblom, Marie, doctoral student

Education; Mathematics education; Education

Sjöström, Jesper
Sjöström, Jesper, professor, biträdande

Didaktik; Subject didactics; Education; Science education; Education for sustainability; Green and sustainable chemistry; Scientific literacy; Reflexive bildung; Emancipatory scholarship of teaching and learning; Philosophy of science education; Didactic modeling

Sjövik, Kristian
Sjövik, Kristian, senior lecturer

Smithberger, Susanne
Smithberger, Susanne, doctoral student

Reading comprehension, young adults, curriculum theory, discourse analysis; Education

Småberg, Thomas
Småberg, Thomas, prefekt/professor, biträdande

Sonesson, Kerstin
Sonesson, Kerstin, professor, biträdande

Climate education; Education for sustainable development; Environmental education,; Science education; Challenge based learning; Extended classroom education; Pedagogy in higher education; Social sciences; Natural sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas

Stensson, Catrin
Stensson, Catrin, lecturer

Sundmark, Björn
Sundmark, Björn, professor

English language; Literature; Humanities and religion; History and philosophy subjects; Other humanities and religion; Aesthetic subjects; Children's literature

Svensson, Anna-Karin
Svensson, Anna-Karin, senior lecturer


Thurén, Camilla
Thurén, Camilla, senior lecturer

Languages and linguistics

Tzimoula, Despina
Tzimoula, Despina, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Social sciences; Interdisciplinary research areas; Nation; Intersectionality; Gender studies


Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine
Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine, professor

Education; Social sciences

Viggosson, Haukur
Viggosson, Haukur, senior lecturer


Vikman, Jenny
Vikman, Jenny, senior lecturer

Sports; Medicine; Physiology and pharmacology; Physiology

Vincenti Malmgren, Therese
Vincenti Malmgren, Therese, senior lecturer


Walldén, Robert
Walldén, Robert, doctoral student

Systemic-functional linguistics; Subject didactics; Genre theory; Critical discourse analysis; Sociology of education; Education

Wernberg, Anna
Wernberg, Anna, senior lecturer

Mathematics; Mathematics education; Theory of variation

Widen, Pär
Widen, Pär, senior lecturer

Humanities and religion; Interdisciplinary research areas; Social sciences

Wigerfelt, Berit
Wigerfelt, Berit, professor, biträdande

Ethnology; Integration; Segregation

Wärnsby, Anna
Wärnsby, Anna, senior lecturer

English language; Languages and linguistics; Semantics, pragmatics, language acquisition and learning, usage-based cognitive approach, contrastive studies, corpus studies


Zachrison, Mozhgan
Zachrison, Mozhgan, prefekt/universitetslektor