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Bahtijar Vogel

Bahtijar Vogel is an Assistant Professor/Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Media Technology at the Faculty of Technology and Society, Malmö University. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Linnaeus University. His current research lies in the area of Mobile and Web engineering and software architecture, and Internet of Things (IoT), where he builds the concept of an open architecture for deploying flexible, evolvable and usable systems in different application domains and contexts, particularly in dynamic operating conditions and environments. With open architectures his research promotes openness in terms of open source components, open data standards, and open innovation.

Dr. Vogel teaches in the areas of web and mobile development, cross-platform mobile development, testing web and mobile applications, agile development practices, architectures, etc. The specific engagement is based on the topics of: introducing different web and mobile development frameworks, architectural styles and solutions, architectural design of the systems, software design and HTML5. Dr. Vogel currently is course responsible for "Computer Science: Research Methodologies", and "Introduction to web programing using JavaScript" courses.

Dr. Vogel has also worked in industry as an IT architect consultant, software engineer and software developer for a couple of years.

Besöksadress: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, NI, Plan 6, Hus C
Postadress:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö

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