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Per-Anders Hillgren

Per-Anders Hillgren has a Phd in interaction design and a MSc in fine arts and is passionate about exploring opportunities for how to democratize innovation. He has long experience of working with a multitude of stakeholders and has been involved in setting up co-design projects with more than 70 companies, NGO:s, public institutions and municipal departments. These projects have covered domains such as culture, urban development and health care. One example is the project KLIV that received two national design awards, as “most innovative IT application in medicine” and the “users award” for its participatory approach. Per-Anders was the initiator of Malmö Living Labs that received the “Artful Integrators Awards” from the international participatory design community and he has been project manager for Living Lab the Neighbourhood and Malmö New Media Living Lab. At present he is an associate professor in design and social innovation at the School of Art and Communication and coordinates the research network Alternative Future Making at Malmö University.


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Besöksadress: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Niagara, Plan 5, Hus C
Postadress:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö

Collaborative Future Making
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  • I urval från Malmö University Electronic Publishing.

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    Vetenskapliga artiklar med peer-review
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